Time to adjust annual Feng Shui changes!

Dear friends,
We are approaching the first day of the solar calendar, Feb. 4 and the time for changing annual energies, so I’ll start with these. I can see in my own home that it’s easier to manipulate the energies this year and it would seem that the year ahead will be more favourable from eastern and western horoscope perspectives.
The 1 star is in the SW this year and while it can bring success, because it is in the SW, care has to be taken with health. If a bedroom, use the Wu Lou or calabash. If it’s a main door, hang some metal chimes. You can use blue colours to enhance this energy.
The 2 star visits the east, so remove any red or other fire signs and add a six coin cure. If it’s a main door add more metal, especially round shapes.
The 3 star will be in the SE, so add a little red to avoid arguments (unless you have been advised not to add red in your home in this sector).
The 4 star is in the center, related to romance and education.
The 5 star is to be cured with metal chimes.

This year it is in the NW, so it’s effect will not be too strong hopefully. If you use the area a lot, you can add more metal.
The 6 star enters the west, a good area for your office.
The 7 star enters the NE and can bring instability or loss, so add some blue and lessen the amount of metal.
The 8 star is in the south bringing beneficial energy, especially if an entrance. Crystals and prosperity symbols such as the Three Legged Toad can be added, and rose quartz if you want to enhance relationships.
But the south is also where the Grand Duke resides this year. Therefore avoid renovations, and regardless of any inevitable disturbance, a traditional symbol is the Pi Yao or dragon headed tortoise in the north facing south, (or simply place it facing south). Avoid facing this direction for extended periods of time.
The 9 star is also auspicious in the north this year. Purple can be used to activate its beneficial energies. But the Sui Po (the Year Breaker) and Three Killings are also here, so avoid any renovations or disturbance. It’s fine to face this direction and best not to sit with your back to the north.
If you were born in the year of the Rat, you could carry the Ox symbol this year.
To avoid unnecessary difficulties and to benefit from the auspicious energies, ensure you adjust for the annual changes after Feb. 4 and contact me if you have had a consultation and need to check anything.
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Here's to health and a good year,
Sue Caldwell and

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