TNA Broadcast: TNA Pilots facing the challenges with unity 

Do you believe in… transnational bargaining? Because we do! For years ECA has worked towards a strategy to ensure transnational airline (TNA) pilots are adequately represented, overcoming the challenges of national borders, restrictive legislation and sometimes – unfriendly management.
The legal framework in Europe doesn’t make life easier for TNA pilots. In fact, success and progress in transnational bargaining happen despite the legal framework. But we believe that the borders of national labour law are not the borders of pilot representation. TNA Pilot Groups are no longer a luxury but a much-needed answer to the organisation and tactics used by certain airlines today. 
Yet, effective TNA bargaining remains an ultimate challenge for pilots. This is why ECA embarked on an EU-funded project to find the recipe for success of TNA representation and negotiations. The final result of this study, 2 seminars (July & November) and years of analytical work is bundled in our new TNA Handbook

The challenge of TNA pilot representation & atypical employment is no longer a European issue. Key to success is unity, says US ALPA's Rick Dominguez. 

July 2018 Seminar

The first seminar under this EU project took place in July 2018 (Madrid). Pilots from different pilot groups exchanged experiences and discussed how to optimise the TNA Pilot Groups’ structure. We looked into strategies for improving engagement, both among pilots and between pilots and management. 
The researchers from Ghent University presented inspirational examples of transnational bargaining practices in other sectors. A conference bundle is available upon request (mail).

November 2018 Seminar

The next TNA seminar took place on 27-28 November in Amsterdam. On the first day, 5 different TNA Pilot Groups (Thomas Cook, easyJet, Norwegian, Ryanair, CityJet) held their regular meetings. Then all participants convened for the launch of an open space concept workshop. This participant-driven format led to high levels of engagement on the different topics that were put up for break-out sessions: from FTLs to member recruitment and the many challenges in coordinating the unity of a workforce that is spread across several borders.


TNA Handbook

The TNA Handbook provides an overview of the current legal and social framework in Europe. It describes the challenges pilots face when attempting to do transnational collective bargaining and cross-border negotiation in the EU (in aviation and other sectors). We’ve included a number of templates, coordination tools and reference documents. In 4 case studies – easyJet, Norwegian, SAS & Ryanair pilots – talk about their experience of building a well-functioning TNA pilot group. 

Download TNA Handbook

Special thanks...

A special thanks to the European Commission & the Steering Group of this project: SEPLA, NPG, ePG, Vereinigung Cockpit, Ghent University & ECA. 

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