GPS 2012 1st Quarter Newsetter

What are those Gals doing NOW~!!

With the help of Toni Steffen-our wonderful web designer and life saver, we will be publishing a quarterly newsletter to be sure that all members receive the latest and greatest happenings in GPS. We have so many things going on now in our organization as a whole, and our time in the chapter meetings is so important, that we want to share all these new these new changes by creating this news letter just for YOU!!! We have downloaded all your e-mail addresses, and so the newsletter will go directly to the members. The content of this information will come from many sources in the future. Right now it is just ME and TONI until we get up and please bear with us!

Hugs, Debbie


Roadmaps to Success

There is a leader hiding in every one of us just crying to get out!  Our passion has always been to provide quality, low cost, "usable right now" training to our members. We are in the process of putting in place a training program that is both web based and live, that will help our members push forward through the bumps and obstacles that every business owner encounters. This training will provide even more of those "Road Maps for Success" that our members are looking for, from social media to target market analysis and everything in between.
We are looking for at least one member per chapter, that would like to be a part of the education committee. Please let your chapter leader know if you would like more information.

Members Speak

Recently we sent out a questionnaire asking our members...."so, whadya think??"  It was great that sooooo many of our members replied back with their ideas, suggestions and opinions about how they like or don't like about GPS, and what we can do better. We are very proud that MOST of the input was extremely positive, and tells us we are doing a good job,and keep up the good work. We are also glad that our members felt comfortable to share things they felt could make us even BETTER! We implemented many of those ideas in our programs, and amended some of our chapter documents to reflect those changes based on what you told us you wanted!! This is your group, you do have a voice in how we decide to move forward, and we welcome your input  and suggestions. Please feel free to visit the website and check out the leadership portfolio page under GPS membership. There you will find the contact information for our group leaders, and they all welcome your input. The compiled list of all the questionnaires is available through your chapter leader.

GAL PAL Program

We are VERY excited about this program and we feel it will be fun, educational and exciting for all of YOU. We removed the scary and intimidating "M" word from this program (okay I will say it once then no more~MENTOR) and changed it to the GAL PAL program. Donna La Rocco is committee chair for this group and we will be asking for all teachers, trainers, connectors and ladies just interested in caring and sharing, to contact your chapter leader with your interest in being on this committee. It always helps us to have collaboration and input for a new program, and all help is MORE THAN WELCOME!!

Membership Drive Contest

When you have a great thing you want to share it...RIGHT!  We are on the lookout for more GPS members. Increased membership means more exposure for each business owner in our chapters.  Please invite gals you connect with to come to a GPS meeting and see what we have to offer! We have many ways for you to invite, including a flyer you can e mail to your database.  Each chapter that is participating will have a membership contest and the winner will receive a $25 gift from a chapter member. EVERYONE WINS!! The chapter gets new members, and each person that brings someone to a meeting has a chance to win. Details at your chapter meeting.

What's Coming UP!

We have all kinds of events coming up to mix, mingle, learn, share and just have FUN~ We encourage you to go to our website for all things GPS. We have chapter information, contact information,blogposts, calendars for the whole group AND calendars for individual chapters. We will publish ANY event coming up that you have to promote  your business. Just let your chapter leader know.We have event payment and sign ups. I want to take a moment to thank Toni Steffen-Websites by Toni for all she does to help get the information out to YOU!

Please go to for any information or to get questions answered.  If you know of a person interested in GPS, they can contact the chapter leader directly OR go to a new tab on the website entitled JOIN US. They can then tell us all about themselves and what they are interested in, so we can place them in the most appropriate chapter for them.

Exec Board Meeting Notes

Our lovely GPS Board of Directors met recently to make sure we have effective programs in place, tweak the "old" ones to make them better, and just generally gab and have fun!! Our board of directors, elected by YOU consists of:
  • President: Gail Allen
  • President at Large:Donna LaRocco`
  • Vice President: Rhonda Collett
  • Recording Secretary:Deborah Gauthier
  • Treasurer:Christina Hadziev
  • Debbie Davis consults on the board as Founder/CEO of Gals Prepared to Succeed
Our next election process begins in April with nominations and May with elections. Our board is sworn in and seated June 1st.

Some of the highlights of this board meeting were:
  • Chapter Guideline changes to more clearly define changes in upcoming dues collection processes and member participation requirements
  • Gal Pal member mentor commitee ideas
  • Upcoming Fund raising and networking events
  • Education committee ideas and suggestions-moving foward with this very important program
  • Chapter expansion
  • New member orientation
  • Treasurers Report
  • Membership Drive contest

Please see your chapter leader for details, or to see the information including the Treasurer's Report
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