April 2013

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Welcome to DAMA Puget Sound's First Newsletter

We are excited to announce that we have started our new monthly newsletter! This newsletter will be sent out monthly the first week of each month. It will detail what's coming up for that month, summarize what happened in the previous month, plus give you a heads up of what we have planned for the rest of the year. We will also feature surveys asking for your input because we want to know your opinion on how we better bring you the information you are seeking whether it's how to do what you do better or hear about what other companies are doing or what's new out there in the world of data management. In the future we will be adding more content as the information arises so you will be kept in the know of new things coming up.

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Looking Ahead to April Events

This month we are proud to announce that Daniel McDaniel and Dr. Eileen McDaniel, PhD, co-founders of Freakalytics, will be speaking at our April chapter meeting. Their topic is." Accidental Analysts®: What Are They Doing To Our Data?".

In the new world of self-service business intelligence, to be successful as a data professional you must collaborate with people who were never trained to analyze data. Communicating with “accidental analysts” can be challenging -- you often feel like you're speaking a different language! 

To understand how accidental analysts think, we’ll illustrate the step-by-step method that they follow when they use the data that you steward to answer their business questions. Next, we’ll demonstrate examples of how to structure your data so that business users will be able to get the most out of them with minimal day-to-day help from the data team. Pick up ideas on how to create a constructive partnership between IT and business that will excite your managers and co-workers while keeping the data teams focused on strategic projects. We’ll include real-world tips and tricks that will save you time and frustration!

Seattleites Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD, are co-founders of Freakalytics, LLC, co-authors of books The Accidental Analyst: Show Your Data Who’s Boss and four editions of Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software. They are designers of the Rapid Dashboards smartphone app and reference cards, with sixty-four illustrated tips on how to create effective charts. Stephen is lead author of two editions of SAS for Dummies and has been a faculty member at both TDWI and the American Marketing Association (AMA). They travel the world teaching people how to get the most out of their data and take decisive action to solve problems in their daily work. In addition to his role at Freakalytics, Stephen is Director of Analytic Product Management at Tableau Software and has been building data warehouses longer than he cares to admit. Eileen is an awarded research scientist and educator who passionately applies her unique expertise toward developing fun and approachable analytics training programs and materials.

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Looking Back at March Events

We had a very busy month in March!
  • March 6-7 was DAMA Days 2013 with two fantastic, world-renown speakers - Rick van der Lans and Wayne Eckerson. The speakers did an excellent job of informing us of Virtual Data and BI Ecosystems. We had a wonderful turn out at Bell Harbor Conference Center, with sponsors Composite Software, Informatica and Embarcadero.
  • March 13 was our monthly chapter meeting with speaker Amy Chihak, director of Master Data Inegrity at Starbucks. She informed us of the update on Starbucks MDM journey. As many of you know who attended, the meeting proved to be very interesting on how Starbucks has changed over the last two years, including executive leadership engagement, how they articulate and measure the cost/reward governance, data stewardship, and addressing the challenges of a global support organization.
  • March 14 many of you joined our colleagues from TDWI NW chapter in hearing Bill Inmon speak on "Kimball vs Inmon" and "Achieving Business Value from Big Data".
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9/2013 - John Zachman is coming to speak at DAMA Puget Sound! Stay tuned for more information.


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