Test Driven Magento

Still on it!

Here's a quick update on the state of the book and some insights in the way I'm currently writing.

What am I doing?

I'm using a shipping extension as example, with requirements that are similar to ones that I encountered in the wild. And I have some ideas how to extend the requirements after the initial implementation, to show more advanced stuff in later chapters.

To get a most realistic example how I would work with these requirements, I actually implement it from start to finish. For the book, I document each step alongside and write down what I did and why.

I start with modeling the domain, go over to module setup and the first test. Then I go through the first TDD iterations in detail and introduce concepts like test doubles one by one. The goal is that even readers without prior experience in unit testing can follow along. You'll also see some architecture refactoring in action.
The core chapters for this example are
  • Domain Modeling
  • Implementing the Domain Layer
  • Integrating into Magento
  • Integrating External Systems
  • Changing Requirements
The first two are mostly done. But at this point, the extension does not contain any Magento specific code yet! That's the next step, where I'm introducing the Magento integration test framework.

Okay, "mostly done" means, I continue with the next chapter and the example is finished, but I will definitely add more explanation and improve the writing later.

I knew that even a short book is lots of work! But I'm slowly moving forward. I've written quite some longer blog posts where I also put some effort into. The workflow is similar: Collecting notes (everywhere where I have pen and paper or a phone), writing them out, polish formatting. Rinse and repeat.

Unsurprisingly, that means there will be less blogging while I focus on the book. Still, if you haven't yet, check out my blog about Magento, PHP, Web Technology. Follow the link below⬇️
My Blog

Current State

Written 9390 words, resulting in 61 pages (still mostly code).

Sneak Peek

Here's another glimpse at my draft. Enjoy!

Read in full size

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