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Taking Our Practice Off the Mat

When I discovered Yoga, it was like coming home, back to myself. I realized then that I wanted everyone to experience this. That if we did, we would change the world. 

What might be interesting is that this experience didn't come while in a specific Yoga pose, or class, or with a specific teacher. In fact, I can't even pinpoint the exact moment that I experienced this shift, as rather than a pivotal moment, it came like a wave. Slowly building in intensity as my practice opened to new experiences. Noticing that my breath had become fuller and deeper, that I had begun to be more present, that my conversations had become more meaningful and finally seeing that same look of awe in someone else's eye as they also understood this great gift and power that is Yoga. 

These experiences came off of my mat. When I truly began to live my Yoga. 
How did I get there if it wasn’t through poses? It was a daily commitment to deepening my understanding of Yoga. I read, I studied, I meditated, and I surrounded myself with like-minded people either on the journey, just starting out, the curious and those that have always just understood in their hearts this connection. 

Where are you on this journey? Can I help in any way? 

Each Monday I post an IGTV (Instagram) with ideas for the week. I also have blogs and articles posted on my website to help inspire you such as this article I wrote based on the Yamas, or social ethics from the first of the eight limbs of Yoga. 
As we enter this new world of how we deliver and enjoy Yoga I am continuing to expand my offerings with both virtual and live experiences. Grateful for the digital world and the little push I needed to help me connect with friends and past students from around the world! Keep reading to see what is coming up.
Humbly, Namasté 


Saturday, August 22nd 11:00am – 12:30pm EST 

When we slow down, when we get very quiet within, that is when we hear the whispers of our heart. Our third chakra, home of our third eye is the ability to look within. It is based on trusting our self and cultivating our intuition. This practice is centred around building this space. Helping you clear your mind, create focus and trust in the power of you. Cultivating our intuition, living from our heart.

For this AT HOME RETREAT, we will explore:
1. Yoga Nidra 
2. Slow flow practice
3. An intention setting meditation


$20 CAD A recording of the live practice will be available to those registered for 30-days post event.

YIN + RESTORE is the ultimate Yoga focused class to let go, releasing stress and tension from your body through deep and longer held stretches. Helping you calm your nervous system, improving sleep and well-being through guided meditation and Yoga based breathing practices. The perfect answer for your recovery days or an excellent way to get started or commit to a regular mindfulness program. 
This is an ongoing and weekly class. 
Single Class $18 CAD or 5 Classes for $75/CAD suggested playlist provided. Recordings available for 7-days post class. 

SEPTEMBER 18 - 20, 2020

I have 4 private rooms available, two can accommodate couples. 

Split between two large cottages situated right on Georgian Bay with plenty of space for group discussions (satsang), yoga practices and sit-down meals. Enjoy some quiet time to read, reflect, play in the water or other healing modalities for your own self-care. All weekend activities are optional, allowing you to choose your own pace for healing and practice. Yoga experience is not required.

Registration open until Sept. 1st. Pre-screening for COVID-19 will be required 



When we go to the source of all spiritual concepts and practices, at the heart is love. Vedantism, at the center of Yoga philosophy, is the belief in oneness. That we are all one. That who we are on the inside is the same, all yearning for the same thing – love. This is a community gathering to share our thoughts, hopes and fears – a true satsang. This gathering will include a 21-day kriya based practice including breath work, mantras and meditation to continue this work together while creating a visceral imprint mind, body and soul.

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