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Tech Girl Monthly | November 15, 2012

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I've been attending the Global Education Conference this week. It's the second year for me. Last year I was an attendee, but it made such an impression on me that this year I volunteered to be an Advisory Board member, presented in 3 sessions, moderated in many others and was reminded again why I love this conference! First, you cannot beat a free, online conference that gives you access to hundreds upon hundreds of educators and students from around the world. But what really sets this conference apart is the global theme that ties it all together. With this global theme, you find people who are passionate about changing the world and you see how critical technology is to making that happen. The opportunities for technology creation abound. For instance, Amanda, a high school student shared her interest in building a global collaborative project with other students to bring global awareness into the classroom. Jordan, a college student, wants to expand upon his student-led World School initiative. These and many more projects remind me that computing skills are extremely vital to making change happen in the world today! Links to these and many more sessions are provided below.

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Teen Tech Girls is proud to partner with the Global Education Conference. All the presentations from this conference are recorded and available to view anytime. Check out the three spotlight sessions we were a part of: Kim Wilkens was recently highlighted as a SkillCrush!  

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Teen tech girl in the making, Cassandra and her dad, Ryan Creighton share about their video game collaboration in this TEDxTalk. They repeat a mantra, we also embrace - that is is critical to empower kids to become creators of technology, not just consumers. Check out Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure game. What game would you like to create? Scratch is great tool to get you started on your game making dreams and we've got tutorials to support your efforts. We'd love to see what you create - so please share with us!


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