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Bioversity International Newsletter, July, 2016

Saving the Pacific's coconuts

Government representatives from Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Samoa met to launch a mission, coordinated by Bioversity International and COGENT, to protect Pacific coconut diversity from climate change and other threats.

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New publication reveals farmers are the best source for conservation practices

How do we conserve the amazing diversity of tropical fruit trees in a way that brings benefits to the people who look after them? Why don’t we ask the farmers? That’s exactly what the researchers and editors of a new book Tropical Fruit Tree Diversity: Good Practices for in situ and on-farm conservation decided to do.

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Learning from the Andeans and safeguarding crop diversity in mountain communities in China

International workshop brings authorities together to discuss how landscape approaches could be key for climate adaptation and poverty alleviation in China.

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Addressing the weather data paradox head-on in Guatemala and Mali

Weather data is vital for climate science, but it is often inaccessible. To help solve this, weather stations are being installed in Mali and Guatemala.

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Pamiri farmers and their diverse foods take centre stage in international cookbook awards

We are proud to celebrate the success of former Bioversity International scientist Frederick van Oudenhoven, whose book With our own hands, co-authored with Stockholm Resilience Centre researcher Jamila Haider, has just won the 'Cookbook of the Year' 2016 Gourmand Award.

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1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress, India

Registration is now open for the 1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress which will take place in New Delhi on November 6-9th. Register before August 31st and receive an early bird discount. 

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