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Think about how you feel right now. Let your shoulders fall away from your ears. Open and close your jaw, perhaps let your neck move gently side to side. Take a deep breath in and slowly let go. Can you feel a tightening in your belly or back and shoulders? or, does your body feel at peace and relaxed? For so many of us, we are continuing to hold the stress from these past few months in our bodies - focused on the next thing, ready for action, ready to change course at a moments notice. Can we find time even in this moment to relax and pause? 

I wanted to share a blog I wrote a little while ago on how our nervous system processes stress and the importance of rest. Hopefully you can join me tonight for Yin + Restore 7:30pm EST the ultimate recovery practice for suitable for everyone. 

Re-Tune Your Parasympathetic Nervous System 

How our body relays messages to and from the brain are based upon two branches of our nervous system: autonomic and somatic. The somatic system centered around thought to action like brushing your hair. The autonomic system is for everything we don’t need to think about: heartbeat, digestion etc.. Within the autonomic system is two further branches, the sympathetic and parasympathetic. Once again these are hard-wired mechanisms in our brain that create an automatic reaction. Sympathetic, often known as fight or flight, whereas parasympathetic is rest or digest. The amygdala, two small almond shaped parts of our limbic brain act as smoke detectors, sensing out danger and sending out messages to either react or not. This is happening all the time. The more the amygdala is called to action, such as the case in repeated trauma, PTSD and chronic stress, the amygdala actually shrinks in size and has a tougher time performing its intrinsic role to warn the body against threat. In survival mode, the brain/body assume everything is a threat all the time and is kept either in high alert (hypervigilant/anxious) or shut down (dissociation/depression), essentially prolonged periods in sympathetic activation.


YIN + RESTORE is the ultimate Yoga focused class to let go, releasing stress and tension from your body through deep and longer held stretches. Helping you calm your nervous system, improving sleep and well-being through guided meditation and Yoga based breathing practices. The perfect answer for your recovery days or an excellent way to get started or commit to a regular mindfulness program.
This purpose of this practice is to:
  • Reset the nervous system
  • Release deep tension
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep better
  • Improve digestion (through lower stress levels)
  • Learn/Practice meditation
  • Mobility training
  • Recovery training
  • Cultivate Yin-based energy
  • Quiet anxiety and assist with mental health
  • Yoga based, 6000-year-old science
No props needed, no experience required. Recording provided for 7-days post-practice. Purchase a single class $18 CAD or 5/$75 CAD. Sample playlists provided upon registration. 
Copyright © 2020 Lisa Greenbaum Yoga + Wellness, All rights reserved.

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