Inspired by my "breast-health guru" Cheryl Chapman
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Hi <<First Name>>,

This is a little courtesy reminder that it's time for your follow-up thermography scan!

You are due either for your annual follow-up from your November 2015 scan or a three month follow-up (baseline breast scan) from your June 2016 scan.

Anita Brown of Midwest Medical Thermography, our new local thermography service, will be contacting you to see how she can serve you. Our new location is just around the block from our old location at 218 N. Illinois Avenue in the Dayemi Community Center.

To celebrate our grand-opening, we are offering a 10% discount on thermal imaging through November 15th.

$400 $360 Full Body
$275 $250 Half Body
$175 $160 Region of Interest (such as head/neck, thyroid or abdomen)
$175 $160 Breast
$325 $290 Breast 2-in-1 (pay for both initial and 3-month follow up and save even more)

Feel free to share these special prices with friends and family.

Happy Imaging!

Najma Lynn Waters and Anita Brown
Midwest Medical Thermography

Remind Me: Why Do I Need a Three Month Baseline Breast Follow Up?

One of the first cancer facts that my breast-health guru Cheryl Chapman impressed upon me was that the average cancer cell takes about 100 days (3 months) to multiply. She gave us this chart to illustrate how it can take up to a decade of growth for a tumor to be palpable.

Therefore, a change in your breast health can be seen in as little as three months--with the right technology. Whereas common imaging such as CT, X-ray, Ultrasound and MRI look for changes in structure, Thermal Imaging detects the thermal emissions of the body's physiology, or function. Specific for breast health, a three-month interval is used in Thermal Imaging to establish your all-important baseline reading.

This relates to the period of time it takes for blood vessels to show change. Once a cancerous tumor reaches a critical size (about the size of a grain of sugar), it has the ability to cause angiogenesis. This means the cancer cell releases chemical signals to cause new blood vessels to grow, feeding the tumor. Thermal Imaging easily shows increases and decreases in blood flow.

With respect to Thermography screening, a period of time less than three months may miss significant change, as can a period of time much more than three months miss significant change that may have already taken place. There is simply no substitute for establishing an accurate baseline. A single study cannot do this. 

This baseline represents your unique thermal fingerprint, which will only be altered by developing pathology, or more happily, improvements in your breast health! Side bar: it's very cool that improvements in breast health can be charted with Thermography. I've seen it in my own scans.

Check this out. These images were taken approximately one week to ten days apart at West Coast Thermography in the San Diego area. This woman had invasive ductal carcinoma. The imaging began with the top left image taken on 3/16/12, and continued right until the last image on the bottom right was taken on 5/8/12. What a short period of time to see so much change, and what a relief for her to see her progress!

Clearly, a baseline cannot be established unless you know your normal pattern. By comparing two studies three months apart doctors are able to judge if your breast physiology is stable and suitable to be used as your normal baseline.
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