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It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing of musician, singer and songwriter, Gaynel Hodge
 (January 4, 1937 - June 3, 2020)
Gaynel was a recording artist, songwriter, pianist and the co-author of the 1950s Platinum hit song, "Earth Angel".
He was also a founding member and musical director of such famous groups as The Platters, The Turks, and The Hollywood Flames.
 Gaynel moved to Phoenix in the 1970s and was a regular around town performing in clubs like Chez Nous doing solo and duo gigs.
Jon Iger, ASA president, shared his memories of Gaynel. "He was a great friend and mentor and bandmate. He spoke and performed at several ASA meetings and annual Gatherings over the years, as well as the Thunderbird Balloon Festivals and the Glendale Folk & Heritage Festival."
Hodge was involved in doo-wop, rhythm and blues and jazz. He began writing songs and playing piano professionally by age 13; joining, starting and practicing with all-vocal groups on the street corners of Los Angeles.
By age 15, Hodge was a regular session musician in recording studios throughout Los Angeles, and had co-written the multi-platinum hit “Earth Angel”. He went on to form the original Platters with his brother, Alex Hodge, and sang and played piano with them on their first 16 recordings.
Hodge toured several months of the year throughout Europe, the Middle East and the United States.
Hodge had written, recorded or performed with such artists as Lou Rawls, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Dr. John, The Rivingtons, Johnny Morissette, Duane Eddy and many others.
We offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will be greatly missed.



!! We will be meeting on ZOOM in June!!

JUNE 20, 2020 at 1pm MST

We'll be meeting online with Zoom!



On June 20th, our 3rd Saturday Workshop will again be held on Zoom.
The meeting will start at 1pm.
Randy Brown and Jon Iger will be hosting the learning session. 

The topic will be: "Basic Song Structures"
“Zoom critiques” coming soon!  Watch for details!

Plus Q&A on the discussion topic; and whatever songwriting questions or answers you may have.

**Special Guest, Ivy Jarvis, is looking for singer/songwriters for City of Glendale performances!
Chelsea Robson will be facilitating the meeting again. 
We had a record number of writers attend our first couple Zoom meetings!

Last month there was a record number of writers that attended our first Zoom meeting! We hope you can join us this month for another great session!
To participate, you’ll need to download the Zoom app at  on your computer, cell phone or iPad.

DETAILS for June 20:

The day of the event, please sign-in a few minutes early prior to 1pm so we can all be ready to go.  

** Very ImportantBe sure to keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking to the group.
If the microphone is not muted it will cause feedback

There is no charge to participate.

Thanks everybody!


 NEW!!  ~ Brooke Eden ~ NEW!!
Presently searching for soulful country songs.  Female singer on Broken Bow Records with a great voice!  Looking for a song that can show off her big range!

NEW!! ~
Reverie Lane ~ NEW!!
"Nouveau"-traditional country female duo looking for raw, honest, edgy lyrics.  All tempos!  Please reference their single,
"Good At It", for direction. 

NEW!! ~
Robert Counts ~ NEW!!
Looking for up-tempo hits!  Think something in the vein of "John Mellencamp".  For further reference on direction, please check out
"Dress Up" off of his debut EP!

...Still Looking For...
Martina McBride
Please reference her last album for direction!  She may also be open to songs with "darker" themes.

Jake Owen
Think along the lines of feel-good, positive message songs 'ala' "Anywhere with You"!

Billy Currington
Looking for strong, emotional songs, but nothing too romantically vulnerable!

...Always Looking For...

Shar'n is always looking for mid- to up-tempo female songs that are gritty, but not "man-bashing"! 
And she is also always on the lookout for positive, up-tempo male songs!
* * * *
Shar'n is always on the lookout for songs to pitch for TV/Film sync licensing!
Most genres can be considered:
 pop, indie-alternative, singer-songwriter, etc.
**  No country songs for sync pitches, please!
**All songs that are being pitched to TV/Film sync opportunities must be studio quality (sound "radio-ready")
and must be 100% clearable!



Always Looking for Hits!
Michelle is currently working with some of the best signed songwriters in Nashville!  However, she is still open to listening to outside songwriter's songs through the SongTuner!
So, if you want to compete with her writers, then you need to send her your most current sounding, undeniable hit songs - male or female!

NEW!! ~ TV Sci-Fi Comedy** ~ NEW!!
Nancy is presently looking for "MTV-style" current music!
Genres:  Electronic, EDM pop, dark pop, hip-hop, R&B, alt-rock, indie (easy on the guitar).  Male or female vocals.
They love "literal" sounding lyrics in this show!  Here are the four main themes/categories they need...
1.) Haunted - "Haunting, Watching you, Your ghost, Ghost of you, Death, Buried, Skeletons, Fade away, Disappear"
2.) Alone - "By myself, I can do it on my own, Don't need you, Better off without you, Lost, Vanished, I got this,
In control"
3.) Together - "Second chance, New beginning, Working and coming together, This feels right, Unity, Same page, Wanting the same things"
4.) Driving - "Catch me if you can, Here we come, Chasing someone or being chased, Won't get away, On the trail"

NEW!! ~ TV Dramas** ~ NEW!!
Nancy is gathering songs for two popular shows that will resume production in August!  She needs a lot of mid-tempos and ballads for "contemplative/emotional" moments and montage scenes.  Songs with sparser lyrics and pacing work best in these spots!
Genres:  Singer-songwriter, acoustic pop, indie pop, indie soul, R&B, Americana (not too country).  Male or female vocals accepted.
**All songs that are being pitched to TV/Film sync opportunities must be studio quality (sound "radio-ready") and must be 100% clearable!

