May 2013

Volume 1, Issue 2

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It's Executive Board Election Time at DAMA-PS

Ballots have went out to active members of  DAMA-PS. Please vote as soon as you are able. Voting ends Monday, end of day, May 13, 2013. Also, we have added a few survey questions. Please take the time to fill those out as well.

Looking Ahead to May Events

This month we are proud to announce that Mark Madsen, President of Third Nature, will be speaking at our May chapter meeting. His topic is, " Big Data Revolutions - Big Data and the Nature of Business Decisions".

Big data isn’t hype, but it is being hyped. There is substance to the shift happening in the technology market of which both business intelligence and big data are a part. The important questions to ask are “What’s different now?”and "Is there enough value to make investment worthwhile?"

Big data is not a good description: you don't need enormous volumes of data to take advantage of the technology shifts in the IT market. Big data adds information delivery capabilities we didn't have in the past. Data technologies are allowing us to move beyond simple access via reports and dashboards. We can use them to address problems of uncertainty and ambiguity, as well as providing more detailed insight into business operations and customer interactions.

The key to getting value from investments in big data is understanding the capabilities that can be delivered. The systems we put in place to support the information needs of business have limitations. Big data technologies tend to be strong where the existing technologies are weak, making them suitable for  new types of decision making scenarios and tasks.

At this presentation you will learn:

  • The changing world of information delivery by IT
  • How to remove the hype and inject reality into discussions of where and how to use big data
  • How to use data science in support of business
Mark Madsen is president of Third Nature, a technology consulting and market research firm focused on business intelligence, data integration, and data management. Mark is an award-winning architect and former CTO whose work has been featured in numerous industry publications. He is a principal author of  /Clickstream Data Warehousing/ (John Wiley & Sons, 2002) and frequently speaks at conferences and writes about business intelligence and emerging technology.

To register, click here

Other Future Events

We are excited to announce that in June, DAMA-PS will be co-hosting our monthly event with TDWI NW. Our speaker, James Orr, author of "Data Governance for the Executive" , will be talking about "Looking Beyond the Obvious". We will be updating the Events page on the DAMA-PS website as the details firm up. Stay tuned here!

Looking Back at April Events

Last month we heard Daniel McDaniel and Dr. Eileen McDaniel, PhD, co-founders of Freakalytics, talk about the  Accidental Analysts and what they are doing to our data?.

We learned that in the new world of self-service business intelligence, to be successful as a data professional you must collaborate with people who were never trained to analyze data. Communicating with “accidental analysts” can be challenging -- you often feel like you're speaking a different language! 

To see past events, click here


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6/2013 - DAMA-PS will be co-hosting monthly meeting with TDWI NW. Speaker is James Orr from James Orr Consulting, author of "Data Governance for Executives."
9/2013 - John Zachman is coming to speak at DAMA Puget Sound! Stay tuned for more information.


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