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Happy news updates and a Merry Christmas to all!

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We wanted to share with you some of the recent happy news resulting from the rescue work that All About the Animals has undertaken.  This couldn't have happened without YOUR support, which we are eternally grateful for.  
After a hugely successful fundraiser and auction where so many people came together to raise over $3,000 to fund the purchase of 350 blankets, 20 bottles of flea/tick spray and 40 packets of treats for the benefit of two amongst the worst high kill shelters in So Cal, San Bernardino City and Lancaster, we are left with a feeling of immense pride in everyone that took part in this worthwhile initiative!  We also had blankets donated from a number of kind people which meant that in total over 400 blankets were distributed to the 2 shelters, meaning that many, if not all, of the dogs in these 2 shelters will have had a much more comfortable Christmas in the shelter than they would otherwise have had.  A huge huge thank you to all that made this happen.
Remember Scooter, the 5 month old pup from Devore shelter who was both hit by a car and struck by the deadly parvovirus?  We are thrilled to report that Scooter has made a full recovery and is now the bouncy puppy that he deserves to be!!  His x-rays came back clear, and he has now spent several weeks parvo free!! And even better news... he has been adopted within 4 days of reaching his rescue!!  Good work Noble Dog Rescue!!
Buddy is now so happy to be in a warm cosy home in foster (and is enjoying his Canadian life, especially his walkies!!), after being stuck in boarding for over 6 months.  We re-rescued him from Murdering Mirandas Rescue. He is now in the care of Pawsitive Match rescue.  Big thanks to EJ Rescue for your huge part in making this happen.

And in even better news...his foster family is considering a permanent adoption!!  Paws crossed Buddy!!
It feels gooood for newly named Bentley and Bruno, the 2 best friends from San Bernardino City shelter who came into the shelter and left together, to be free from the shelter!! They are temporarily in boarding until transport to their Canadian rescue Noble Dog Rescue. Happy times ahead for these two, Merry Christmas Bentley and Bruno!!
This precious momma chi, Chica, was sadly separated from her pup at San Bernardino City shelter as adopted by separate parties and then re-dumped in the shelter because her adopter wasn't willing to pay her spay fee!!
We had to get her out quickly because her original intake date stood. All will be OK now little Chica!
Chica will be heading to Dachshund Rescue Team after spending Christmas cosied up with her So Cal foster! She has been enjoying some turkey bacon mmmm!
Remember Karma the senior pittie from Carson shelter?? He came out of the shelter very sick, with URI, giardhia and worms. Well he is now fully recovered, and living the good life in foster!!

Thank you Pulled From the Pit Rescue for your dedication with this boy.
Brinkley from Devore shelter has been adopted woohoo! Here he is with his new family.
Thanks Noble Dog Rescue for saving him!
Jonny the pittie had a very sad story; he was neglected and abused, over bred and left for likely months on end with a broken and dislocated leg, and masses in his bladder.  Sadly, his injuries had been neglected for too long and it was not possible to save his leg.  

Jonny is now pain free and running around like he's had 3 legs his whole life!!

Please note funds are still needed for June's surgery (June is the other neglected and abused pittie).
Penny needed surgery to correct her broken pelvis and reconstruct her knee after being involved in a hit and run whilst in foster.

She is now recovered and running free!
Pedy the chihuahua was depressed in South LA shelter after being stuck there from August to October with an uncomfortable hernia.  He also suffered from an infection.  He is now fully recovered, and is a happy boy lazing with his foster with Noble Dog Rescue, and is on the verge of adoption!

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support this year, have a Merry Christmas and a
chihuahua-ppy New Year!!  Here's to saving and helping many more furbabies next year!

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