June 2013

Volume 1, Issue 3

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New Board of Directors at DAMA-PS for 2013 - 2014

Please join us in welcoming the newly elected board members:

Dan Root - President
Michael Mueller - VP of Operations
ChaiJen TO - Co-VP of Programs and Education
Deborah Arline - Co-VP of Programs and Education
Armand Ky - Co-VP of Finances
Jason Williams - Co-VP of Finances
Patricia Gilson - VP of Marketing
Jenny Moshea - VP of Membership
Paula Spangler - VP of Communications
Randy Lane - VP of Special Events

Looking Ahead to June Events
For our last monthly dinner meeting for the 2012-2013 year, we are excited to announce DAMA-PS will be partnering up with TDWI NW! Announcing James Orr, author of "Data "Governance for Executives" and an industry thought leader on Data Governance. Also, joining him are Sherri Chisarik, Business Intelligence Manager with Washington Dental Service in Seattle, Michael Mueller, Business and Intelligence Change Agent at Silas Solutions, and Mike Mike Burgwald, Director of Data Governance at Microsoft will be sharing a case study on their companies data governance journies. 

The location will be new for DAMA-PS attendees: Nordstroms HQ, 1617 6th Avenue, Seattle.. Office entrance is located just north of the store entrance. Parking is available across the street at Pacific Pace.

Event Details - starts a little earlier than our regular dinner meetings:



June 11, 2013


5:30 - 6:30 pm - Register &      Network with Food & Drinks
6:30 - 6:35 pm - Chapter Announcements
6:35 - 8:00 pm - Presentations
8:00 - 8:30 pm - Q&A and Door Prizes


Nordstrom HQ
1617 6th Ave, Seattle

HQ Entrance just north of store entrance


Free!  Register here
 Parking Pacific Place, across the street

Other Future Events

CDMP Bootcamp Coming August
We are excited to announce that in August, DAMA-PS will be presenting another CDMP Bootcamp with our excellent new proctor, Chan Beauvais. Location to be determined, but we're looking to host is on the east side this time. If you are planning on attending, register online on our website to confirm a seat and contact ICCP for payment and materials. The earlier you register, the more time you will have to study! Check online here for registering your seat at the bootcamp here. To contact ICCP, click here. Our location is not determined yet, but we're looking to hold it on the east side.

John Zachman Coming in September for Dinner Meeting and Full-Day Workshop
We have confirmation not that John Zachman will be speaking at our September dinner meeting and also he will be conducting a full-day workshop the following day. His topic for the dinner meeting is, "The Zachman Framework: Solving the General Management Problems". His workshop will be on "Enterprise Architecture the Zachman Framework: A Tutorial". We haven't determined where location of the two events will be but we're looking for a great venue on the east side to accommodate our eastern working or living attendees.

Exciting Things Coming Up in 2013-2014
For a few months the Board of Directors have been tossing about ideas on how to bring more value and more offerings to our fellow members and data management professionals. Some of the changes we would like to bring to you are:
  • Presenting a few meetings and special events on the east side to accommodate more of our members and attendees
  • Discontinuing "Presentation Only" registrations because we will be changing our format to more informal buffet style dinners
  • More educational presentations and bootcamps like ISO8000 and ITIL, in addition to our regular ICCP CDMP Bootcamps
  • More informal locations for our Seattle dinner meetings and events
Stay for new updates and announcements on our web site:

Other Changes for 2013-2014
We will be increasing the Corporate Membership Account fees by $50, so as Corporate Memberships are renewed, they will be charged $250 for each company per year.

Looking Back at May Events

Last month we heard an very well presented event from Mark Madsen on "Big Data Revolution - Big Data and the Nature of Business Decisions" We learned the big data is not hype but it's being hyped. We learned how to outline the difference between the old world of information delivery by IT and how it is changing, hopefully removing the hype and injecting reality into discussions of where and how to use big data and data science in support of business. Here is the presentation slides.To see past events, click here.


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8/2013 - CDMP Bootcamp
9/2013 - John Zachman is coming to speak at DAMA Puget Sound for dinner meeting and full-day workshop on Zachman Framework.


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