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January 16, 2021, at 1pm MST



The January 16 Saturday Workshop will start at 1pm.
Randy Brown and Jon Iger will be hosting the meeting. 

Topic:  Finding a Great Title!
Plus Q&A on the discussion topic; and whatever songwriting questions or answers you may have.

  Zoom critiques: 
(We’ll get to as many songs as time permits.)
To submit a song for critique, go to:
*Your song should be on: dropbox, soundcloud, or youtube.

*Lyrics are mandatory: You can copy/paste or type your lyrics in the comments at
Chelsea Robson will be facilitating the meeting again. 
We had a record number of writers attend our first few Zoom meetings!
We hope you can join us this month for another great session!

To participate, you’ll need to download the Zoom app at
 on your computer, cell phone or iPad.

DETAILS for January 16 Zoom meeting!
The day of the event, please sign-in a few minutes early prior to 1pm so we can all be ready to go.  

Very Important:  Be sure to keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking to the group.
If the microphone is not muted it will cause feedback

There is no charge to participate in the Zoom Meetings.

Thanks everybody!

Mark Your Calendars for 3rd Saturday Meetings - 2021
Saturday, January 16, 2021
Saturday, February 20, 2021
Saturday, March 20, 2021
Saturday, April 17, 2021
Saturday, May 15, 2021
Saturday, June 19, 2021
Saturday, July 17, 2021
Saturday, August 21, 2021
Saturday, September 18, 2021
Saturday, October 16, 2021
Saturday, November 20, 2021
Saturday, December 18, 2021


Saturday, January 30, 2021, 10AM - 5PM

 ** For the safety of our performers and patrons, 
the 2021 Annual Arizona Songwriters Gathering will be a virtual event. 

.....Held by Arizona Songwriters Association and the Glendale Public Library.​.....

This year, the Arizona Songwriters Association and the Glendale Public Library are proud to present Arizona Songwriters MINI-FEST 2021, a virtual lineup of songwriting experts and enthusiasts from across the US.

Featuring special guests:

DR. MICHAEL HARRINGTON, Expert Witness in high-profile copyright infringement cases.

TESS TAYLOR, President of  NARIP (National Association of Recording Industry Professionals): marketing music
to film & television.

*Over forty videos of original songs were submitted and will be scheduled throughout the day.*
Live and pre-recorded lectures and performances will be offered in this virtual format.
Enjoy the fun with us! 

​Further details and a list of more guest speakers to be announced soon!  

Please contact Ivy if you have any questions:
For more information on the event, visit:

(*Check out last year's schedule at this link to see what could be in store for this year.)



Received: January 7, 2021


NEW!! ~ Cable TV Show** ~ NEW!!
Nancy is currently searching for two types of "emotional" music needed for a relationship-based TV drama!
1.) Optimistic & Fun: Looking for songs with themes including "Falling in love, hopeful love, finding someone special, personal journeys, truth, searching", etc.
2.) Melancholy: Needing songs with themes including "Disappointment, sadness, heartbreak, anger, jealousy", etc.  Offbeat, quirky dark songs and moody electro-ethereal songs work here, as well.
Genres: Quirky indie-pop, Americana, folky songs.  Male or female vocals acceptable.

NEW!! ~ Advertising**  NEW!!
Songs for Home Improvement Brand Commercial
 Major Home Improvement Retailer needs songs for their new commercial campaign, "Spring Forward". 
 Think spring cleaning and outdoor living and songs with lyrical themes of "seasons changing, looking forward, new beginnings, flowers blooming, colors, fun and sunshine", etc.
 GenresCurrent-sounding, upbeat pop, acoustic, folk-pop, Americana.  Male and female vocals will be considered.  Fully produced songs and demos ONLY for this opportunity, please.
 **All songs that are being pitched to TV/Film sync opportunities must be studio quality (sound "radio-ready") and must be 100% clearable!

** Nancy Peacock is the owner of Washington Street, a multi-genre publishing company with a focus on indie music for Film, TV & Advertising.

