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Happy Monday!

We have a full week of activities ahead! Read on to see what's in store in terms of training, social events, and competition:
Table of contents
  1. Practice Info
  2. IMLeagues Registration (do this every year!)
  3. TerpLink Registration
  4. Meets and Training
    • Training Plan
    • Weight Room Reserved Thursday, 9/22
    • Paul Short Sign-Ups (Closing Thursday)
    • Cavalier Invite Results and Photos
    • Singlet Return
  5. Social Events
    • Study Hours Wed, 9/21
    • IM Flag Football Sign-Ups
  6. Member Spotlight: Nick Gonzalez
  7. Meet Schedule
  8. Fundraising Requirement
  9. New Member Information
    • GroupMe
    • Strava
    • New Member Packet
Practice Info

Practice is on until the end of the semester! Practice time and location are, as always:

Time: 5 PM, Monday through Friday
Meeting place (distance runners): School of Public Health Overhang

Meeting place (sprinters, field athletes): Kehoe Track

Weight room session: 3:30-5:30 PM on Thursdays
Location: SPH 0103

Please consult the new member packet for any practice-related questions!
IMLeagues Registration (do this every year!)

Every year, every club member must register on IMLeagues. Yes, you must subject yourself to one of the most ad-ridden websites on the internet every year. If you are not registered when club sports comes to audit us, they will personally break my knee caps, depose me, and call both my mom AND your mom. Nobody wants that.

To avoid such a shameful situation, please register now:
  1. Log in at this link using your ELMS credentials.
  2. Navigate to the “clubs” tab.
  3. Scroll down to find Club Running and click on the “join” link.
  4. After clicking the "join" button, it should take you to the concussion quiz.
  5. In addition to the concussion quiz, there will be a “Contact and Consent” form you MUST FILL OUT. You should be prompted to take it right after the concussion quiz, but, if not, click on the circle with your initials on it. You should be redirected to a page that prompts you about unsubmitted forms. Click on that to reach the form.
  6. Follow the steps to complete the online waiver and sign electronically. (If you are under 18 you must bring a physical paper form to practice).
TerpLink Registration

If you are totally new to the club, you will also need to sign up on TerpLink. This is necessary to ensure the club receives enough funding. Unlike IMLeagues, you do not have to redo this every year. You can sign up as follows:
  1. Go to this link and click “Sign In" at the upper right corner of the page, and log in with your UMD login.
  2. Search "Maryland Club Running" in the search bar in the middle of the screen and then click “Maryland Club Running” on the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the blue “Join” and submit a request to join the team.
Training Plan: 9/19 - 9/25

Both of the distance team workouts will be on the engineering fields this week! If you are bypassing SPH to go straight to the workout, don't come to the track--you will be disappointed!

Distance training plan level 1 (20 miles per week):
Level 2 (30-40 MPW):
Level 3 (50+ MPW):
Distance Training Plan
This week's workouts are at "threshold" (T) pace. If you ran the time trial, you can calculate your suggested training paces here. If you want to go by feel, T pace should feel comfortably fast. You should feel like you could keep running at your T pace for a few more laps after finishing a workout.

There are no suggested routes this week, but you can always check the club website for route inspiration and maps!

Sprint training plan:
Sprint Training Plan
Weight Room Reserved Thursdays 3:30-5:30
For the first time ever, Club Running has its very own SPH weight room reservation slot! Every Thursday for the rest of the semester, Club Running will be practicing in the weight room from 3:30 - 5:30 PM. Distance practice will still start at 5 PM on Thursdays. As always, you can come to one, none, or all of our weight room practices.

When: Every Thursday for the rest of the semester
What: Club Running weight room practice
Time: 3:30 - 5:30 PM (distance still practicing at 5 PM)
Where: SPH 0103

To get to the weight room starting from the SPH overhang (usual practice meeting point), walk all the way down the long hallway in SPH until you reach the opposite end of the building. You will see red lockers on your right, and a hallway on your left. Turn into the hallway. We will be in the second room on the right.
Paul Short Sign-Ups (Closing Thursday)

Every fall, over 4,000 runners and several hundred schools congregate to race on the classic Paul Short cross country course. It's like the state fair of running. There's team tents everywhere, all sorts of singlets, massive cheering crowds, and great competition (it's hard to get stuck in no man's land when the race is that big)! This is one of the most hype meets of the year, up there with nationals and our home meet.

Sadly, this meet is on a Friday this year. If you want to go, but have classes, I encourage you to reach out to your professors to explain the situation. They are not obligated to accommodate club sports competitions, but many are compassionate enough to grant exceptions. Early next week, we will be providing letters signed by the club sports office explaining the competition with a list of participants. This can serve as proof of the event if requested by professors.

