Hold on tight for the Year of the Wood Horse!

Acupuncture Awareness Week
To celebrate, we are offering a special course of acupuncture sessions combined with a free assessment on our new non-invasive Arterial Health Scan  and free online booking for our successful IBS Be-Gone Programme


Meditation Made Easy
What people are saying about the Satori Meditation Plinth:

"Magical - like floating in fairy-land"

"Mind-boggling. Like having water flowing over me".

"An unbelievable level of relaxation".

"A memorable experience. I felt a buzz for rest of day"

"Like nothing I have ever experienced before".

"After the first 10-15 minutes it just absorbed me - all thoughts were gone".

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Stefan Chmelik at Real Food Conference

Feb 8-9, Talking on the Sunday at Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, about use of Tonic Herbs in Cooking. Two days of world-class talks, workshops, exhibition and food.
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Year of the Yang Wood Horse starts on Jan 31st!

This year's celebrations will mark the beginning of the year 4712 on the Chinese calendar.


Events at The London Art Therapy Centre

The London Art Therapy Centre provides  art therapy services to the public and private sectors in a bespoke art therapy studio environment.

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