March 2012 Thermomix News, Recipes & Promotions. 

March Promotion

Purchase a Thermomix in March and receive a beautiful hardcover recipe book, Travelling With Thermomix.  This is a gorgeous cookbook and when I first received it and started writing down the recipes I wanted to try, it would have been quicker just to write down the ones I didn't!

As always, if you also host a demonstration you'll also receive a 2.2L Thermoserver (an insulated stainless steel bowl which operate like a thermos, keeping food hot or cold for up to 2 hours).

Eggsellent Idea!

As natural as it is to go to crack your eggs against the side of the Thermomix bowl, try not to do it.  Over time, if you keep doing it in the same place, you'll eventually affect how well the lid seals.  Instead, crack them into the upturned MC and tip them into the bowl from the MC.  This is also a great way of checking the freshness of each egg before you add them to the recipe. 

Recipe Ramblings

It's finally getting a bit cooler and our family dinners are definitely reflecting that.  Some new additions to the MLT blog recipes which are perfect for the cooler weather are the  Moroccan Lamb Tagine and Chicken & Broken Pasta Soup.  If you're looking for some other soups to try, my all time favourite Thermomix soup is definitely Quirky Cooking's Creamy Chicken & Brown Rice Soup, closely followed by Tenina's Mexican Meatball Soup

For those with a sweet tooth, try my Caramelised Apple Clafoutis or Helene's Apple Praline Tea Cake.  You won't be sorry!

Cook-A-Long: Washing Powder!

For the next few months, Cook-A-Long with Brooke-A-Long is focussing on standard essentials.  I did think we'd start with something like yoghurt or tomato sauce, but have decided instead that we'll go with Washing Powder.  Watch for the post on the blog in the next week and give it a try - it works magically!  (Just make sure you give your Thermomix a really thorough wash afterwards!)

“Food to me is the ultimate nurturer and the best way I know of giving one's time and effort and care to others." 
 - Maggie Beer


Happy Birthday!


My Thermomix has just had it's first birthday (yes, I made a cake, of course!) and I've been reflecting on how much is has changed my kitchen.  I've always loved to cook but, after 7 years of constantly making dinner and kid-wrangling at the same time, cooking was turning into a chore rather than a delight. 

The Thermomix enabled me to envigorate my enthusiasm for cooking and really expand my family's dinnertime menus.  It's also spurred me on to learn more about food and about cooking processes and it's been a fabulous twelve months.  One of the wonderful things about bringing Thermomix into other people's homes, is that I know they feel the same way too. 

As promised, March is competition month!  Check out the details below and be sure to send me your entries or post them on Facebook.  I can't way to see what everyone comes up with.

Happy Mixing!

MLT: My Favourite Thermomix Recipe Competition!

Our first My Little Thermomix competition is here.  To enter, you simply need to submit a photo and the details of your favourite Thermomix recipe (I know, it's hard to pick!).  All entries will be entered into the draw and the winner chosen at random.  (You don't need to include the actual recipe if it comes from a Thermomix cookbook, just the name of the recipe & the book it originates from).

What do you win?  Well lucky players, behind door number 1 is a very cute Thermomix Lunch Size Cooler Bag.  (There is no door number 2, and no new car, so don't get too excited.)  Submit your entries either by emailing your details & photo to me or by directly posting on the My Little Thermomix facebook page.  You can enter as many times as you like!  Entries close 30th March 2012, so get cooking!

Varoma Demo Incentive!

Thermomix are offering an additional incentive to existing owners who host their Varoma demo in March.  In addition to receiving the fabulous steaming recipe book Full Steam Ahead at half price ($25), you can also purchase our asian cookbook, A Taste of Asia, at half price as well ($15).

If someone purchases their Thermomix at your Varoma demo, you receive the books for free.  So, if you haven't booked your Varoma, give me a call!


Cooking Classes

It was great to see lots of familiar faces at our Everton Hills cooking class in February.  The feedback we received from the class was fabulous - customers really find that it's a great opportunity to pick up extra tips and ideas from the consultants.

Our next local Back to Basics class is on Thursday, April 26th at 6:30pm at CWA Hall, Main Street, Samford Village.  If you'd like to come along, reserve your spot by emailing me or phoning me on 0431 287 775.

For classes further afield, visit the Thermomix website for details of venues
 and booking instructions.

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