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After a long summer break I'm back with some updates!

MageTestFest is coming!

There's a new conference, and it is focussing solely on Testing and Magento: MageTestFest, organized by Yireo, November 17th in Amersfort (NL).

I'm honored to speak at this event and to join well known experts like Sebastian Bergmann, Mathias Verraes, Vinai Kopp and James Cowie on stage to talk about testing. It will be a brand new talk, "Dealing with Testing Fatigue" where I'll show a way out of frustration with automated tests in Magento.
The conference day is accomplished by two workshops and a contribution day:
  • Wed, Nov 15th: Workshop PHPUnit (Sebastian Bergmann)
  • Thu, Nov 16th: Workshop DDD (Mathias Verraes)
  • Fri, Nov 17th: Main conference
  • Sat, Nov 18th: Contribution day (Magento Community Engineering Team)
Get your ticket now!

Book Progress

I've not come as far as I hoped to, but making progress. I've had a long break from writing, then mostly refined and extended the existing chapters.

Current state:

Written 12000 words, resulting in 80 pages.


Meanwhile I have set up a website at - using because I don't trust my design skills and the service makes it easy to create simple and nice looking landing pages for a reasonable price.

The hardest part was to come up with a domain name that does not violate Magento copyright and is recognizable. I did not want another "MageSomething" or "Somethingento", so was not an option.

TDD Wizard Fixtures

In a current Magento 2 project I started to create a module for better reusable integration test fixtures. There was huge interest in it when I tweeted about it and mentioned it in trainings, so I made it open source and published it under the "TDD Wizard" brand.

Find it on github here:

Efficiently working with fixtures by example of this library will also be covered in the book.

Upcoming events

If you missed my talk "Magento Test Automation - My Journey" at Meet Magento Germany earlier this year, there's another chance to attend it at MageTitans Manchester, November 11th

Shortly after, there's MageTestFest, see above.

MageTitans Website & Tickets
At November 7th there's a FireGento training "Test Driven Magento" in Stuttgart (DE). In one day I am giving an introduction to TDD, unit tests and integration tests in Magento 2.

Last minute tickets at
I might come to a city near you in the future but if you can't wait, I'm offering in house trainings as well. Those also are more in depth and usually span over 2-3 days.

More info at
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