The Power of Gratitude! Reward Scheme. Get Zen.

Get Fit for Festive Fun

Book a one hour health blitz with Stefan Chmelik, including acupuncture, bodywork, cupping, vibroacoustic therapy and nutritional advice. Everybody who comes during December gets a complimentary bottle of my Bioimmune booster tincture and a box of Aura herb tea. Book Now

One Thing We Know That Works

New: Appreciation Reward Scheme
Research shows gratitude to be one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself – being grateful is good for you! I genuinely appreciate it when people send someone to me as a patient, and I have finally come up with a way to show my gratitude.

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A Surprising Tip for Living Longer

Do you have 10,000 hours free?
Can you afford £1,000,000 per week?


No me neither.
But I can tell you how to get the same results in just a few hours.

Get ready!

Year of the Yin Wood Goat!

4th February will mark the beginning of the year 4713 on the Chinese calendar.

Note: Chinese New Year's Day is on February 19.


Spotlight on: Personal Training

Justin Pavey has achieved life-changing results for over 250 clients. He is a highly qualified and experienced Master Trainer who has worked with some of the UK’s leading specialists in health care, nutrition and high-performance sport. Due to lifestyle constraints, many people are not as healthy as they would like to be,  so Justin reviews all the crucial elements that are affecting wellbeing. Through assessment of your static and dynamic posture, nutritional intake and lifestyle factors, Justin will design, implement and manage your bespoke fitness programme. He has access to training studios across London or can visit you in the comfort of your own home.  

Call 07748 187220 for a free consultation.

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