In the action sci-fi web series Boost, humans gain special abilities from an experimental drug - at a cost!
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Our featured web series this week is the sci-fi action adventure Boost - the story of a drug that makes normal people superhuman, but at a high cost.

This week's short film selections include a gorgeous period piece about an astronaut preparing to embark on a deep space mission.

So strap yourself in, and prepare to travel to worlds fantastic!

Rod Faulkner
Founder, The 7th Matrix

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In Boost The Web Series - An Experimental Drug Grants Its Users Superpowers

Boost Web Series Logo

Created, produced by, and starring Andrew M. James,  Boost: The Web Series is a sci-fi action-adventure story about an experimental drug that grants human beings extraordinary powers - but at a high cost.

This volatile drug, called "boost," was created by brilliant government scientist Victor Blaine (Shawn Byfield) for a rogue government agency only known as "Division."

During animal testing, Blaine discovers boost grants the subjects unusual abilities.  

After injecting the first human subject - an ex-con named Elliot Fox (Umar Shameem) - with the drug, Blaine observes boost creates an immediate dependency.

Withdrawal from the drug causes rampant paranoia and violently aggressive behavior.

After realizing Division has nefarious plans for its use, and fearing for the safety of his family, Blaine entrusts his research files to his close associate, Adrian (Chris James). Then he flees with the drug and its stabilizing agent.

Suddenly Adrian and his younger brother Drew find themselves targeted by Fox, who has been recruited by Division to apprehend Blaine at any cost.

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Cool Sci-Fi Shorts


Hibernation Short Film

Hibernation is the story of Joseph, an astronaut preparing to go into suspended animation on the eve of his mission into deep space. However, as his launch time grows closer, he is finding it much more difficult to say goodbye to his life as he knows it on earth.


Elegy Short Film Log

In the future, nature has evolved to fight against its greatest threat - humanity.  Against this backdrop, a mysterious figure crosses dangerous terrain to accomplish a deeply personal mission.

Of Special Interest!

Caalo Xan

Caalo Xan Logo

Every so often a project comes to our attention that isn't a web series or short film, but we think is so special it deserves to be highlighted.

Created by Jude Vivona, Caalo Xan is an audio drama set in deep space, and filled with danger, suspense, and a big dash of humor.

I loved listening to dynamic production that includes a talented vocal cast, cool sound effects, and a lush musical score also written, composed, and performed by Mr. Vivona.

In our current era of  blockbuster movies filled with bombastic visual effects, it's refreshing to listen to an entertaining sci-fi story that engages your imagination on a different level.

We definitely recommend you check out the audio adventures of Caalo Xan - and wear headphones!
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