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May 24, 2012

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Sizzling Sidewalk Savings!

Greetings, fellow stitchy patriots! It is my favorite time of the year, when the springtime temps warm up and the summer stretches out before us, promising a multitude of sandal-wearing, no-coat days ahead! Yes, Memorial Day is the green light of the summer season and my mind is racing with all the wonderful, fun, summery things I would like to accomplish this season. Take a moment to reflect this coming weekend of those that have gone before us, whether in uniform or perhaps a loved one. Think also, of the thread that binds us to our stitching ancestors, who have passed along to us their love of the needle.

In honor of the start of the summer season, we'd like to offer you a chance to pick up some great deals on some sizzling, stitching items! We are having a Memorial Day Sale this coming Friday and Saturday.  Our hours are the usual, 10a to 4p, but unlike usual, we're putting the sale stuff out on the sidewalk. Come enjoy the day, and hopefully the weather, and browse to your hearts content. In our Spring-cleaning frenzy, we have unearthed a pile of charts, kits, tools and accessories that we're sure you haven't seen. You have the advantage in that the more you get, the more you save! Here is the breakdown of the sale:
Purchase 1 to 3 items (charts, gadget, whatever.....if it's out on the sidewalk, it qualifies as an "item") and save 25%.
Purchase 4 to 6 items, save 30%.
Purchase 7 or more items, save 40% off those items!       


This sale is for this weekend only, so stop by to see for yourself if there's something you've been wanting. As for our long-distance friends, we'd like to let you in on the savings, also. We will do our best to get all sale items updated on the website. Any items in our "Sale" section that are discounted, we will apply the tiered discounts also. The website/shopping cart will not reflect the tiered discounts, but we will take care of that when we ring the sale in the shop.  If you have any questions at all regarding the sale, please call us 630-243-9620 or send us an email (

We are taking reservations for the 2012 Just Cross Stitch Halloween Collector's Issue. This edition is filled with 48 spooky and fun Halloween designs. The cost for this special Halloween issue is $9.99.  This is a separate stand-alone edition, not to be confused with the regular Just Cross Stitch Sep/Oct magazine issue. Please let us know if you'd like us to hold a copy of either the Collector's Issue or regular Sep/Oct issue or both.

Whatever your plans are for this weekend, may they be filled with family, fun and maybe a little needlework! A few stitches here and a few stitches there all add up and before you know it, you'll have completed it and will be moving on to the next new project!

If you've read this far and are wondering what the sleigh picture is at the top of the newsletter, let me explain. Every month we take the Little House Needleworks ornaments and change the fabric and convert to silk threads. This is the latest ornament, Sleigh Bells. We have the kits available in the shop if you'd like to give it a try.

As always, may your needle be inspired!
Cathy Roginela
What's New At The Shop?

Perfect for the summer season, stitch this "Welcome To the Beach" to hang in your home or your summer place! I love what Marj has done with the letters; how you can see glimpses of the ocean and sand. It makes it seem like you're looking out a window or port hole!


Another beach-themed piece is "Beach Huts". This will whip up really quickly and you're sure to long for surf and sand everytime you look at that flip-flop!

Also from Hinzeit and Kay's Frames is Tee Time. Father's Day is coming - you could realistically get this done in time to give it to dear 'ol Dad!

Check out these cute little primitive snips we've found. Only 2-1/2" tall, these will tuck into the smallest of scissor cases. These little guys will also look great with your primitive fobs or sitting in a frog.

Ah, Paree! What Francophile would not love this design?  The Beautiful Era or "La Belle Epoque" is new from Filigram.

Very striking seasonal samplers, also from Filigram, would make a lovely display together. Or, simply pop each one in and out of a single frame as the seasons change.


Sampler lovers, you'll want to add these to your collection! First is Maria Short Sampler.

And doesn't the title really tell it all?  Peaceful Garden Sampler.

Something to ponder: "Three Things there are that will never come back.  The arrow shot forth on its destined track. The appointed hour that could not wait and the helpful word that was spoken too late".  Three Things Sampler

Wonderful monthly flowers!  I love this sampler stitched as shown or can you just see the individual flowers in pots made into ornaments? Des Fleurs toute l'Annee.

One last beauty, Passion.  I know it won't appeal to everyone because of the alphabets, but look at those motifs! Stitch the bottom portion by itself or make up your own design using the motifs.

If you like what you see, give us a call to hold a copy for you. Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!
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