GPS 2014 1st  Quarter Newsetter 



We are so excited to be starting our 4th Year in GPS. We have made some amazing progress  and our team of leaders has been so instrumental in ensuring our growth and making our meetings a truly great experience for our members.  Please take a moment to thank the leadership of GPS when you are at a meeting or event. They truly give their whole hearts to you and the recognition is much appreciated!  Our Executive Board committed at our first board meeting of this year to Leadership Development. We have put together a program that will not only help our leaders to be more effective but grow in their businesses as well.  Thank you all for the dedication for caring about others as much as you do. That is what make us so proud and strong.

Hugs, Debbie



Roadmaps to Success Education Series

We have reformatted our education series webinars this year with the following exciting features:

6~1 hour classes both east and west valley, alternating
Each class video taped for later viewing on the website
Each class will be attended by members for a great interactive experience

Please go the the website link CLICK HERE for information and to register for the next class

Our February 28th class is on the website for viewing at your convenience as well

ANY feedback from your experience either at the class or on line is greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks to PAM HEWARD of Box Free Minds for her invaluable assistance in putting this program together as a free membership benefit.



Ou Second annual Stars of GPS Awards Banquet was truly the highlight of our GPS Experience!!  Kudos to our Banquet Committee headed up by event Chair Jana Craven, and consisting of Stephanie Greenwood, Donna LaRocco,Linda Zook, Valerie Kelly and  Debbie Davis. They did an amazing job honoring the wonderful, talented and giving/sharing women that make up the heart and soul of GPS.  Thank you for all that attended and had an amazing time, and all that made it happen!!
New Executive Board Elections!!

Your Chapter leader will be sharing nomination ballots with you for every meeting in April. Please CLICK HERE for officer titles and duties. If you are interested , please throw your hat in the ring!  If you do nominate someone for office, please ask them first if they would  like to be considered for the position. The election will be in May, and the newly elected officers will be ready to be sworn in at the first board meeting in June 2014


GPS Member Benefits

I am going to review all the wonderful benefits of a GPS membership.   We have a complete package to offer ANY women that is excited about building her business in this challenging economy. Never before have the planets been so alligned to use effective Networking Programs to build a home based/ small business. We are a strong presence in our commuinities as we strive to SHOP LOCAL encourage others to do so as well. We are moving past the fear and uncertainty and GPS is presenting tools for our members to take back their lives and livlihoods.
  • The Roadmaps to Success Education Seminar Series
  • Lasting and Productive relationships- Every chapter has an agenda created to encourage and promote building relationships
  • Support and Encouragement-Every woman in our organization has only to reach out and she will receive the support she needs
  • Monthly Meetings- Just enough without interfering in your business and busy schedule.
  • Area Chapters-10 chapters with more to come
  • Social Mixers- 4 mixers a year with lots a networking, food, and FUN
  • Annual Events-Our Annual awards banquet and our Business expo
  • Mentorship Programs Another tool to get support and encouragement when you need it
  • Member Directory-How to find other members and contact/refer them

Looking for Event Sponsors!!

We are always looking for event sponsors to assist with the expenses of putting on all of our great events for GPS members.  Our event sponsors can be community business leaders that see the GPS vision of giving back to our community and keeping our retail dollars in our community. We support our small business owners, and shop LOCAL!!  Let all your business contacts know this when they are doing business in the community.  CLICK HERE to request information on becoming a GPS Sponsor. We have some awesome new benefits to offer sponsors including full or partial dues.

Thanks for your support of our GPS Events!!

Midfirst Branchs at 7th at Bell, 67th and Bell and 67th and Cactus

Thank you to Dorinne Andreen 

What's Coming UP!

CLICK HERE for information on our Spring Mixer!! Tell your business friends, and invite new members to join us to meet other women from other chapters. We will have food and prizes!!
We have all kinds of events coming up to mix, mingle, learn, share and just have FUN~ We encourage you to go to our website for all things GPS. We have chapter information, contact information, blogposts, calendars for the whole group AND calendars for individual chapters. We will publish ANY event coming up that you have to promote  your business. Just let your chapter leader know. We have event payment and sign ups. I want to take a moment to thank Toni Steffen-Websites by Toni for all she does to help get the information out to YOU!

Gals Prepared to Succeed

Exec Board Meeting Notes

Our lovely GPS Board of Directors met recently to make sure we have effective programs in place, tweak the "old" ones to make them better, and just generally gab and have fun!! Our board of directors, elected by YOU consists of:
* President: Rhonda Collett
* Past President-Donna LaRocco
* President Elect: Vonnie Warr
* Vice President: Phyllis Strobel
* Recording Secretary: Dona 
* Treasurer: Christina Hadziev 
* Debbie Davis consults on the board as Founder/CEO of Gals Prepared to Succeed
Some of the Highlights of the recent board meeting:

~Recapping our Stars of GPS Banquet
~2nd QTR budget
~Reviewing the Leadership Handbooks
~Chapter changes
~Chapter Leader Election Proposal
~Executive Board Election
~GPS Juniors Recap
~Website Updates

Please CLICK this link for more executive board information and board duties.


Junior GPS Program

We are reaching out to the Young Women of our communities and offering a program to help them negotiate the bumpy road to their future..whatever it may hold for them. Mentorship for these young ladies is our honor and privilege...and Eva Obregon, our Committee Chair has done just that! Please click here for the website posting, and be looking for more information as it becomes available. The group meets every 4th Saturday at the MidFirst bank branch on 65th and Bell in Glendale.

GPS Company Store

Please CLICK HERE for any remaining GPS Company store items in stock. The prices have been reduced, so please check out the great prices and order before we are out of stock!!
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