If you would like your song(s) to be considered for any of these new opportunities
on the
PITCH TO PRO PIPELINE, click the link below!

Hey Arizona Songwriters

The email critique service Randy Brown has offered during April and May has been such a huge success he will continue volunteering his services until regular meetings can start again at the Glendale Public Library.
 Send requests for critiques to:

Guidelines for submission:
  • One song per writer.  Interested writers send an email to Randy with a recording of their song on mp3, and a lyric sheet.
  • If you only have Lyrics, that’s OK too. 

He will get to them asap, and write back his comments to you.

Randy is a successful songwriter with song placements in many 
TV shows and movies, including "Remember the Titans".

Visit Randy's website at:



Here are some things set up by musicians and music business organizations, both local and national, that might be helpful. There are also links to live streaming industry information and concerts by artists.  If you have items you think might be of interest to your fellow songwriters, please send them to Beve at


1) The Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame shared this information for the local music and arts community from the Arizona Commission on the Arts:
            For artists and musicians: Arizona has some aid available. "Arizona arts funders and service organizations have set up a collaborative fund to provide emergency relief grants of $500-$1,500 to artists and arts professionals experiencing canceled events and residencies or terminated contracts due to the ... pandemic." For more information, visit the Arizona Commission on the Art website.

2) Tucson Musicians Relief Fund:

3)  Music Business Association: 
Initiatives and relief programs being put in place around the industry. A compiled list of the various efforts that both Music Biz and our members have taken to support one another in this tumultuous time, updated weekly as new initiatives emerge:     

4) DIY Musicians Blog:
Some interesting information about Live Streaming during the COVID-10 crisis:

5) Billboard Live Streaming & Virtual Concerts:

6)  Jeff Dayton concerts: 
Jeff Dayton is streaming mini-concerts Live on Facebook.

      Mondays @ 8pm  -  Wednesdays @ 2:30pm   -  Fridays @ 8pm
       All shows Central Standard Time


7) Garth Brooks:  Inside Studio G

8) TAXI Live YouTube Broadcast and Happy Hour Chat:

Join Us For TAXI Music's Daily
"Quarantini" Happy Hour
Live YouTube Broadcast and Happy Hour Chat
For musicians from all over the world!

Tuesday - Friday

7pm Eastern (EDT) / 6pm Central (CDT) / 4pm Pacific (PDT)
12am London (BST) / 9am Sydney (AEST)

Dear Songwriters, Composers, and Artists
Join Us Every Tuesday - Friday at 4 pm Pacific Time on 
TAXI TV's YouTube Channel!

We want to include musicians of all types (not just TAXI members), from all over the world, and you will pick the topics. I’ll be there to answer questions, but it’s going to be directed by you!  

And like TAXI TV and the TAXI Road Rally convention, we want to keep it very supportive and friendly! Trolls will be excommunicated on the spot 

You can talk about what's going on in your (musical or personal) life, how you’re dealing with being cooped up, ask pressing music creation or music business questions, share recording and production techniques, trade songwriting tips, ask film and TV music licensing questions, trade time management ideas, meet collaborators, talk about your frustrations or best placements, and whatever else you want our daily hangouts to be about! 

Celebrity Guests
We’ll be joined by some TAXI All-Stars from time to time, as well as some of my music industry friends, so drop by and meet them!
Grammy-winning Producer/Engineer/Mixer Rob Chiarelli joined us a few days ago, and today we'll be having Ronan Chris Murphy as our special guest to talk about production, recording, and mixing! I'm going to invite Bobby Borg to join us this week, as well!
Let’s Turn This into a “Thing”!

We’re doing this for love, not money. It’s totally free — no strings attached. We want to give you a place to hang out with old friends and make some new ones from a bunch of different countries and cultures. 
We only ask two things:
Be polite and respectful.
Tell every musician you know about the TAXI Music "Quarantini" Happy Hour, and here’s why…
If our community gets big enough, I’ve got gear manufacturers that will give us microphones, software, guitars, books, and keyboards to give away for… wait for it… yes, FREE!
Spread the Word!
So forward this email, post about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any music-related groups, chats, or forums you know of. If we can get our audience to hit 1,000 people during the live show, I can get my hands on some great stuff to give away!
To Join the Daily "Quarantini" Happy Hour...
Simply go to and search for "TAXI Independent A&R." Then click on the red "subscribe" button! That way you'll get an instant notification that will alert you each time we go live. Otherwise, you can click on the button below to go to our YouTube channel at 4 pm Pacific from Tuesday - Friday and click on the "Videos" section where you'll see the live video for the day and can join the show there.
To Join the Live Chat and Ask Questions During the Happy Hour...
You’ll need to be signed up to YouTube (FREE) and be logged in to be able to join in on the chat during the show. Go to and click the "Sign In" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page and fill out the short form to join. If you have a Gmail account, you’ll be able to associate your YouTube account with it!

See you during Happy Hour,
Michael Laskow

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