Currently Looking for Hit Singles for Artists That Will Be Cutting at the Start of 2021!
** Blake Shelton **
Keep in mind that the best writers in town are sending their songs for Blake's consideration, so send your best!  Jacee is looking hardest for strong up-tempos!

Randall King
Randall is a traditional country artist that needs good country "swagger" songs in the vein of Alan Jackson!
Morgan Evans
Currently looking for an up-tempo radio hit!
Still Looking For...
Big Yellow Dog has two artists that they are really focused on finding hit songs for!

Jessie James Decker
Recently signed to Warner Music Nashville!  Jacee is currently looking for strong female songs for her!
Logan Mize
Think up-tempo "Tim McGraw"-like songs!  Logan is married and has two kids, as well.  Please listen to his new song, "I Ain't Gotta Grow Up", as a good reference!

Always Looking For....
"Whenever I'm listening to outside material, I basically look for a song that says something really unique or I want to hear something melodically that makes it stand out from the rest of the songs that are getting pitched every day."


If you would like your song(s) to be considered for any of these new opportunities on the
click the link below!

*Received:  December 14*


NEW!! ~ Blake Shelton ~ NEW!!
Blake will be going in to record after the new year!  Matt would love to find something up-tempo that lyrically says something unique.  He will be sending anything he loves directly to Blake's producer!

* * * * *

Matt Will Also Be Listening for Hit Songs Over the Holidays for the Following Artists...

Kenny Chesney
Looking for killer songs to send directly to Kenny's producer!  Songs need to be different/unique from what he's done in the past.  Think "stadium show-openers & closers"-types of songs!  Up-tempo is always in demand.

Dustin Lynch
New traditional-leaning country artist!  Songs need to have cool, current-sounding lyrics.

Michael Ray
Looking for that undeniable radio hit!

Still Looking For....
Reba has gone in and cut her first batch of songs!  She is still needing up-tempos and is open to all subject matters.

Always Looking For....
Bluegrass Songs
Open to all tempos, most subject matters and story songs!

NEW!! ~ Classic R&B** ~ NEW!!
*Jeff is currently needing classic sounding R&B songs for TV cues and various shows for 2021!
From Jeff:  "What I mean is R&B with a melody.  Less about hip-hop/rap and more about great lyrics and strong melodies.  Think along the lines of John Legend, Luther Vandross, Etta James, Donny Hathaway and
Aretha Franklin."
Male or Female vocals accepted.
**All songs that are being pitched to TV/Film sync opportunities must be studio quality (sound "radio-ready")
and must be 100% clearable!

If you would like your song(s) to be considered for any of these new opportunities on the
click the link below!

*Received:  December 11*


Needing Songs for Several Major Label Artists!
NEW!! Jason Aldean  NEW!!

Simply needing great songs!  Looking for songs in a similar vein to what he has done before.

NEW!! ~ Travis Tritt NEW!!

Looking for "typical Travis Tritt" style songs that will resonate with today's listeners!

NEW!! ~ Florida Georgia Line NEW!!

Listen to their singles for inspiration.  Up-tempos are always going to be your best shot!

NEW!! ~ American Young NEW!!

Country duo signed to Curb Records!  They're a cross between Lady A and the Civil Wars.  Looking for hits!  Check out their single, "Soldier's Wife", for an example of how they sound.

NEW!! ~ Female Hits NEW!!

There are several female artists currently looking for up-tempo songs, including Carly Pearce ("Next Girl"), Danielle Bradbery and Hannah Ellis (Check out their performances on "The Voice")!

If you would like your song(s) to be considered for any of these new opportunities on the
click the link below!

*Received:  December 10*

NEW!! ~ Jake Owen NEW!!

Jake recently got engaged, so think "love" songs!  Also, he's still looking for that up-tempo, anthemic radio single!

NEW!! ~ Chris Lane NEW!!
Looking for a "lifestyle" song for a stage anthem!  He already has more than enough love songs and currently wants something more universal.

