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What is the Value of your Health?

Conference "Healthcare in Post-Pandemic" was a success!

On the 26th June, we organized "Healthcare in Post-Pandemic", a one-day journey that partly took place at Reitoria da Universidade Nova de Lisboa and partly online. The event gathered a total of 29 national and international experts, who accepted our challenge of debating on the question:

🎯  Will value in health be the way after Covid-19?

The session included workshops in the areas of Health Literacy, Patient-centered Journeys, Digital for Measuring Outcomes, Cost Analysis in Value-based Healthcare and Data for Artificial Intelligence.

Each session will soon be available in our Youtube channel. Stay tuned! 👀

We are deeply glad that the conference was a success! 275 people joined us, either in person or online. We are developing a culture of Value in Health!

Meet our digital tool of Health Literacy - ARNÔ!

ARNÔ is a digital platform designed to promote Health Literacy among the society. Listening, understanding, informing, empowering and educating in Health are its main role, through VOH.CoLAB's digital glossary, the collaborative questionnaire and patients' stories as life experiences.

We are giving a voice to citizens and contributing for their empowerment in Health topics!

Curious about this disruptive project? Know more and collaborate with us by visiting ARNÔ website!

Results from data analysis of HGO's Emergency Room

High users of hospital emergency department (ED) are citizens who visit ED at least ten times a year. Considering that 4 out of 10 visits are unnecessary, high users lead to extra costs and resource waste.

Given our expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, we are working together with GRHU (Grupo de Resolução de High Users) to understand the impact of their intervention at Hospital Garcia de Horta (HGO). Since 2016, the multidisciplinary team is tasked with the identification of ED high-users who would benefit from a patient-centered approach to address their healthcare and social needs.

The results of this study show that the program reduced the number of ED visits by 60% for the 152 patients who were intervened. Moreover, a reduction in the number of ED visits of 70%-100% was observed in approximately 25% of the patients!

Designing the ALS patient-centered journey

VOH.CoLAB is collaborating with Associação Portuguesa de Esclerose Lateral Amiotrófica (APELA), ALS patients and clinical and social experts to characterize these patients’ journey in the health and social systems, and identify the main pain points over the care process.

ALS causes low health outcomes and severely impacts patients and caregivers’ quality of life. Hence, we are mapping patient needs over time, required resources for disease management, and estimated the economic burden of the disease, in the perspective of both patients and National Health Service (SNS).

Through our expertise in patient journey design, we are mapping integrated and coordinated processes, thus, contributing for the current trend of patient-centered healthcare.

Results are being prepared to be published and communicated to support decision-makers. Stay tuned! 👀

Cardiology journal recognizes CardioFollow.AI

The reputable journal "Coração, Vasos e Tórax" highlighted the results of CardioFollow.AI, our innovative telemonitoring service at the Cardiac Surgery Unit of Hospital de Santa Marta - Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Lisboa Central.  

In Professor José Fragata's words, the project has two main benefits:
. it increases patient self-confidence after discharge;
. it allows earlier discharges, minimizing the risks of hospitalization for patients, and the associated costs for Serviço Nacional de Saúde (NHS).

Read the article here if you are interested in learning more about this Digital Health project, which is supported by our Founding Partners Fraunhofer PortugalNOVA Medical School - Faculdade de Ciências Médicas and .

Recent news on EasyHealth4Covid pilot

To help fighting Covid-19 pandemic, we have been collaborating with Future HealthcareHealthy Systems and PLUX in project EasyHealth4Covid! We developed a telecare service that enables a fast interaction between high-risk of Covid-19 infection citizens and healthcare professionals, in articulation with the social care. 

The pilot is running at a nursing home. Patients and providers have been engaged from the first day, providing us valuable feedback on how to improve each platform component. They supported the designing process of the user interface to ensure that the digital platform was adjusted to its end-users.

The nursing home users are pleased and enthusiastic about contributing for a digital health solution that helps tackling Covid-19 challenges!
This project is funded by Portugal 2020, awarded in the competitive call Projetos de I&DT empresas em copromoção: COVID-19 (I&D 
Empresas e Infraestruturas de Ensaio e Otimização)

The new presidency of ANI visited us! 

On the 26th May, we were honored by the visit of the new board members of Agência Nacional de Inovação (ANI) at our facilities in CEDOC.

Ana Rita Londral, our Executive and Scientific Director, presented VOH.CoLAB's activity over the last two years (2019-2021) and her vision and strategy for the next year. Professor José Fragata and Professor Nuno Correia, members of Value for Health CoLAB's Administration Board, also attended the session. Representing our team, there were Luísa Lima, our Head of Operations, and Raquel Silva, our Head of Digital Health.

The words of incentive of Joao Mendes Borga and Ana Gonçalves motivated us to keep working for the paradigm shift to Value-Based Healthcare!

Python workshops continue to engage students!

On the 29th June, Miguel Cardoso and Simão Gonçalves, our Research Engineer Fellows, promoted a hands-on workshop that explored Python as a tool to analyse healthcare data

Our 3rd public workshop, with around 15 attendees from diverse areas within and outside healthcare, was yet another VOH.CoLAB initiative to exchange know-how and inspire others to join the Value for Health movement.

In this session, two real use-cases were analyzed:

- Python and Pandas were introduced as the go-to tools to handle data, using publicly available Covid-19 datasets. We explored how infection numbers evolved, how mortality rates behaved compared to new cases, and the impact of vaccines.

- We then tackled on-going hot topics in healthcare: How to match patients to suitable clinical trials? We showcased how to handle text using the vector space model, exploring its limitations and where the current research is at.

🤔 We are hiring!

VOH.CoLAB is offering a PhD Scholarship to support CardioFollow.AI project!

If you are interested in knowing more about the role, the project and the team, please reach us at

If you know someone that might be interested, please share the Job Description.

Get in touch and collaborate with us!


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