Simas & Associates Newsletter | January 4, 2013 | Volume I, Issue 2
Firm Announcement
Firm Celebrates Close of 2012 with a Cook-Off
Sacramento, California - Simas & Associates, Ltd. celebrated its annual holiday event in a unique way this year - with a cook-off.

"We decided to mix it up a little," explained firm founder and principal, Steven L. Simas.  "Instead of just celebrating the year with a good meal, we decided to celebrate through making one."

After the law firm took its holiday picture outside of the state capitol, it went to battle in the kitchen. Hosted by the Culinary Center at Whole Foods Market the cook-off consisted of two teams, "Grillable Hours" in burgundy aprons, versus "Malum Incendere" in black aprons. The two teams had to make an appetizer, a side, and a main course.  And, a la Iron Chef, all had to incorporate the secret ingredient of nutmeg.

"At first, I was a little concerned, 'cause the only thing I could think of doing with the nutmeg was dashing it over egg nog," explained Justin Hein, an associate at the Sacramento office.  "Then I remembered my cranberry sauce recipe, and we had a plan."

Both teams were given gift cards and a limited budget, but still were able to put together a feast.  "Grillable Hours" made pumpkin soup with a candied crouton, steamed carrots, and braised pork chops with cranberry sauce.  "Malum Incendere" made fried zucchini, field greens with a nutmeg dressing, and chicken fettucine alfredo/nutmeg sauce.  "Grillable Hours" won the head-to-head competition. 

"It was great - especially seeing the camaraderie spillover from the office to the kitchen," explained Mr. Simas.  "Also, it let some of the staff members interact on social and personal level with some of our 'of counsel' attorneys and investigator - people who are not always at the office.  And the food was really good."
Staff Announcement
Jimy Hu, Esq.
Jimy Hu, Law Clerk at Simas & Associates, Ltd. was sworn-in as a member of the State Bar of California on December 10, 2012.  Jimy, who also celebrates his employment anniversary with the law firm on January 4, was originally hired as a File Clerk and has been working as a Law Clerk since October 2012.  In that role, he assists all of the attorneys in legal research and initial drafts of correspondence and pleadings.  Now, as a licensed attorney, Jimy will be capable of taking on more challenges on behalf of our clients. Congratulations, Jimy!  And good luck!
Client of the Month

Goodman Physical Therapy, Inc.
Deena Poll Goodman, PT, WCS, BCB-PMD
10780 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 480
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Goodman Physical Therapy, Inc. (GPT) offers years of experience to it's clients, helping women and men alike during all cycles of their life. Ms. Goodman, PT, WCS, BCB-PMD is Founder and Director of GPT and specializes in Obstetrics, Gynocology, Urology, Orthopedics and Pilates-based exercise. Since 1990, Goodman has been on staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and is a regular guest speaker and contributor of articles on women's health and physical therapy.

GPT also offers Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® exercises, massage therapy, and individualized yoga.  Ms. Goodman also offers in-home physical therapy and services for women on bed rest during pregnancy.  For more information, visit GPT's website, call (310) 441-1102, or fax (310) 441-1088.
Simas & Associates, Ltd. is proud to serve as GPT's General Counsel since 2011.
If you would like to be featured as our law firm’s “Client of the Month”, please contact us at

California Agency Announcements
Featured Blog Entry
Importance of Evidence of Rehabilitation, Mitigation, and Character
Licensing agencies are required, by law, to take into consideration evidence of rehabilitation, mitigation, and character when rendering license discipline. This type of evidence can be presented at anytime to the licensing agency.  This type of evidence can be used to influence the type of discipline initially sought, all of the way through the administrative hearing process to influence the type of discipline being imposed by the hearing officer or agency.

What this means is that the significance of the question of whether or not a licensee committed the alleged misconduct is actually minimized.  It cannot be the single justification for the discipline.  Rather, the agency is compelled to take evidence of rehabilitation, mitigation, and character into consideration before rendering its decision.  Another way to look at it means that a licensing matter is actually answering two distinct questions – first whether or not the alleged misconduct occurred, and second, whether the evidence of rehabilitation, mitigation, and character has been sufficiently presented to warrant reducing the discipline.

It is this second part of a license discipline matter that is more often than not what determines the discipline imposed.

To keep reading this entry, please click here: Importance of Evidence.  For more blog entries from our attorneys and legal staff, please visit our law firm’s official blog – Wit of Mandate.
Word of the Month
The good reputation under the name and regular patronage for a business. It is of extreme importance in the sale, transfer, or valuation of a business. Preservation of goodwill is often the justification used to enforce covenants not to compete or non-compete provisions found within the transactional documents. Goodwill is often overestimated by a seller unintentionally, through pride, and intentionally, through the tax benefits of tying a large portion of the value of the company into the goodwill, which upon sale is taxed as a capital gain, rather than as ordinary income.
For more terms related to our practice areas, please visit our law firm’s glossary at – Glossary.

Upcoming Calendar
January 9, 2013 - January Meeting of the Schwartz-Levi American Inn of Court.

January 10, 2013 – Sacramento Office Remodel Begins. 

January 12, 2013 - National Pharmacists Day.

January 15, 2013 - Deadline to File Application for February 2013 California Bar Examination

January 15, 2013 - January Meeting of the Kennedy American Inn of Court.

January 17, 2013 - State of the Courts - San Luis Obispo County Bar Association.

January 21, 2013Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - offices closed.

January 25, 2013 – Sacramento Office Remodel Ends.  

February 1, 2013 - State Bar of California MCLE and Dues Deadline.


February 13, 2013 - SCBA Administrative Law Section Luncheon - WRITS!

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