Hold on, Marge!  We're in the digital age now!

It's been a bit crazy 'round here lately. This one right here, in fact.

How crazy? 
The other day, I had to text a client that I was running late due to a goat that had escaped.

No, really.  (How is this my life?)

Anyway, enough with the goats. 
I have so much to tell you!  SO MUCH GREAT STUFF!

I've got website stuff, and online booking stuff, and social media stuff, and Best of the Boat stuff, and new team members stuff, and and and and!  So much cool tech stuff--I swear, we're living in the future.

So, lay on, MacDuff!

Ain't it a peach?WEBSITE OVERHAUL
Yeah, you know the one:

First, many many many thanks to the ever-fabulous Andy Kennedy from AJDesign.  She helped give my site the facelift it needed, bringing it up-to-date and allowing me to make changes whenever I want.  (Guess what I'll be doing obsessively at midnight during the slow season?  Yeesh.)  She's also the one that got me rolling with Mailchimp, the platform I'm using to send out these spiffy newsletters (which you can now sign up for at said ninja-efficient website!), and took the website background photo to boot!  There's some other really cool stuff at my site, too, like the verra nifty 360-degree pan of my office from Nikki & Jeff Graber at TourWrist.

But the BEST PART?  Seriously, guys, this has me booty-dancing in my chair like you wouldn't believe.  The BEST PART . . .

Oh, man, I have not the words.  But I'll try:  convenient, easy, always available (even in the middle of the night!), and no phone tag.  No fussing with trying to figure out scheduling, just BAM!  There it is!  Living in the future, I swear.

You'll receive a confirmation email once you've booked your appointment, and it's easy to change the times if you need.  As always, cancellations need 24 hours notice to avoid being charged, so if something comes up at the last minute, email or call me (970.819.1074).

If you want to book a last-minute session, or can't find an appointment time that will fit your schedule, please contact me and I'll do the best I can to work with you.

Yes, just like eeeeeeeveryone else, I'm on Facebook and Twitter these days, using them to shill my wares.  I'm not very good at that part, though, because unlike everyone else, I'd rather do things like post Muppet videos and tell goat stories. 

So if you like any of those, head on over.

Thanks to all of my lovely minions--errr, clients--I was fortunate enough to reach second place in this year's Best of the Boat competition!  (Let me tell you, it came as a complete surprise; I hadn't heard diddly from the Pilot, so I figured I hadn't placed at all!)

Congratulations to Pam Peretz, the first place winner; may this award bring her good fortune and exposure.  Congratulations also go to Ali Boehm of Kneading Hands, making this her second year in the top three.  I've had the pleasure of working with Ali on more than one occasion, and look forward to continuing to do so!

I am pleased to welcome Nikki Edinger, aesthetician, to our little clan!  Nikki, the former owner of Tallulah, has arrived just this week and is already up and ready to rock!  (I cannot believe how great the space looks, even if she likes pink a lot more than I do! :P)  She's still getting all her menus and whatnot printed up, but I know some of you guys see her already--hooray for one-stop-shopping!

And, for those who don't know, the original body in the shop belongs to none other than Miz Jennifer Stone, another very talented massage therapist.  Jenn went to the same school I did, but has had additional training in craniosacral massage and neuromuscular therapy.  In short, she's the bomb, and I highly recommend her work if you are ever in need and I'm out of town.

This also means that we can accommodate multiple clients at the same time--wedding parties, a girls' day, a romantic stay-cation, you name it!  Need more than three?  No problem!  Our building has been blessed with no less than five massage therapists (with room for a sixth, if needed), two aestheticians, and an acupuncturist all on the same floor.  The healing energy, she is crazy-good 'round here.

I think you all might be a little bit touched, as they say, but in a good way.  (Get it?  Ha ha, massage therapist pun.)

Joking aside, I was flabbergasted that exactly NO ONE sent in an email to last month's "Riddle Me This."  Quick refresher, minus the fine print bits: 
answer the question correctly
to get a chance to win a FREE half-hour upgrade.

I don't care if you look it up--I'm not expecting anyone to know the answer right off.  So, let's try this again:
What part of the body is the olecranon process?

If you think you know the answer--or if your Google-fu is strong--send me an email, eh?  I get lonely over here.

Which I suppose is kind of like fung shui, but minus the furniture.

Anyway, I can see the box from here, hanging out by the mailbox, keeping it company.  Unless I royally botched it all up, there should be some neat stuff in there.  So, if you like free goodies, pick one up at your next appointment.  No, I'm not going to tell you what it is--at least, not yet.  But if you can guess what it is, I'll send you one!  Shoot me an email, mmkay?
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