April 2012 Thermomix News, Recipes & Promotions. 

April Promotion

Purchase a Thermomix in April and receive a beautiful recipe book from Chef Laurent, Catering For Families.  Chef Laurent has spent years influencing the type of food made available in Tuckshops, encouraging schools to cater for children with healthy, tasty meals.  This gorgeous cookbook takes some of those recipes and adapts them to family friendly serving sizes. 

As always, if you also host a demonstration you'll also receive a 2.2L Thermoserver (an insulated stainless steel bowl which operate like a thermos, keeping food hot or cold for up to 2 hours).

Wipe Your Feet!

Over time, you'd be surprised at how much muck accumulates on the back of your Thermomix base and also on the bench underneath the base.  April is Clean Your Feet month in MLT land.  So, go and give your Thermie a really good wipe down with a soft damp cloth.  Turn the base upside down and give the feet underneath a wipe down as well.  You should do this every couple of weeks in order to prevent any stray bits of food interferring with the accuracy of your machine's scales.

Cook-A-Long: Tomato Sauce

Watch out for the next Cook-A-Long coming to you after the Easter break.  We're making good old tomato sauce and I'd really encourage everyone to give it a go before the plums disappear from the markets.  It's ridiculously easy, tastes like the stuff from the bottles but costs much less and is much better for you!

“What butter and whiskey will not cure there is no cure for." 
 - Irish Proverb


Happy Easter!


I'm not entirely certain how it's somehow managed to become Easter already, but here we are!  My boys and I are relaxing at home enjoying many National Costume Days (PJ days) before we head down the Coast on Easter Sunday.  In preparation for Easter, I've made more hot cross buns than I care to think about so I think we might take a break from them for a few days.  For something different, I've adapted Annabel Langbein's Gubana which is an Italian Easter Sweet Bread/Bun.  Give it a try if you're looking for something a bit left of Hot Cross Bun field - you won't be disappointed. 

A big thanks to everyone who entered the March competition!  The lucky winner, as selected by was none other than lovely Rhonda Newton for her Salmon Patties entry.  Congrats to Rhonda - your two little people will have to take turns at showing off their fabulous new Thermomix cooler at school!

I'd really love to see what you're all cooking over Easter.  Sharing the March Competition photos was great and really encouraged everyone to try something new, so feel free to share your Easter creations on Facebook.  Travel safe and enjoy the holidays!

Happy Mixing!

Varoma Demo Incentive!

Thermomix are offering an additional incentive to existing owners who host their Varoma demo in April.  In addition to receiving the fabulous steaming recipe book Full Steam Ahead at half price ($25), you can also purchase a breadmat at half price as well ($30).

If someone purchases their Thermomix at your Varoma demo, you receive the book & the mat for free.  So, if you haven't booked your Varoma, give me a call!


Cooking Classes

Our next local Back to Basics class is on Thursday, April 26th at 6:30pm at CWA Hall, Main Street, Samford Village.  If you'd like to come along, reserve your spot by emailing me or phoning me on 0431 287 775.

For classes further afield, visit the Thermomix website for details of venues
 and booking instructions.

Recipe Ramblings

Everyone and their dog should be making Hot Cross Buns from scratch over the next few days.  The basic recipe from the Everyday Cookbook is really fabulous.  For a chocolate version, just reduce the flour by 50g and add in 20g raw cacao powder, substitute the fruit for choc chips and you're set! 

For some complete over the top chocolate indulgence, you could also try Tenina's Chocolate Coconut Pie which is possibly the best chocolate dessert known to man.  If you're looking for something a bit fishy for Good Friday, try Jo's Sesame Salmon which is really delicious or my Fragrant Fish Curry, which is also a winner. 

Once Easter's over and you're feeling the need to be a tad less indulgent, give my new recipe for Aush a go.  It's an odd mix of ingredients thrown together in a bowl, but it really works!

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