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Turtle Talk 2016

Dear friends,

It is time to adjust annual changes for the Flying Stars for 2016. These are always helpful and this year especially so.

 The 1 star is in the SE which should be beneficial for both study and finances. A gold Tsai Shen Yeh wealth statue can be placed here, (and it is also good for the Centre in 2016) and blue colours can be added in the SE.

A bad luck star arrives in the centre this year and the traditional cure for the 2 star is a row of six metal coins. I mention the coins as they are easy to apply, but another cure I recommend in certain situations is the salt water cure. If it can be left as a quiet area, this will help, but if it is a busy area you might want to find a place for a bowl of salt and water where traditionally 6 Chinese coins are added. You can also add a Wu Lou or round metal objects such as a singing bowl to avoid health issues. If you purposefully placed red in the centre last year, it is necessary to remove that along with other fire symbols such as candles and triangle shapes.

The 3 star flies to the NW and to avoid theft, disputes and legal problems, add red objects and light. If it is an entry, you could place a red mat and be mindful of slamming the door. Wind chimes can aggravate this energy, so unless you have been told that your house needs them here, they can be taken down this year.

The 4 star sits in the West this year. It is favourable for romance and travel, plus studies and artistic pursuits. Water colours such as blue and black, glass objects or still water, will help to enhance this sector. Avoid red and too much metal. Fresh flowers and mandarin ducks  are good symbols for romance.

The 5 star usually brings obstacles and it arrives in the NE on the 4th of Feb. 2016  – hang a metal wind chime to deal with this negative energy. Avoid red and use metal colours. Also the Sui Po year breaker is here, directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, so avoid disturbing the NE with renovations this year.

The 6 star moves to the South and can be helpful in career and leadership. If it is a bedroom, add a little blue; otherwise some quartz for wealth. The Three Killings is also here, so avoid disturbance, especially renovations. In addition, never sit with your back to this direction (south). It is better to face this direction. If your front door faces South, place a pair of Fu Dogs or Three Protectors as guardians for the year.

The 7 star moves to the North and has to be handled with care to avoid deception. Avoid red and add blue or blue rhinoceros. Check security and don’t use chimes unless you have been advised.

The auspicious 8 star flies to the SW but its beneficial effects could be weakened if the Tai Sui/Grand Duke is disturbed this year. To be precise, it resides between 232.5º – 247.5º southwest which I was interested in because I want to do a small renovation – however I will wait for another year. You can place a Pi Yao here, facing towards the door if you have an entry and have to face this direction. If possible, place it in the NE facing SW. Rose quartz crystal or amethyst go well here.
The 9 annual star is in the east and should bring good fortune especially if you have an office or main door here. It can enhance opportunities for fame, promotion and studies. However, during June and September hang 6 coins when the 2 and 5 stars enter. Flowers and plants will go well here.

Speaking of flowers, the climate here requires perseverance in my garden, but all the senses are stimulated and being immersed in nature is very healing. The garden can be like an outdoor home, responding to attention and care and reflecting our individual input. It is easy to see how the weather and seasons were integral to Feng Shui considerations. The Chinese put protection first when sighting a place to build and in Feng Shui nothing is isolated – everything is interconnected. The garden provides hands-on experience of everything being woven together.

You might like to read Raymond Lo’s details and background information about the Yang Fire Monkey. There are always opportunities and challenges, but putting your annual cures in place will  help stabilize your own situation.

I probably won’t write again until the next annual changes, but you are welcome to contact me at any time. I also hope to add more articles of interest to the Lakshmi's Circle Blog

If you need cures or gifts, please visit Lakshmi's Circle - Valentine's Day is just around the corner...If you don't find what you were after, please contact me.

Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy 2016.

Warm regards,


Sue Caldwell

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