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Greetings, Friends and Fans!

Welcome to new subscribers from our recent album release show - if you weren't able to make it, or did and now want to own a copy of our new studio album Numinous, here's how to get it:

Numinous is available as a physical CD or digital download - this page on our website has all the links, but to summarize:
  • Order a physical CD: It's the 21st century so we no longer need to order hundreds of CDs in advance to live in our basement :-) For $10 each plus shipping our manufacturer Kunaki will make one for you and mail it directly, then pay us the net $ after their wholesale cost.
  • Order a digital download in either of two ways:
    1. Direct Download for a fixed price ($7) from Kunaki:  this option gives the band your entire payment - they take no commission/fee.
    2. Bandcamp purchase: if you are already using the Bandcamp service to store and stream your digital purchases, you may prefer this. Choose your price (minimum $5). This option takes about 1/3 of your payment in fees to them. You may also listen before purchasing here.

With the holiday season approaching we want to give you early warning for our next show date - it's not the usual nighttime gig:

Sunday December 15, 2019
DOORS: 2:45 PM 
Outpost 186
186 Hampshire St (Inman Sq)
Cambridge MA

Yes, this is a Sunday afternoon show - perfect for families. Come to the Square early for brunch at the S & S, shop for handmade gifts at the Gather Here Holiday Market, and catch our show! More acts TBD, but we currently expect the debut of a new A Capella group :-) And of course you can buy one of our physical CDs.

Sharon, Betty, Mel, Natalie

PS - cool collage from our last show, by our friend & fellow musician Jane (aka Poor Eliza)
Collage of the band from the CD release show
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