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Message from the President

Dear CPABC Members,
Spring 2014 has been certainly very busy for the  CPABC. It has been the "good" kind of busy since we are making good progress on a lot of fronts.

We started off spring with our 5th Life Without Limits Connection series that was held in Burnaby on March. Our members learned how
to cook and eat healthier from our guest chefs and nutritionist. I hope everyone who attended enjoyed the event.

Our Spring Yoga for Youth and Dance Without Limits programs have commenced in April and will run through June 2014. So far, we have 12 yoga and 15 dance participants. If you have not signed up, please do so!

In June 22, 2014, the CPABC will be taking part in the 2014 Scotiabank Charity Challenge to help raise funds and awareness about cerebral palsy.  So far, we have 14 registrants raising $5655 to date. I have also registered for the challenge! You can help me fundraise here. Let's cheer on our runners on June 22, 2014!

On the governance front, I would like to thank our outgoing officers, Craig Langston, Kelvin Tse, and Phil Der for their dedication and contribution to the CPABC. I would like to welcome Rebecca Levi, Fiona York and Gilles De Condappa.  Rebecca is a lawyer who works for Pacific Business & Law Institute. Gilles is a fellow Charted Professional Accountant who works for George & Bell Consulting.  A big welcome to Fiona who used to be our Grant Writer! Welcome a-board!

Through the hard work of Feri and her team, we have received a $6,000 grant from Vancity for establishing pre-employment and life-skills training program. I believe that this grant will enable us to start the last phase of our 4Rs Strategic Plan: to assist those living with CP to realize their place as equals within a diverse society. We will use the Vancity grant to develop programs that will prepare people with CP to enter the workforce.  I believe we, the people with CP, have a lot of to offer to the labour force and the economy.  We can prove the concept of "Return on Disability" that was developed by Rich Donovan, a former Wall Street Trader who has CP.

The next few months will be even busier for the CPABC Board and staff as we develop this new pre-employment program.  In addition, we are continuing to work on our 60th anniversary celebration which will be held in Fall 2014. I'm excited!

Don’t stop believing,

Andy Yu, CA
President of CPABC

Kudos to...

Variety - The Children's Charity

A big thank you to Variety - The Children's Charity for their $4000 contribution to our Dance Without Limits and Yoga Therapy programs. Our dance and yoga programs are platforms for youth with cerebral palsy to express themselves creatively and to be active. We appreciate the support of Variety in recognizing the importance of creating opportunities for people with CP to live life without limits.


Fraternal Order of Eagles, Ladies Auxiliary to Northwest Aerie

We would like to thank the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Ladies Auxiliary to Northwest Aerie for donating $2,000 to our programs and services. This contribution will allow us to provide more within our community and for people living with cerebral palsy.



CPABC would like to express our thanks to Vancity for their generous contribution of $6000 as part of their Community Project Grant. This grant is part of Vancity's Shared Success program which looks to share profits with members of the community. It is encouraging to see community members engage with our efforts to provide opportunities and support for people living with cerebral palsy. We appreciate the kind contribution from Vancity and would like to give our deepest thanks.


Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island

On behalf of CPABC we would like to thank Children’s Health Foundation for their $3000 contribution to support the therapeutic yoga program for youth aged 13-24 living with cerebral palsy in the Victoria area. The therapeutic yoga program is an opportunity for youth with cerebral palsy to explore yoga in a supportive environment. We are grateful for the support from the Children’s Health Foundation as it is a positive contribution to our community.
For more information, contact

Children's Health Foundation presenting the Cerebral Palsy Association with a $3000 yoga grant
L to R: Linda Hughes (CEO), Bob Campbell, Bill Snell, Margot McLaren Moore (Chair), Sandra Hudson, Dean Freeman (Vice Chair).

