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06 April 2021

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For over twenty years I’ve used technology, documentation, and planning to help solve business needs. I want to share this knowledge with you. In this newsletter edition, you will find one quick tip, I’ll explore an interesting article, share links to websites that caught my eye, and recent blog posts in case you missed seeing them.

One thing

The other night as I was closing up for the evening a firetruck pulled up at a neighbor's house followed immediately by the utility company. Our gas meters have an alarm that sends out an alert if there's is a potential gas leak. The challenge? The neighbors left that morning for a weekend at their cabin, an hour an a half away. Another neighbor was able to get in touch and guide the emergency crews into the house safely to take care of the leak.

To Do

Are your emergency contacts up-to-date? Do you have a neighbor or friend nearby you can entrust with basic details about access and contacting you?

Of Interest

I've been thinking about this article at, 13,000 Regular Expressions Make An Editor’s Life Easier, for a while. This is a very geeky method to help a very real problem, making sure articles comply with their evolving style guide. Think of it as a supercharged grammar & spellchecker. 

While it's unlikely you'll need to automate aligning documents to your style guide to the degree they do at The Guardian, please know that it is possible to make global changes on your website.

For example, perhaps for years you linked to books at a certain web store and each link followed a similar format of URL/book/isbn/9783161484100.

Now you want to help support independent bookshops and use another website instead. In this hypothetical case, thankfully they use a similar format and so a simple regular expression would help you change every link in your website to be NEW-URL/isbn-9783161484100.

There's many ways regular expressions can help you make changes across your entire website. If you have questions or need some help please, contact me.

Quick Break

Taking breaks allows your brain to rest and avoid mental fatigue! Here are some links to provide a short rest.

From the Notebook Archive

I publish a new blog post every other Friday (with this newsletter the following Tuesday). Here are the most recent posts:
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Finally, if you need to venture outside, please do so safely. Sign up to be vaccinated as soon as you're able. Continue to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands.

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