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New Challenges and Opportunities
That iOS 7 Brings to Mobile Entrepreneurs
Last month was full of the rumors and excitements around iOS 7, the new iPhone and its impact on the future of mobile. It was one of the biggest updates of iOS and many developers have been working hard to update their apps. What should you do with your mobile product? Should you update it according to the latest design trends? How can you use new essential features to make your mobile product even cooler? In this newsletter we'd like to give answers to these questions regarding implications of the new Apple software.
4 Key Design Changes To Consider While Redesign Your Apps For iOS7
If you had launched your iPhone or iPad apps before Apple announced the new iOS 7 in June, most likely now you are wondering whether or not you should spend another $10.000+ to upgrade your apps just to give them the new fancy look. Here is a list of things to consider implementing on your next update.
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New iOS7 Features for Non-developers to Enhance Your iOS Application
The last iOS update brings an impressive list of the new features to the iPhone and iPad. Many of them you can use to enhance your existing applications or to build completely new products on its basis. We have rounded up the list of the most essential iOS 7 features that will help you as a product owner or entrepreneur to get the most out of your apps.
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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Updating Your App
A lot of app developers see a large spike in downloads right after the launch, and shortly after these their number starts to decrease slowly. The question is “How do we maintain growth?” The answer is simple, but the execution takes patience, practice, and a plan.
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Stanfy News
We are thrilled to present you our updated newsletter that from now will be dedicated to more practical aspects of creating mobile apps instead of focusing on the mobile industry news. Each newsletter will cover some of the essential topics about usability of mobile apps, best practices and trends in design and development, mobile apps case studies and more.
In September for one of our New York based clients we released Adsenser (tracking tool for your Adsense revenue) and got featured by Apple with the updated BiteHippo app (iPad task list). Apart from that we continue to improve our skills in usability tests for mobile applications and in the next newsletter we will share with you our findings and practical advices. Stay tuned!
SF Mobile Entrepreneurs Meetup: Tips for Avoiding Mobile Startup Failure 
On October 16th we are organizing SF Mobile Entrepreneurs meetup to bring together business and tech people with the various experiences in creating mobile products. Come to be inspired by mobile entrepreneurs Bob Dana, CEO and co-founder of trip planning startup Tripshare, Shaan Puri, CEO of Monkey Inferno idea lab, Dave Hunkins, founder of Sumry. 
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Is there a Business Opportunity in Personal Finance Apps for Android
If you are looking for new business opportunities on Android market, please check our new research. It is dedicated to the most successful personal finance mobile apps on the Android market. We will give you good understanding of the competitors space and potential opportunities out there. 
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