Scotiabank Charity Challenge

CPABC will be participating in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Join us in the half marathon or the 5k fun/walk and choose the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC as your charity of support. 100% of the funds you raised will go to CPABC to continue and expand our programs and services. Help us raise awareness of cerebral palsy and create a Life Without Limits for people living with CP. Skip the frap for a day, and donate $5 to the charity challenge, every dollar counts! To learn more about the Charity Challenge or to donate, visit

Date: Sunday, June 22, 2014

Place: Half marathon starts at UBC Thunderbird Arena

           5K fun run/walk starts at Stanley Park Fish House

Time: Half marathon @ 7:30 am

           5K fun run/walk @ 9:30 am

Register: Click here

                 Support CPABC, you will get a $5 discount on your registration fee

The 5k course is accessible for day and powered wheelchairs, and strollers and dogs are permitted on in the 5k event. The online registration deadline is June 16 at 11:59pm, participants registering after will have to sign-up at the expo on June 10-12.  For more information about how to register and support CPABC, please contact Sandeep at (604) 408-9484 or email at

Pushing the Limits with Symbiathletic

Rand Surbey met Jason Cole three years ago when Jason was volunteering at the BC Mobility Opportunity Society of the Sam Sullivan Foundation. Rand, living with cerebral palsy, uses a power chair and communicates through a Vanguard alternative communication device. However, Rand does not let his disability confine him and through the BC Mobility Opportunity Society, he and Jason partook in outdoor hikes and other recreational activities.

Rand and Jason spent Christmas 2011 together going on runs and hikes. They then decided to participate in local marathons and outdoor challenges as a team. Jason explains that “there are no categories in marathons for people with disabilities, we either had to position ourselves in the special start zone or in the back with strollers”. Rand and Jason did neither, and instead decided to integrate with everyone else. “Don’t pity us, include us” says Rand.  

Symbiathletic (a combination of symbiotic and athletic) was created in 2012 as a result of Rand and Jason’s partnership acting as “a catalyst in facilitating the participation of people in a wide range of physical and social activities that previously may not have been available to them”. Symbiathletic is the desire to do more than exist. Their emphasis on team work has led them to foster a community of people who partake in local races to push boundaries. Symbiathletic is also a platform for Rand and Jason to fund their competitions through donations and apparel sales.

Rand uses a custom-made athletic wheelchair that is lightweight and agile for the races. Jason explains that it is not easy to find these specialty chairs, with the cheapest on the market being $3500. As a result, Jason started to build custom chairs with scrap parts that were interchangeable. “I wanted to build specialty wheelchairs that would allow Rand and others with disabilities to compete in marathons but were also affordable with parts that were easily accessible”. The custom-wheelchairs designed and built by Jason cost around $500-$1000 each and he donates these chairs to people who can’t afford them so that they can have the opportunity to compete in runs.

Last year, the duo ran the Scotiabank half marathon using the custom-made wheelchair. They clocked in at a little over an hour and a half, placing them in positions 263 and 264 of 4077 runners. This year, they are planning to fundraise and compete in the Tough Mudder obstacle race with the custom-made wheelchair which will allow Rand to go off road and into the mud. Because Rand cannot propel himself in the races, the chair is designed for a driver and engine team, with one leading and one pushing.

Rand’s cerebral palsy is what drives him to inspire others in their pursuits. Rand is the “driver” of the team meaning that he leads the duo in the races. Jason is the “engine” of the team as he pushes Rand’s chair in the races. However, Rand is not just there for the ride. As a “driver”, Rand is the heart and soul of the operation. His desire to compete and push the limits is what motivates the team.

Jason was inspired by Rand’s courage and desire to push the boundaries of his life. He expressed that he “didn’t want to be satisfied with just extending the quantity of someone’s life, he wanted to extend the quality.” The strength and drive of Rand and Jason’s partnership led the duo to compete against seasoned runners in which they have regularly clocked in good times through constant training.

Together, they are supporting the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC (CPABC) because they want to inspire others with cerebral palsy to take initiative and live their life without limits. Rand and Jason will be running the Scotiabank Half Marathon and fundraising in partnership with CPABC under that name Symbiathletic. For Rand, the best part of doing the marathons is to simply “show people you can do it”. 

Join Rand and Jason and support the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC!

2014 Campership Available

Summer is approaching which means it's time to go outside and take advantage of the warm weather. Summer is a great time to go camping and CPABC is pleased to announce that our Campership Program is back.

