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Welcome back, relaxed spring breakers,

It's almost time for Nationals! Whether or not you're going to Olivet, there's a few important changes this week everyone needs to pay attention to:
Table of contents
  1. Practice
    • Practice is cancelled this Friday, 4/1
    • Pre-Practice Requirements
    • Workouts of the week
    • Workout How-To
  2. NIRCA Nationals This Weekend, 4/1-4/3
  3. Cavalier Invite Recap
  4. Social Events
    • NIRCA Nats Spirit Week
    • IM Soccer Sign-Ups Open
  5. Member Spotlight: Emily Jiang
  6. Meet Schedule
  7. On-Hand Apparel Shop
  8. New Member Information
    • Strava
    • Group Chat
    • New Member Packet
Practice Calcellation
Practice is cancelled this Friday, 4/1, due to Nationals!

Time: 5 PM, Monday through Friday (except 4/1!)
Meeting place (distance runners): School of Public Health Overhang

Meeting place (sprinters, field athletes): Kehoe Track

Please consult the new member packet for any practice-related questions!
Pre-Practice Requirements
IMLeagues and Terplink continue their tyrannical reign over unsuspecting practice-goers. If you are new to practice, you must sign up on both of these websites with the help of these instructions.

Workouts of the Week 
The following workouts are a suggestion and by no means required. You can adjust, substitute, or skip workouts as you see fit; there will always be someone running easy on workout days! If you have any questions about the workouts, feel free to ask any of the officers.
Sprinters (400m and below):
Full Sprint Training Plan
Full Distance Training Plan
The above plans were created by sprint chair Clay Buckman, apparel coordinator Eamon Plante, and exercise physiology graduate student Bill Evans. If none of these plans are to your liking, feel free to check out this DIY guide written by former club president, Colin Sybing:
DIY Training Plan Guide
Workout How-To: Paces, Mileage, and More!
You can calculate your recommended workout paces (T, I, and R) with a recent race performance using this calculator. If you don't have a recent race performance, go on feel: tempo ("T") pace should feel "comfortably uncomfortable," but sustainable for 30-45 minutes; interval ("I") pace should feel faster than T pace, and only sustainable for 10-15 minutes; and repetition ("R") pace should be a short, hard effort requiring significant rest between repetitions. For any distance workout, you should feel like you could do a few more minutes of hard running, even if they might be unpleasant. Furthermore, no more than 20% of your weekly mileage should be done at a hard pace (for distance runners). If you are used to running 25 miles per week, your workout should be shorter than someone running 50 miles per week.

If you want to increase your mileage, do so gradually! As I'm sure every member of the club can attest, increasing mileage too quickly is a great way to get injured. Some general rules are to increase mileage by no more than 10% each week, and to take a down week every 4 weeks. Personally, I've found this approach too aggressive, especially coming back from injury, so don't be afraid to take it slower. If you have any questions about your training, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of the officers!
NIRCA Nationals This Weekend, 4/1-4/3

Phew, now that that's out of the way, here are some more important to-do's and details about nationals:
  • Get a PCR test and submit results at this link before leaving on Friday (I am repeating myself because this is very important!!!)
  • Venmo the club the $30 meet fee (or pay an officer in cash)
  • We are leaving at 9 AM on Friday and coming back late on Sunday
  • Competition will be on Saturday and Sunday. The event schedule is here.
Other important details will be provided in the travel email, coming to you later this week!
Cavalier Invite Recap
We had a small but dedicated crew of club runners compete in the Cavalier Invite meet at UVA this Saturday! Braving the volatile weather of wind, sunshine, and snow, we had several individual wins, including Matt Stasiukevicus in the 5k, Clay Buckman in the 400, and Chris Scalzi in the 800. Full results are available here. In true club running spirit, the meet concluded with a mixed 4x400, featuring baton choices such as a metal folding chair, a plastic light saber, a spatula, and a block of cheese.
NIRCA Nats Spirit Week
IM Soccer Sign-Ups Open
IM Soccer is here! I've heard running skills translate well to soccer, so this should be a promising season! This spring's games are in the Coed B league Thursdays at 9 PM! To sign up, log into IM Leagues, navigate to the "intramural sports" tab, select the "Coed B" league under 11v11 Soccer, and click the "join" button for the Club Running team. Then, message social chair Savannah Sitler on GroupMe or email the club to be manually admitted to the team. The first game is April 7th. You can sign up and join a game any time during the regular season, which runs through April 21st.
Member Spotlight: Emily Jiang

Emily is a physics PhD student who ended up at UMD not for its in-state tuition, but its high-ranking research programs. In fact, in-state tuition was never a consideration: Emily was born in Pennsylvania, moved to China in elementary school, then moved to Chicago for undergrad. Throughout most of this time, she has been an on-again, off-again runner, a hobby that began one fateful day in middle school when her gym teacher put her in the slow running group (then yelled at them all of gym class). Now that her schedule has stabilized, Emily has been making time for club running and hopes to work her way up to a half marathon. But, don’t be fooled--her schedule isn’t *that* stable. There have been times she’s sent work emails after getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. This isn’t due to terrible work-life balance, but rather the internationally collaborative nature of her work (and resulting time zone buffoonery). Currently, Emily is part of the effort to update the software for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the biggest high-energy particle physics facility in the world. In particular, her group benchmarks the properties of existing particles against theory. This summer, she’ll be traveling to Switzerland to work on the LHC in person, where she’ll hopefully get up to some exciting running, too!

2022 Outdoor Track Meet Schedule
Surplus Apparel Shop
Missed the apparel order? Want discount apparel? Check out what we have on hand in the surplus apparel shop, open indefinitely for your viewing pleasure!
Surplus Apparel Shop
The only social media I regularly use, Strava is a platform for sharing your runs, bikes, rollerskis, and more! Join the Strava clubs "University of Maryland Club Running" (including alumni) and "UMD Club Running Active Members" to keep up with your teammates (pun intended).

Group Chat
Like all great clubs, we have a GroupMe. Used for events like weekend long runs and Clifford movie screenings, you won't want to miss out on the riveting content of this chat.
Join GroupMe
New Member Information
Never been to a practice? Have questions about competitions? Want to see old training plans? Looking to procrastinate on your homework? Check out the new member information packet, curated and updated just for you!
New Member Packet
With anticipation,
Diana Liepinya
UMD Club Running

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