When: Friday, 9/30/2022
What: massive 6k/8k race!!!
Leaving time: 5:15 AM
Estimated return time: 3 PM
Cost: $5, plus one-time competition fee ($20 for the semester or $30 for the year)
Sign-up closing date: Thursday, 9/22
Transportation: club-organized carpool

To pay the meet and competition fees, you can Venmo @umdclubrunning or pay in cash to an officer.
Paul Short Sign-Ups
Cavalier Invite Results and Photos
This weekend, a fiery squad of club runners took on the hilly course at UVA amidst the last tendrils of the hot, humid summer. The women's team placed third, including a second-place finish from Lucia Larrea, and the men's team placed fourth, with an individual win by Matt Laskowski! You can find the results posted here, and photos from the meet here.
Singlet Return
If you borrowed a singlet for UVA, please return it (washed and cleaned!) to Eamon Plante at practice this week.
Study Hours (Wed, 9/21)

Pre-pandemic, back in my day, we used to have a little something called "study hours." This is a bit of a misnomer, as very little ever got studied during study hours. Nevertheless, it's a good excuse to hang out with your friends at the library, and who knows--maybe we'll get work done this year? There's only one way to find out, and that's to come to study hours!

When: Wednesday, 9/21, 7-9 PM
Location: McKeldin 2100G
Flag Football Sign-Ups

As long as you're not a member of the varsity football team, you can join the Club Running flag football team! This fall's games are in the Coed B league Sundays at 6 PM. To sign up, log into IM Leagues, navigate to the "intramural sports" tab, select the "Coed B" league under 7v7 flag football, and click the "join" button for the "Running" team. Then, message social chair Savannah Sitler on GroupMe or email the club to be manually admitted to the team. The first game is September 11th. You can sign up and join a game any time during the regular season, which runs through September 25th.
Member Spotlight: Nick Gonzalez

The member spotlight section is back thanks to guest author Lillian Hsu! She has graciously stepped in to fill this void as I get pummeled with schoolwork. Read on to get to know this week's member, Nick Gonzalez!
    You may know Nick González as the winner of this year’s 5k Time Trial. Nick is a sophomore from Baltimore County, Maryland and is currently pursuing a dual degree in music education and music performance as a French Horn player. Influenced by his family of runners (such as his parents being former D1 runners at Mount St. Mary’s University), Nick’s running journey began when he joined his middle school’s cross country team. But like most middle school sports careers, it would not mean much in the grand scheme of things. As a freshman at Calvert Hall, he joined their massive cross country team (100+ runners). This meant there was not only a Varsity and JV team, but also a frosh team. After a breakout race that moved him up to the JV team, he was nicknamed “Gonzo” by a senior on the team. Freshman through sophomore year, he experienced various injuries that held him back, including a calf stress fracture and an avulsion fracture of the ischial tuberosity (which basically means his hamstring was pulling pieces of bone away. Ouch). By Outdoor Track of his sophomore year, Nick would return to running full time. By the next Fall, he secured a spot on the Varsity squad and helped lead his team to a MIAA (Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association) title. 

Like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to train on his own. After a limited cross country season his senior year, he lost interest in the sport and stopped running. Coming to UMD, Nick had no intention of picking up running again. However, after being deterred by the massive crowds of people working out at Eppley, he began running around the indoor track with friends. Finally, Nick felt the joy of running with other people again and decided to join Club Running.

Club Running has helped him maintain a healthy relationship with running. Nick appreciates the meditative aspect of going on a run and giving him some time for his mind to be completely free from looking at his phone, homework, and other stressors in life. While he still has his goals, there is no pressure to perform at a certain level. After years of injury experience, Nick now prioritizes his health and wellbeing over his training. He may miss a day of running or fall short of his mileage goal some weeks, but that doesn’t matter to him, because in his own words, “We out here.” 

Currently, Nick is training for the Baltimore Half Marathon. Catch him running at the Baltimore Running Festival this October, along with other members of our club! 
Meet Schedule
Our most exciting meets are ahead of us!
Fundraising Requirement

This year, we are bringing back the fundraising requirement from the pre-covid era. Back in the olden days, all competing members had to participate in two fundraisers (typically concessions or traffic directing for sports games). You must complete two fundraisers each year that you compete. Your participation is appreciated and helps keeps the club affordable for everyone!
The only social media I regularly use, Strava is a platform for sharing your runs, bikes, rollerskis, and more! Join the Strava clubs "University of Maryland Club Running" (including alumni) and "UMD Club Running Active Members" to keep up with your teammates (pun intended).
The club GroupMe is a completely optional chat group for planning runs outside of practice and impromptu social event announcements. If you would like to join the GroupMe for this year, click the button below:
2022-2023 GroupMe
New Member Information
Never been to a practice? Have questions about competitions? Want to see old training plans? Looking to procrastinate on your homework? Check out the new member information packet, curated and updated just for you!
New Member Packet
See you on E fields!
Diana Liepinya
UMD Club Running

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