Two thumbs up!
Good news all 'round!

Two thumbs up!
I had minor hand surgery on Friday at the Vail Valley Surgery Center to remove what we originally thought was a ganglion cyst and turned out to be a benign tumor.  (You may commence with the Schwarzenegger jokes now!)  The surgery went fantastically well and I'm on the road to healing.  Looks like I'll have the stitches in for a solid three weeks, though, so me taking a month off seems to be a good call.

Come meet the kids!
I've had a lot of folks squee over pictures of the baby goats.  Which is only right and proper, as they really are ridiculously cute.

Of course, the only thing better than pictures of baby goats is LIVE BABY GOATS, so this Saturday is your chance to check out the petting zoo at our house.  With any luck, our second doe will have given birth; she's showing signs of doing so any day now.

Feel free to just drop in, no matter what the weather is like; I'll be here all morning.  If you have (human) kids of your own--either in physical or mental age--that you think would enjoy a trip out to see the goats and the chickens and the rabbits and the giant goofy dog, please bring 'em along.  The more, the merrier. :)

What:  "Meet the kids!" open house
When:  Saturday, April 12, 10 am - noon
Where:  37735 RCR 179

Directions:  from town, head west on Hwy 40.  From Ace on the Curve, go 8.8 miles to Milepost Marker 122.  Take your next left onto County Rd 178 (look for the Saddleback Ranch sign).

From there, go 1.9 miles over the railroad tracks (the road becomes 179 at that point) and up the switchback.  House numbers aren't in order, so don't rely on them to find your way.  Our place will be on the right (uphill) side; park on the road or at the base of the driveway and walk on up!

Really, c'mon out.
The last time we had baby goats, I did a similar open house.  It was a blast.  For those of you who are here in town, it'd be great to see you.  :)

Be well, and I hope to see you soon.

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