GPS 2012 2nd Quarter Newsetter

What are those Gals doing NOW~!!

Welcome to the second edition of our GPS Newsletter. Hopefully we will inform you as to all things Happening in GPS and maybe even entertain you as well. We recently had our first Executive Board meeting of fiscal year 2012-2013. We enjoyed reviewing all that we have accomplished since March, and all that we have planned for YOU to enhance and enrich our Gals Prepared Organization!! Thanks to our web designer and administrator Toni Steffen for all her help in preparing this newsletter.  It contains links to the appropriate areas of the GPS website that will help you find the information you need quickly. Please enjoy the newsletter!!

Hugs, Debbie


Roadmaps to Success

This program is the GPS "version" of education and training. Our members and leaders are looking forward to grow both personally and professionally. Your future business growth depends on your willingness and passion to be ready for all situations and challenges that a business owner encounters in this trying economy.  As we work through developing and getting these programs in place for you, please feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, and input with any chapter leader or Board member. These insights will help us to provide the very best and most relevant classes, webinars and training sessions to all of you.

GPS Awards Dinner

We are so excited to announce there will be an awards dinner held in January 2013. This will be for the whole GPS Organization and will be a chance for all of us to gather together and honor the volunteers that do so much to help this organization to be SOOOO successful! Our growth and progress since we founded GPS has been phenomenal and none of it could have been done withour these amazing women.The GPS Awards Dinner committee has been assigned, but we could always use more members!! Please contace Committee chair Jana Craven (602) 446-1943 if you have any questions! Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Care From the Heart

Eva Obregon - Edward Jones

Peoria Small Business

GAL PAL Program

We are VERY excited about this program and we feel it will be fun, educational and exciting for all of YOU. We removed the scary and intimidating "M" word from this program (okay I will say it once then no more~MENTOR) and changed it to the GAL PAL program. Donna La Rocco is committee chair for this group and the list is complete with all the Gal Pals ready to mentor YOU!! This list is an amazing group of women that have volunteered their time, expertise and all they know about the subject listed to make your GPS experience even more rich and fulfilling.  
Click here to see the list for the Gal Pals Program.

Quarterly Mixers

We love having mixers to share fun, products, information, and just hangin' out!! Thanks to Mixer Committee Chair Rhonda Collett, every mixer has been bigger and better than before. Our board has elected to hold regional mixers in all four seasons, so the mixers will be held 4 times a year, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall in all the regions where we hold our GPS Chapter meetings.  Please check the website for Mixer information!  The chapter with the most members (by percentage) will receive a prize for every chapter member that attends. The Chapter Leader for the winning chapter will receive something a little extra!


Koppy's Body Shop

Larry Miller Toyota

Midfirst Bank

What's Coming UP!

We have all kinds of events coming up to mix, mingle, learn, share and just have FUN~ We encourage you to go to our website for all things GPS. We have chapter information, contact information, blogposts, calendars for the whole group AND calendars for individual chapters. We will publish ANY event coming up that you have to promote your business. Just let your chapter leader know. We have event payment and sign ups. I want to take a moment to thank Toni Steffen-Websites by Toni for all she does to help get the information out to YOU!

One of the most exciting events is our November 3rd Gals on the Go... Expo. We have a great committee of women dedicated to making sure the Expo will be a success for all of us. We have all of the details on the website so don't miss out on a dynamic event!!

Please go to for any information or to get questions answered.  If you know of a person interested in GPS, they can contact the chapter leader directly OR go to a new tab on the website entitled JOIN US. They can then tell us all about themselves and what they are interested in, so we can place them in the most appropriate chapter for them.

Exec Board Meeting Notes

Our Recently Elected 2012-2013 GPS Board of Directors met recently to make sure we have effective programs in place, tweak the "old" ones to make them better, and just generally gab and have fun!!
Our board of directors, elected by YOU consists of:

  • President: Donna LaRocco
  • Past President Gail Allen
  • President Elect Rhonda Collett
  • Vice President: Nancy Schoolman
  • Recording Secretary:Deborah Gauthier
  • Treasurer:Christina Hadziev
  • Debbie Davis consults on the board as Founder/CEO of Gals Prepared to Succeed
Our next election process begins in March 2013 with nominations and May with elections. Our board is sworn in and seated June 1st 2013

Some of the highlights of this board meeting were:
  • By-laws Amendments
  • Updated Chapter Guidelines
  • Upcoming Fund raising and networking events
  • Roadmaps to Success (education)committee ideas and suggestions-moving foward with this very important program
  • Chapter expansion
  • Gal Pal Program completed and in place 
  • Treasurers Report
  • Quarterly Mixer Changes
  • Awards Dinner January 2013
  • Website Updates
  • November Gals on the Go...Expo

Please see your chapter leader for details, or to see the information including the Treasurer's Report
Thank You Sponsors

A huge thank you to all of our GPS event sponsors!! These generous business owners help to make it possible for all the GPS events we hold for our members. Our members enjoy these events that are designed to showcase their products and business information. We hold quarterly mixers, a Gals on the Go..Expo twice yearly and our Annual GPS Awards Banquet beginning in January 2013!  Please check out the sponsor information and refer them whenever possible.

GPS Testimonials

Do you have a testimonial for GPS?? Take a moment to share your "kudos" and "warm fuzzies" on the website for all to see!! Check out the blog post and make your comments. We would love to know how GPS has impacted your business and how your GPS relationships have impacted your life!!

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