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Bioversity International Newsletter, July, 2014

News: M. Ann Tutwiler, Director General, writes for Rural 21

In her article for Rural 21, M. Ann Tutwiler discusses the important role that agricultural biodiversity plays in enhancing the adaptability and hence the resilience of family farms.

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News: Bioversity International researcher promotes forest restoration in Nature

'Gold rush: Forest devastated by mining is reborn', a note from Evert Thomas, a Bioversity International Associate Scientist, was published this month in Nature magazine.

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News: Farmer-selected local varieties certified in Mali

This June, farmers in Mali achieved a milestone. Seeds of eight varieties of cowpea, fonio, millet and sorghum produced by farmers have now been certified by Mali’s national seed laboratory – Laboratoire National des Semences (LABOSEM).

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News: Reviving heritage grains - what is the next quinoa?

Bioversity International scientist, Stefano Padulosi, urges diversification of our food basket if we are to sustain ever-growing populations in a National Geographic article.

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News: What's in a banana name?

Bioversity International’s global list of banana cultivar names hopes to help scientists sort out the crop’s taxonomy. Available on the ProMusa website, the list is highlighted in the Hortax Cultivated Plant Taxonomy News.

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Video: Crop Wild Relatives

What role do crop wild relatives play in making agriculture more sustainable in the face of climate change? Find out in this video featuring scientists Ehsan Dulloo, Bioversity International, and Nigel Maxted, University of Birmingham.

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Publication: How to measure the sustainability of diets

A new open access paper, co-authored by Bioversity International scientist Thomas Allen, outlines for the first time an approach to develop metrics and guidelines to measure the sustainability of diets. 

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Upcoming Event: International Horticultural Congress - IHC2014

Several Bioversity International researchers from numerous fields will showcase their recent research findings at the IHC2014, which will take place in Brisbane, Australia on 17-22 August, 2014.

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