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Solar Alert

17 Feb 2014

Thousands of jobs on the line as Government reviews Renewable Energy Target

The Australian Solar Council – the peak body for Australia’s solar industry - has expressed strong concerns about the Review of the Renewable Energy Target, announced today by the Australian Government.
“The Government has said everything is on the table in reviewing the Renewable Energy Target. That means abolishing the Renewable Energy Target is on the table,” said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council. “Recent research shows 8,000 jobs could be lost if the Renewable Energy Target is axed.”
“Retrospectively cutting the RET is also on the table, and that will send a shiver down the spine of 5 million Australians with solar, the 3 million Australians who want solar in the next 5 years, and every renewable energy worker in the country.”
“Some State Governments have tried to retrospectively cut support for solar. The Australian Government needs to rule that out today and assure solar workers the Renewable Energy Target won’t be abolished.”
“Everyone who cares about solar and anyone who works in the solar industry should be concerned about this ‘wide ranging’ Review of the Renewable Energy Target.”
“The Government says it is concerned about the impact of the Renewable Energy Target on power bills. The good news is the impact is very small, with the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme making up less than 2% of the power bill and even less once you factor in the reduced wholesale cost of electricity caused by 5 million Australians installing solar.”
“If the Government wants to reduce power bills, the best thing it can do is help Australians embrace solar. Five million Australians will tell the Prime Minister you can’t go wrong with solar. Our feedback from homeowners is that solar cuts power bills by more than half. That option should be available for all Australians.”
“Solar also does the heavy lifting for Australia during heat waves and has been a key reason why we have avoided blackouts in recent weeks.”
The last comprehensive review of the Renewable Energy Target was completed just 14 months ago, in December 2012.
For media comment: contact John Grimes on 0400 102 396.

Kind Regards,
John Grimes
CEO, Australian Solar Council

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