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I started off writing a note about commiting to our practice and got a little carried away.. I posted it to my blog instead, so apologies if you are getting this twice today. I mostly want to remind you about your own practice. What are you doing to show up for you? If you aren't sure yet, why not book some time at 7:30pm EST tonight and join me for Yin+Restore 💜  Practicing in your pj's is encouraged and here's the blog:

When Discipline Becomes Attachment

A funny, like haha, like ironic is it funny, thing happened while being “devoted to my practice” this week. I forgot to start my app for my morning meditation. If you follow me on social, every couple months this year I have shared my progress as I saw those consecutive meditation days multiplying. First 40, then 100, then 250 and the whole while I’m gaining all these progress stars and feeling really good about myself. Nevermind that some (maybe more than some) of the days I sat, I really just turned over my to do list in my head the whole time or started thinking about a random conversation from my past. But I was going to do it. I was going to get to 365 – a full year of meditation, every day. It started the day I arrived home from India last year, and here I was at 354. A total piece of cake at this point. I visualized that magic number and what other incredible accolades would come once I posted this incredible feat on Instagram. And then this week, I chose to deepen my self-practice as I would, had I been in India again this year. Rather than simply using a timer or listening to some music off my meditation app I was following a guided meditation for pranayama and meditation – really powerful if I may add. The first morning I turned my meditation app on in the background to make sure it recorded my day. The second morning I tuned in again, because after 354 days of morning meditation, whether focused or not at this point starting my day without it isn’t even a question anymore. The third morning, I light my candle as I always do, open up the link on my phone and realize in shock and a bit of awe that despite the incredibly powerful meditation I had the day before, my timer wasn’t on and my app reset itself. From 354 to 0. I looked at it for a moment dumbfounded, was I seeing this right? READ MORE

YIN + RESTORE is the ultimate Yoga focused class to release stress and tension from your body through deep and longer held stretches. Helping you calm your nervous system, improving sleep and well-being through guided meditation and Yoga based breathing practices. Quiet your mind while cultivating the nourishing aspects of Yin. The perfect answer for your recovery days or an excellent way to get started or commit to a regular mindfulness program.


Only a few spots left!

Whether you want to take your teachings to the next level, provide a deeper level of service for your students, understand how you can play a bigger part in your own healing or simply become more compassionate and understanding this course is for you. Together in a small group online format we will review the latest scientific research about how the body and brain process and hold on to trauma including generational trauma. We will enjoy a Yoga class experience to begin to unravel the deeply held tension from our bodies as well as an open discussion on how we can be more trauma-informed for others, including in this new virtual world of teaching. 

Saturday, November 7th 10am-2pm EST 

To ensure student privacy, a recording of this training will not be provided. There is an online version of this course available right now for $45 CAD – click here. The online course is included in your course fees should you choose. $125 CAD or $99 CAD without. Click below for more info. 


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