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Turtle Talk 2017

Dear friends,
Welcome to the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster. I've highlighted below the annual Flying Star changes recommended for the 4th February. There have been a couple of delays in getting this out, so the incoming changes will be well settled by the time you receive this and won't be so disruptive when putting in cures. There are some special formations this year, but also some very negative ones.

The 1 star flies to the centre this year which is inherently earth energy. To avoid conflict you can use blue, black or grey colours. Creative symbols can be placed here and a gold Tsai Shen Yeh statue.

In the NW we have the 2 star which needs six coins plus other metal objects such as a singing bowl that is metal and round.
If it is an entrance you can place a gold Three Legged Toad and also a salt water cure. Avoid reds and purples and use white and metal colours.

The 3 star flies to the west, so you can use a little red or other fire objects such as candles while you would not place water features or chimes here.
Tai Sui, the Grand Duke is also located here (between 262.5º – 277.5º degrees west in 2017). So avoid facing this direction, avoid renovations and keep it as quiet as possible.

The 4 star comes to the NE and as it governs romance, academic and artistic talents you can use a still, not moving, water feature and water colours such as blue or black this year. Flowers and pot plants will enhance this energy. Remove chimes. You can add mandarin ducks or a Quan Yin to protect relationships.

In the south we have the 5 star which needs particular attention this year being extremely volatile. Keep the area as quiet as possible, place a set of six coins plus a metal chime and also a salt water cure. Remove any red, pink or other fire signs. Avoid earth colours. Blue or white can be added. If it is a bedroom place a Wu-Lou.

The 6 star is a benevolent money star and arriving in the north it is good for career and wealth, especially if it is an office or main door. Earth colours and quartz crystals can enhance this energy here. In a bedroom use blues.

The 7 star arrives in the SW and although it can often create problems, it is more benign here. Avoid red and use blues. Avoid quartz crystals. If an entrance, hang a bagua above the door.

The auspicious 8 star arrives in the east this year and you can use a faceted crystal to enhance this energy and place the three-legged toad here. Avoid metal.
As we also have the Three Killings and Sui Po (the Year Breaker) here, avoid digging and renovations this year. You can face the east, especially if it is favourable to you. Place a Pi Yao facing west.

The 9 Star arrives in the SE which could bring acknowledgement of your efforts if it is an office or main door.

Here is some interesting information from Master Raymond Lo about the year ahead: Note his recommendation for people born in the year of the  Rabbit. It is necessary to carry the pendant of a Dragon as protection to attract the Rooster away.

While I seem to have semi-retired to the country, I have been busy setting up another shop in Maryborough. The combination of being required to be in the shop and the distance from Melbourne mean that I rarely travel there. However, there is a lot that can be done from a distance, so you can always make enquiries as to what can be done from afar.

If you need cures or gifts, please visit Lakshmi's Circle - Valentine's Day is just around the corner...If you don't find what you were after, please contact me as I am behind in updating available items.

Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling year ahead,
Sue Caldwell

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