NEW!! ~ Dylan Scott NEW!!

Up-tempos ONLY, please!  He wants to stay true to character.  Will sing about drinking and dating, but nothing overtly "single guy playing the field" kinds of themes or language.  Not looking for anything about going out and meeting other girls, etc.

NEW!! ~  Dustin Lynch NEW!!

Would love to find a modern day "Cowboys and Angels"!

Still Looking For...
Chrissy Metz
Actress-turned-singer from hit TV show, "This Is Us"!  Currently needs female up-tempos!  She is a phenomenal singer and songs need to be generally positive and uplifting.  Staying away from love songs.

Always Looking For...

Kirby is always needing up-tempo, fun female songs for some independent artists!

Always Looking For...
Rodney Atkins
Ted is looking for a "classic Rodney Atkins" hit song!  He would love to find another undeniable hit song to record after the first of the year.  Please do not send any songs or themes that are too similar to what he has done before in the past.

If you would like your song(s) to be considered for any of these new opportunities on the
PITCH TO PRO PIPELINE, click the link below!


Join Us For TAXI Music's Daily

"Quarantini" Happy Hour

Live YouTube Broadcast and Happy Hour Chat
For musicians from all over the world!

Tuesday - Friday

7pm Eastern (EDT) / 6pm Central (CDT) / 4pm Pacific (PDT)
12am London (BST) / 9am Sydney (AEST)

Dear Songwriters, Composers, and Artists
Join Us Every Tuesday - Friday at 4 pm Pacific Time on 
TAXI TV's YouTube Channel!

We want to include musicians of all types (not just TAXI members), from all over the world, and you will pick the topics. I’ll be there to answer questions, but it’s going to be directed by you!  

And like TAXI TV and the TAXI Road Rally convention, we want to keep it very supportive and friendly! Trolls will be excommunicated on the spot 

You can talk about what's going on in your (musical or personal) life, how you’re dealing with being cooped up, ask pressing music creation or music business questions, share recording and production techniques, trade songwriting tips, ask film and TV music licensing questions, trade time management ideas, meet collaborators, talk about your frustrations or best placements, and whatever else you want our daily hangouts to be about! 

Celebrity Guests
We’ll be joined by some TAXI All-Stars from time to time, as well as some of my music industry friends, so drop by and meet them!
Grammy-winning Producer/Engineer/Mixer Rob Chiarelli joined us a few days ago, and today we'll be having Ronan Chris Murphy as our special guest to talk about production, recording, and mixing! I'm going to invite Bobby Borg to join us this week, as well!
Let’s Turn This into a “Thing”!

We’re doing this for love, not money. It’s totally free — no strings attached. We want to give you a place to hang out with old friends and make some new ones from a bunch of different countries and cultures. 
We only ask two things:
Be polite and respectful.
Tell every musician you know about the TAXI Music "Quarantini" Happy Hour, and here’s why…
If our community gets big enough, I’ve got gear manufacturers that will give us microphones, software, guitars, books, and keyboards to give away for… wait for it… yes, FREE!
Spread the Word!
So forward this email, post about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any music-related groups, chats, or forums you know of. If we can get our audience to hit 1,000 people during the live show, I can get my hands on some great stuff to give away!
To Join the Daily "Quarantini" Happy Hour...
Simply go to and search for "TAXI Independent A&R." Then click on the red "subscribe" button! That way you'll get an instant notification that will alert you each time we go live. Otherwise, you can click on the button below to go to our YouTube channel at 4 pm Pacific from Tuesday - Friday and click on the "Videos" section where you'll see the live video for the day and can join the show there.
To Join the Live Chat and Ask Questions During the Happy Hour...
You’ll need to be signed up to YouTube (FREE) and be logged in to be able to join in on the chat during the show. Go to and click the "Sign In" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page and fill out the short form to join. If you have a Gmail account, you’ll be able to associate your YouTube account with it!

See you during Happy Hour,
Michael Laskow, TAXI

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