Simas & Associates, Ltd. Newsletter | June 7, 2013 | Volume I, Issue 7
Firm Announcement

Firm Expands Health Care Law Content on Website

Sacramento, California - Simas & Associates, Ltd. is one of California's leading law firms when it comes to health care law.  However, the sheer scope of potential practice areas within this area of law makes communicating exactly what type of health care law a challenge.  As a result, Simas & Associates, Ltd. recently expanded its healthcare law content on its website and will continue this expansion in the weeks to come.

Healthcare Law"It is quite a daunting task trying to explain what it means to be a health care lawyer," explains Steven L. Simas.  "You can see it for yourself by just examining the practice area page of our law firm.  It is just filled with specialty practices that can be further whittled down to sub-speciality practices and very nuanced areas of the law.  And each part has significant differences as a result of different controlling authority - whether it be contractual, statutory, or California case law."

"As a result," Justin D. Hein interjects, "one can just imagine the difficulties a potential client has in finding the right type of attorney for their case.  Whether it be a resident physician dealing with potential academic discipline, an ophthalmologist dealing with a threat of termination by an insurance carrier, a psychologist attempting to invest in a respite care facility, or just a surgeon trying to set-up his or her medical office, they are all so divergent that it is difficult to easily communicate the scope of our representation through a single page."

This led the law firm to breaking up the scope of the health care law practice area based upon different health care specialities.

Health Care Law - Subpages

"We represent Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Veterinarians, and have been for years." states Simas.  "However, in order to assist new Doctors, Nurses, Optometrists, and Physical Therapists, we need to make sure that we provide them with the information that is relevant to them.  As a result, we posted specialized web pages for those individual practice areas and will continue to do so until all of our prospective medical professional clients are being served." 

As of today, the law firm has featured pages for:
"We plan to double the number of special pages," explains Simas.  "We should have a page for residents soon, as well as pages for Dentists and Nurses.  That will make sure everyone gets the message as to who we can help."

To set-up your own initial consultation please visit our Contact Us page at
Staff Announcement

Justin D. Hein pens article for the Sacramento Lawyer Magazine 

Justin D. Hein - Attorney
The Sacramento County Bar Association's Sacramento Lawyer magazine published an article penned by Simas & Associates, Ltd.'s attorney, Justin D. Hein.  The article is found in the May/June 2013 issue of the magazine and is actually a modified version of article taken right from Simas & Associates, Ltd.'s monthly newsletter.

"I was delighted to let the SCBA re-publish my newsletter re-cap of the Administrative Law section's Writs Seminar," explained Hein.  "It was great just attending the event and getting guidance from Judges Frawley, Kenny, Sumner, and Balonon.  I was happy to share information about the event with our newsletter readers and thrilled to hear that the SCBA wanted to do the same.  Pretty neat."  
Client of the Month

The American Agents Alliance
The Americans Agent Alliance1029 J Street, Suite 120
Sacramento, CA 95814
T: (866) 497-9222
F: (916) 283-9479

The American Agents Alliance serves the professional needs of independent insurance agents and brokers.
It provides insurance agents and brokers a wealth of resources ranging from a members-only E&O insurance program, access to high-quality preferred personal lines markets, an industry-leading advocacy and government affairs program to protect producers’ livelihoods, low cost and high quality continuing education courses, industry forms and manuals, local meetings, the largest insurance convention in the west, and many more discounted products and services available through our affinity program.  

As the marketplace changes, The American Agents Alliance continues to develop high quality products and services to serve the needs of independent agents and brokers throughout the country. 
If you would like to be featured as our law firm’s “Client of the Month”, please contact us at

Featured Agency Announcement

Medical Board's and Pharmacy Board's Joint Forum to Promote Appropriate Prescribing and Dispensing Now Available on the Web
Prescription drug abuse and the resulting deaths are something the Medical Board of California (MBC) recognizes as an issue that must be given the utmost priority. As a result, the MBC provided education to its licensees and the public in an effort to prevent prescription drug abuse. This was done in collaboration with the Pharmacy Board, through the “Joint Forum to Promote Appropriate Prescribing and Dispensing” for all interested parties on February 21-22, 2013.

Given the importance of the issue, a lot of interest was shown in the forum and the information that was provided.  In response to that demand, the MBC has made the presentations available via both YouTube and Powerpoint.  Please visit here for more information
Featured Blog Entry
Rise of Suitable Seating Wage Claims

Section 14 of the Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order 7-2001 for the mercantile industry states that “all working employees shall be provided with suitable seats when the nature of the work reasonably permits the use of seats.” Although this wage order has rarely been used, as of late there has been a surge of “suitable seating” cases against companies, including banks, pharmacies, retailers, and grocery stores. Because “suitable seating” is a compliance issue, the lawsuits seek civil penalties and do not have to prove damages or injury.
California courts have allowed private suits under the Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 (PAGA) to indirectly enforce provisions of the wage orders by enforcing statutes requiring compliance with those provisions.  The courts have explicitly authorized such suits to enforce the “suitable seating” requirement. And in an unpublished decision. Green v. Bank of America, (No. 11-56365; February 11, 2013), the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that employees need not make a request for “suitable seating” before filing a lawsuit against their employers under PAGA for failing to provide such seating.

To keep reading this entry, please click here: Rise of Suitable Seating Wage Claims.  For more blog entries from our attorneys and legal staff, please visit our law firm’s official blog – Wit of Mandate.
Word of the Month
Ex Parte

Latin meaning "for one party," referring to motions, hearings, or orders granted on the request of and for the benefit of one party only. This is an exception to the basic rule of court procedure that both parties must be present at any argument before a judge, and to the otherwise strict rule that an attorney may not notify a judge without previously notifying the opposition. Ex parte matters are usually temporary orders (like a restraining order or temporary custody) pending a formal hearing, or an emergency request for a continuance.

For more terms related to our practice areas, please visit our law firm’s glossary at – Glossary.
Upcoming Calendar

June 7, 2013 - Happy Donut Day! Our offices are open, but covered in sprinkles and powdered sugar.

June 12, 2013 - Final 2013 Meeting of the The Schwartz-Levi American Inn of Court.

June 13, 2013 - U.S. Open Golf Championships Begin.

June 14, 2013 - Happy Flag Day!

June 15, 2013 - Sacramento Pride 2013.  Also, NCAA College World Series of Baseball Begins.

June 16, 2013 - Happy Father's Day!

June 17, 2013 - 1st Annual Sacramento County Bar Association Golf Tournament.

June 19, 2013 - Happy Juneteenth

June 20, 2013 - The Barrister's Club hosts a Law and Motion Seminar.

June 24, 2013 - Wimbledon Begins.

June 28, 2013Steven L. Simas will be hosting a seminar for the California Registered Veterinary Techinician Association (CaRVTA). Also, ABAS's Night at Raley Field

June 29, 2013 - Le Tour de France Begins.

June 30, 2013 - NHL Draft.

July 4, 2013 - Happy Independence Day!  Our offices will be closed.

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