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Press Conference NAB 2017:
Building the transmission system at
One World Trade Center
told by the team that did it

RF transmission returns to One Word Trade Center May 2017
Get the story in a non-promotional NAB press conference   
The event will feature key team leaders talking about the project, and answering your questions. Here is the panel:  
One World Trade Center - After 15 years, RF transmission returns   
Jim Graf - President of Skyline Towers
John Lyons - Director of Broadcast Communications, The Durst Organization   
Nick Wymant - CTO Broadcast Division, Radio Frequency Systems
Phil Cindrich, President,  
Myat, Inc.
Josh Gordon - Broadcast Consultant and Panel Moderator
Topics of discussion:   
Technology challenges: The new transmission system deals directly with the unpredictability of the spectrum auction, new requirements for ATSC 3.0, and accommodation for delivery to mobile devices.   
Location challenges: One World Trade Center is in a hi-security location, the tallest building in North America, and located in a helicopter no-fly zone. 
Challenges of the build: Space inside the building was extremely limited, crawl space for power and feed line inconsistently available, and all work was tightly coordinated with dozens of other projects.
Press conference details:
The Press Conference: 
“Building the Transmission System at One World Trade Center, The team that built it tells their story." 
Save the date:
Sunday, April 23, 2017
2:00 PM to 2:45 PM
At the Las Vegas Convention Center, Durst Broadcast LLC press conference
Room N258, the NAB press conference room
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If you are attending NAB's Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference, the same panel will give a technical presentation:
As part of the NAB Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference (BEITC) 
“Building an advanced customizable RF Transmission System at One World Trade Center.”

Anyone who participated in this project, in any way, is invited to be included in a group photo with John Lyons and the other speakers immediately following this event. 
Save the date:
Wednesday April 26th, 2017
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
At the Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference
Room N242
The presentation is sponsored by Durst Broadcast LLC 
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