Quarterly Newsletter September 2014

Founder's Message

    Debbie Davis, CEO and Founder of Gals Prepared to Succeed

Let's just breath a sigh of relief that we will soon be enjoying cooler weather and an exciting new Holiday Selling season. For many of our members, this is our busiest time of year, and we are gearing up for craft fairs, trunk shows and product open houses!  This is what gets ME excited so I can imagine what you all must be feeling. 
I and very energized and gratified that our first half of this year has seen some awesome growth and change. YOUR GPS leaders strive to improve your chapter meetings, events and programs to make them the best for you..our valued members. Thank your leaders whenever you can to let them know they are appreciated for their hard work and efforts, and THANK YOU, our members. Your consistent participation and support only makes us stronger.

Our GPS Education Series just presented our 5th segment of the year. It will be available for viewing in about 2 weeks. In the meantime please visit our education series section on the website to view the last presentation from Eva Obregon on Women in Business Financial Planning.
Click here to view her presentation, and be sure to thank her and all our presenters this year for volunteering their time and sharing their considerable skills with us so generously!!

Many thanks to: 

Greenway High School Band and Chorus Craft Fair

Greenway High School – 3930 W. Greenway Road

Saturday, November 22, 2013 – (9 am – 3 pm)
Sunday, November 23, 2013 – (9 am – 2 pm)
Car Show – Sunday 11/23 – 9am-1pm
Get all of your holiday shopping done at one easy place!!

  • If you would like to register for the Greenway High School Expo please click here  for more information. 
  • GPS helps out our member participants by creating a punch card that will drive attendees to your booth.
  • We also have table cards and balloons to designate you as a GPS member.
  • GPS will also have a booth at the event with GPS info, GPS logo merchandise for sale, and our Coin boxes will be displayed nearby for craft fair participants to vote on their favorite coin box.
  • Mid First Bank Coin truck will there to count the coins and award us our $1000 cash match for our coin contributions!!


Did you know we launched our first Junior GPS chapter this year?  Please take a moment to
look at this link on our website and find out how exciting this program really is for our young ladies!  Want a Juniors program in your area? We will be launching new Juniors chapters sometime  in 2015 so check us out for more info!!!  Fill out the RSVP form to attend or for more info.

Chapter Events Calendar
A new and exciting feature on our website is  a Chapter Events Calendar. I am posting this separately from the website info, because it is so unique and the criteria for submission is very specific .If you would like to submit an event you are hosting for your chapter members you may post it in our CHAPTER EVENTS CALENDAR.This can be a hostess party, jewelry party,open house, chapter event, etc.  All members may view the calendar on our website. It will be posted as CHAPTER EVENTS CALENDAR.
  • The e mail for your posting is:
  • You will not be called back to clarify your request
  • All submissions are e mail only, no phone submissions
  • Please submit all information in one post
  • Include this important info: Event name, date(s), beginning and ending time, address of event, and name and number of contact person. If you do not include this info it will not be posted.
  • Please include special instructions such as things to bring, event admission price and if there are any attendance restrictions or RSVP's requested. Please keep your posting to 500 characters or less.
  • BONUS!!!If you would like to post special pricing for GPS members you may use this calendar for that as well. Be sure to include a start and end date for the sale. Suggested to make your special one month or less.
If you do not meet this criteria or submit an incomplete application, your may risk your information not being posted. 
The deadline for postings is NOON EVERY MONDAY. Your event will be posted on the calendar by noon the following Wednesday.

Founder's Message
This is a new feature created on the website by specially selecting members at your meetings to receive 2  months of free exposure to their businesses! Please check with your chapter leader if you need more information. CLICK HERE to go to the Business Spotlight page on the website, and take a moment to check out the honorees for September and October!!

Website Updates!!

Our website is always evolving and Toni is working hard to make sure it is easy to use and content meets our goal to help you build your business, make the all important connections you need, and stay current with the latest and greatest in GPS. Please take a moment this week to browse the website and all we have to offer!!!   And sooooo much more!

Our GPS Sponsors help support our programs, events and Leadership Training. Please support these generous sponsors:


 If you would like to be a sponsor  for GPS, please CLICK HERE for the programs we have available.

Its time again to begin registration for the 2015 Stars of GPS Annual Awards Banquet!!
Please click here to go to our website and purchase your tickets!!  Tickets will also be available to purchase from your chapter leader. She should have them for you soon, and will announce at your meeting.



In our chapter meetings we encourage our members to let us know why we should do business with them? What makes them unique and special? It is our contention that every CHAPTER is special as well and is known for something really outstanding. Do you know what something is? Your chapter leaders will be discussing this with you at future meetings, so be thinking about this and let her know why you are so incredibly awesome!!!


Chapter fund raisers are how we supplement our income and keep our dues LOW!! They are also fun and give us a chance to hang out and BUILD THOSE RELATIONSHIPS!!  There are many fundraisers coming up this fall, and as they are sent in, they are posted on the GPS Main Calendar. Please click here to go the calendar for upcoming fundraisers. 
Where does that money go? All monies raised by chapters by fundraisers, coin wars etc, goes into our general fund and the is allocated by the board for the following:
  • Events such as mixers and our annual banquet
  •  Office supplies, printing, brochures, prizes
  • Vendor payments such as such as website maintenance, back office assistant, education series expenses, etc.
  • Food or space rental
  • GPS Spaces for expo
If you would like to submit your chapter fundraiser for the GPS Main Calendar, please send your information to Please give us plenty of time to promote your fundraiser...the sooner the better. We also need to ensure there is no conflict with another chapter and approve the details, since it is a GPS event.



There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into this newsletter. It is for your information so you DO NOT MISS OUT  on the latest and greatest in GPS. It reflects the hard work, dedication and input from all the Board, Chapter Leaders the many GPS committees.Please let me know your questions and feedback and if you would like to see more content and if you understood it all. My e mail is Thanks!!!


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