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Today is $5 Friday!  You have 24hrs to give $5 towards changing a life!

For the price of a smoothie with lunch, you can make a very real difference. 

Five of the girls we support weren't at school because they couldn't afford the $2 bus fare each day from the remote areas where they live. 
Our Co-ordinator did a deal with the bus company and sorted them out with passes that we pay every term.

These passes are due to be renewed next week and we need your help to raise $350 to make this happen.

Simple solutions, ditch the smoothie.

      (PS. Last month on $5 Friday we raised enough money to cover a mum's medical expenses and get her sewing again, thanks to you!)

This little sweetheart thought it was funny that we were taking her photo getting on a bus!
She still has to walk for 40 mins to get to it but is happy to be back at school.

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