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Happy Holidays from Heroic Imagination Project & TechHeroes

HIP Holiday party photo

HIP Holiday letter image and link to the file



Heroic Imagination Team photo taken at Holiday Celebration December 2011. 
Thank you volunteers for your support of the TechHeroes Program and Heroic Imagination Project!

Interview with Jenny Donegan about TechHeroes 12/19/2011 KRxA 540am

Bob Oliver Host of Quantum Leap radio showBob Oliver host of Quantum Leap on KRxA 540am. I took the experpt from the interview about TechHeroes and add photos of the program in action. Click on the image of Bob in the studio is is a slideshow about TechHeroes with the radio program as narration.  Hope you enjoy learning more about TechHeroes.

Being a TechHero

What does it take to be a Heroic Imagination Project . . . " TechHero"
Geri senior in the techheroes program
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Caring
  • Good Listener
  • Patience
  • Technology Skills
  • Teaching and Mentoring

  1.  Review the website TechHeroes and Heroic Imagination Project

  2.  Watch the Orientation video.

  3.  Come to Sunrise during your scheduled time and days . . . Remember Saturdays are always an option.

  4.  Complete the volunteer form for Sunrise and turn into TechHeroes

  5.  Take the Hero Pledge Dr. Zimbardo introduces the Hero Plege on his website page.

  6.  Show up and be present  . . . . we are delighted you are here.

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Please forward this newsletter to friends, students and community members who may have interest in programs like TechHeroes.  Thank you!
Summit and Everest Volunteers with Jenny Donegan TechHeroes Program Manager

Starting in 2012
Community Service with Summit and Everest High Schools

All 11th grade students are required to complete 80 hours of community service at Summit and Everest High Schools.   The Summit and Everest High School community service program chose TechHeroes because they felt it was in line with their mission of preparing all students for college as well as having students be “active, contributing members of society.”  Summit and Everest are college prep schools with an extremely diverse population and all of our seniors will apply to 4 year colleges. There is a fabulous group of students who will be volunteering in the TechHeroes Program.  Starting January 2012, Monday through Friday, 12:30-2:30pm and again May 15th-June 15th, 2012 Monday through Friday 12:30-2:30pm. On some occasions students will volunteer after school (from 3-5pm) during designated program times and again Saturdays are open to everyone from 10am -2pm.

Program Starts on January 9th for the 2012 semester through June 2012.

Remember every Saturday from 10am-3pm with lunch from 12-1pm-Open Vounteer time and special projects!

Marge Damante

Marge is new to Sunrise Senior Living and to TechHeroes.  Ever since her first session, she has been a fan.  Her grandaughter Natalie was visiting and got her up to speed on Words with Friends. Marge works with Techheroes to access the technology and tools to connect with her family.  See more photos and stories about the program on the TechHeroes Fan Page.
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