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Bioversity International Newsletter, April 2015

A living laboratory for rare fruit trees, roots, tubers and medicinal plants in Bangalore

India's first genetic garden opens to safeguard and study rare plant species that are important for food and medicine in one of the world's biodiversity hotspots.

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Mixing it up in Uganda: Biodiversity bugs pests

Bioversity International's latest research in Uganda is showing evidence that growing mixtures of different varieties of crops together can reduce pest and disease incidence.

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The future of food - why protected areas are more than just a safe haven for pandas

While often the wider public perception of the value of protected areas may be as a safe haven for poster child species, the real value is much more. Bioversity International scientist, Danny Hunter, explains why.

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Treating drought like other natural disasters in Guatemala

Bioversity International scientist, Jacob van Etten, explains how drought drills can improve Guatelmala's response to drought in an article for Thomson Reuters.

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Farming systems and how they relate to local diets in the Barotse floodplain

What do communities in the Barotse floodplain in Zambia grow and why? What are the constraints to using crop diversity? Read more about this transient floodplain and the farming systems and practices of three communities who live there.

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Bioversity International at EXPO 2015

Bioversity International will be participating in 15 events at EXPO Milano 2015, the Universal Exhibition hosted by Italy from 1 May-31 October, and organizing our own women's empowerment event in September.

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