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Stanfy Mobile Juice: Monthly Industry Review

Seems like hot summer weather makes the tech world spin even faster. In the overwhelming flow of events and information let's focus on the main highlights of June. We are glad to share our research on trends in health and fitness mobile apps; as well as some useful tips from Yuliya, our Marketing Director, who's currently working on the ground in our San Francisco office. Enjoy Stanfy news together with a special selection on recent discoveries in mobile user behavior!

Stanfy News

Fitness Case In Mobile: A Case Study

Experts forecast that health&fitness app market will reach $10.2 billion in 2018. Just because it’s a huge trend we’ve investigated the market of health&fitness apps and wearable devices, and summarized it in a case study. It includes market overview and forecasts, the most popular apps and rising trends and it’s available on Slideshare. If you want to download the CS, follow this link.

HTML5 In Mobile: To Be Or Not To Be?

After long time arguing about the future of HTML5, we’re sure it’s going to occupy the certain place at the market of mobile technologies. But which place? We've shared our experience on working with HTML5 and cross platform technology in a series of blogposts and came to the conclusion that it's great to use in super-simple apps, but if you're fighting for your customer, native is the best option for sleek UI and pleasant liik-and-feel. 

Android Version Of Our Starcard App Is On Air

We are proceeding with the development of innovative Starcard brand loyalty system - recently we’ve made a version for Android and in one step from new iPhone release. New cutting-edge solutions are coming soon!

Presentation Of Our Head Of Android Unit At Dev Conference

Roman Mazur, our Android Unit Head, had a speech at Android Developer Days in Ankara, Turkey. He shared his experience on working with music sequencers for Android and optimization techniques of the big arrays processing using Android NDK and RenderScript.

Wise Tips For Startups: Straight From The Silicon Valley

Yulia Dmytryshyn meets many great people at San Francisco this summer. And of course, she’s sharing her findings in our blog:

Special Selection: Know Your Mobile Users

According to Flurry, daily apps usage increases over the course of the day and significantly peaks in the evening. As for age and gender groups of users, analysts found that young adults aged 24-35 are tend to use more often such app categories as Sports, Health and Fitness; Music, Media and Entertainment; Lifestyle & Shopping. In general, most consumers who have a smartphone or a tablet can’t imagine their lives without these devices and apps.

Recent studies show that iOS shoppers are around 30 % more likely to make a purchase on their device as well as they are twice likely to buy an app. Still, should you launch your app on both platforms? Read the article on TechCrunch to know more!

Pew Research revealed interesting findings on smartphone owners’ demographics. Three key differences are income, age and gender. 49% of cell owners with a household income of $150,000+ own an iPhone, rather an Android. However, 43% of users aged 18-24 claimed their smartphone is Android, while iPhone is claimed by 31%. What’s more, Android is more popular with male consumers in all age groups.

Surprised? There’s an explanation: people who own a tablet typically have more disposable income. Also, it has been recently found that Android Users Spend Significantly Less Time With Apps. To a certain extend this could be explained by Android devices fragmentation, which makes development of great look-and-feel app more difficult.

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