Newsletter October 2018
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“Building Better Futures Through Music”
Newsletter October 2018


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President's Message

From Stick Bows to the Real Deal

Mariachi's at the El Tiempo Celebration

Meet Student Jaelyn Vaseur


Teacher Candace Chun


Dear friends of FAYM,

The 2018/2019 school year is off to a great start!  Students in our beginning violin class have been busy practicing with a wooden practice bow and finally after 6 classes it was time to trade in their practice bow for a real violin to take home and practice!  On September 17 it was my privilege to assist in the distribution of violins to Ms. Chung’s beginning class at the East Las Vegas Community Center. Mr. Tim Thomas assisted Ms. Johnson distribute violins to her beginning students at the Pearson Center on the same day.  Students knew the day for violin distribution was that day and as they entered the classroom the air was filled with anticipation from students and parents.

You can see from some of the photos that the students were elated to finally hold a violin in their hands. Parents were busy taking pictures of their child receiving their violin and I am sure they were anticipating the day that their child would soon appear on stage and perform for an audience.

Our first recital for the year is scheduled for October 20.  The beginning classes will not perform for that recital but they will definitely have a song or two to play on the next Recital scheduled for December 8.

I would like to welcome our new students and their parents into the FAYM Family!

We now have a beginning orchestra, advanced orchestra, chamber orchestra, beginning mariachi, beginning guitar/guitarrón/and vihuela, advanced mariachi, beginning cello, 2ndyear cello, and classes for levels 1-4 violin. Our program is growing and we strongly believe it is making a difference in the lives of our FAYMsters!  Many thanks to all the generous contributors to FAYM.  It is your support that makes all this possible. If you like what we are doing please share our website, with friends and business that may also join in supporting what we do.  Hal Weller, the FAYM Board, and I do our best to assure that all donations are used to provide services, scholarships, and materials for our students. 

Thanks in advance for your continued support!

Arturo Ochoa, Board President


From Stick Bows to the real deal,
New students meet their instruments!



Mariachi's at the El Tiempo Celebration

The East Las Vegas Community Center celebrated the El Tiempo Festival, and invited our own Mariachi Estrellas de FAYM to perform. Dressed in their finery, they wowed everyone there. Th"I feel very happy when I perform with my instrujmanksto Mrs. Ixela Gutierrez who invited our kids, and to all the organizers of the event.


CORRECTION: Cello Instructor Jovonie Tejero's student assistant is Alyda Hart. 
       She was incorrectly named in August's Newsletter.


Meet Student Jaelyn Vaseur


     Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Tenth Grader Jaelyn Vaseur is also a FAYM  
     student. She took some time to be interviewed.

     What instrument do you play and why did you pick it? "I play the violin. "I loved
     watching and listening to Lindsey Stirling. I also wanted to be in my middle
     school's orchestra." 

     What do you like about your music lessons? "We are always learning something
     new and I'm there with my friends."

     What is the hardest thing you are learning? "...Making the faster notes, like 16th notes sound
     more clean and crisp."

What is your favorite thing you have learned? "...The  basics of playing the violin. Without the basics,  
I wouldn't be able to improve my playing and learn new things."

Is there a song you want to learn how to play? "I don't have a specific song I want to learn, I am open to learn anything."

How does it feel to  perform with your instrument? "I feel very happy when I perform with my instrument. I get to show what I know."

How does it feel when you practice  a lot and your playing gets better? "I get excited and proud of myself, because I work hard to get to where I want to be and show my improvement."

What do you want to be when you grow up? "I either want to be a musician that plays for soundtracks of movies, a dancer; really anything to deal with entertainment, or to be a CSI."

Do you think learning music will help you with your goal? "Yes, because it shows discipline, patience, skill, determinism, and dedication."


Getting to Know Teacher Candace Chun

     Where else do you teach? I taught orchestra, guitar, and band at Valley HS for  
   13 years."Currently I am the director of orchestras at Eldorado High School."

    Which instruments do you play?  Which do you prefer to play? "I play almost every                  instrument to some degree. My favorites to play are the violin, ukulele, bass, and              euphonium."

    When and how did you become a teacher with FAYM? "I received a call from the former        FAYM orchestra director Mrs. Wood about 5 years ago saying she was recommending      me to interview for a wonderful project to teach strings. I said that sounded     amazing,    scheduled an interview, and the rest is history!"

     How long have you been teaching music? "How did you get started?  Where are you              currently teaching?  I have been teaching music in some respect for about 18 years."

Tell us about an adult who inspired you to pursue music during your childhood. "My grandpa and uncles were a mariachi group called The Acapulco Trio. I loved hearing their music and the stories my mom would tell of their performances. My mom always wanted us to be successful and she strongly believed that music education would help us in our journey."

What classes do you teach for FAYM? "I have taught all levels for FAYM, but this year I am teaching group 1, group 3, and group 4."

What are you working on with your students this semester? "Currently our beginning students have just received stick bows and are learning proper bow hold and air bowing basic rhythms. Our group 3 and 4 students are reviewing the keys of G, D, and A major and beginning some two-part pieces."

What qualities or skills do you want your students to leave you class with at the end of the year? "As a teacher, of course I want my students to do well and leave my class with a thorough knowledge of music and their instrument. However, I believe it is even more important that I help to foster a lifelong love of learning and appreciation for music.  It is my hope that my students will leave my classroom loving all aspects of music and perpetuating its beauty for future generations."   


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