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Fundamentals of Wood Finishing

Albany, NY: 10/16
S. Windsor, CT: 11/8

Greenguard Approved Coatings

E. Providence, RI: 10/18

Mirka Abrasives Buffing & Polishing

Bethpage, NY: 10/30

Shading & Toning Techniques

Woburn, MA: 10/10

S. WIndsor, CT: 10/31

E. Providence, RI: 11/6

C.A. Technologies

E.Providence, RI: 10/3

Intermediate Finishing Seminar

Richmond, VA: 10/17

Grading Guide From Columbia Forest Products

Columbia Forest Products, our premier hardwood plywood supplier, recently added a hardwood plywood grading guide to their website that contains information useful to even the most skilled woodworker.  

The overall goal of the guide is to provide a useful tool to make sense of the unique characteristics of wood, but there is so much more.  Included are: an overview of veneer cuts, examples of slicing methods, an overview of types of veneer matching, examples of veneer species, examples of naturally occurring wood characteristics, core types, glossary of terms, and an overview of ANSI/HPVA Standards and Guidelines. 

Ang Schramm, CFP’s Director of Technical Services, points out that, “Wood is a unique material for decorative applications in that by its very nature no two pieces can ever be exactly alike. Its appearance may be consistent for a given species within a broad and generalized range, but even wood from the same tree can vary in aesthetics and physical properties. Growth conditions such as geography and climate, availability of water and nutrients, adverse weather, genetics, pestilence, injury, competition for space, bacterial or viral infection, the presence of extraneous compounds contributing to the color of heartwood, the lighter color of sapwood, and the presence of limbs and their relationship to figure and knots, are but a few of the factors contributing to this phenomenon.”

After reading through all of the available resources, you should be able to easily communicate what you are looking for and assure your expectations are always met. As always, your Atlantic Plywood and Columbia Forest Product representatives are always available to answer your questions and provide more information. 

Kerfkore Launches New Website

Kerfkore, producer of lightweight and bendable panels, recently launched an exciting, more user-friendly website.  Alongside detailed product information, you will find many new gallery images, inspirational videos, and more detailed technical information.  Head over to to check it out!

Avonite Certification Seminars

Interested in becoming a Certified Avonite Fabricator? We are offering courses in the following locations;

Rochester: 10/25
Woburn: 11/14
S. Windsor: 11/16
Bethpage: 12/4
Carlstadt: 12/6

Space is limited!

Register onine or fax this form


Blum, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the new TANDEMBOX intivo lateral stabilizer set. This new lateral stabilizer set is designed to work with all TANDEMBOX intivo drawers and is ideally suited for use with wide, tall fronted drawers.  The new lateral stabilizer set is available in two lengths, 500mm and 550mm, and will fit a TANDEMBOX intivo drawer in a cabinet up to a 48” wide. The stabilizer set can also be used in conjunction with SERVO-DRIVE. These items will be added to the TANDEMBOX planning tool and the next printing of the TANDEMBOX intivo brochure.


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