Since 2008, our Campership Program has been financially assisting children, youth and adults with cerebral palsy to attend a special needs camp of their choice in BC. We've had campers between the ages of 5-71 attend camps in Mission, Winfield, Squamish, Summerland, Cultus Lake, and Coquitlam. In the past, our sponsorship went towards covering the costs of camp fees, transportation and care attendant fees.

Apply now or help pass the word along to anyone who might be interested. The deadline for the application is Friday, June 13, 2014 and recipients will be notified no later than July 18, 2014. For more information, call our office at (604) 908-9484 or email us at

2014 Educational Bursary Available

CPABC is excited to offer up to 10 Tanabe Educational Bursaries valuing at $1,000 each. Eligible students must be living with cerebral palsy, age 17 or older and planning to attend a post-secondary institution or training program in the following year. CPABC would love to support students with CP in their pursuit for higher education. The bursary is funded by the Kinsmen Foundation and the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC.

The application deadline is Friday, July 18, 2014. Apply now or pass the word along to anyone who might be interested and who might qualify. For more information, call our office at (604) 408-9484 or email us at ..
Welcoming Our New Directors

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors are welcoming three new, talented directors:

Fiona York
Fiona is no stranger to CPABC.  First hired as a Board Consultant in 2010, she then served as Development Director from September to December 2013, after having volunteered as a grant writer. Her talents are already proven:  her successful fundraising skills were instrumental in our ability to offer Yoga for Youth and Dance without Limits for children.

Fiona brings a wealth of nonprofit experience in many capacities including community development fundraising and communications, human resources, non-profit governance and event coordination.

Welcome Back Fiona!  We are delighted that you are continuing with the CPABC family.

Gilles De Condappa
Gilles' works as a chartered accountant but his passion for working with disadvantaged children drew his eye to working with CPABC.

Gilles brings his experience with other nonprofit society boards, including serving as secretary-treasurer. He is skilled in strategic review and implementation, financial reporting, fundraising strategies and governance. We look forward to Gilles' contributions to our Association.

Rebecca Levi
Trained as a lawyer (although not currently practicing), Rebecca has an impressive list of academic awards and honors. Her experience with charitable organizations and background in research and analysis, oral and written communication skills and advocacy will certainly prove to be assets to our Association.

The child of a mother with advanced multiple sclerosis fuels Rebecca's desire to work towards developing "strong disability resources in our community.” Personal passion and extensive experience prove that Rebecca is an asset on our board.

With the broad range of backgrounds and skills, we are excited to welcome our new directors.

Examining and working to recruit directors to establish optimal composition of the board is a target in our strategic plan. These new appointees reflect the effort and success of Feri and the board. We are excited to see where we’re going next.

Fiesta for Manpreet

I went on my very first all-inclusive vacation to Cancun Mexico in June. It was the most amazing experience that I have ever had because we were staying at this gorgeous resort called the Grand Oasis Cancun. The grounds of the resort were fairly wheelchair accessible so we decided to go explore the resort and on our walk, we noticed many different animals and reptiles roaming around on the resort. Seeing all those animals and reptiles up close was an amazing experience for me.  The resort itself was not very wheelchair accessible but that did not stop me from enjoying my vacation to the fullest extent. We watched shows, listen to live music every day, and watched people participating in silly contests.

The best part of the vacation for me was that I was able to spend most of my time in the resort’s gorgeous pool. I was fortunate enough to have other tourists staying at the resort along with my friend and my personal caregiver who helped to transfer me in and out of the pool. I called all the people who helped me at the resort my “guardian angels” because without them I would not have been able to go into the pool.

The food and drinks at the Grand Oasis Cancun were good — we ate mostly pastas and salads. The staff members at the buffet restaurant at the resort were helpful and accommodating. Our hotel room was very beautiful but not very wheelchair accessible. One time, I had to rent a patient lifter, also known as Hoyer lift, from a company in Cancun called Cancun Accessible to help transfer me in our hotel room. The staff members from Cancun Accessible picked up and dropped off the patient lifter.  The airline that we used was called Sunwing. They were very helpful and accommodating. I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who helped me make my first trip possible.

Manpreet Virdi
Dance Without Limits is Expanding to Surrey

The Dance Without Limits program provides an opportunity for children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to learn dance. The classes are taught by award-winning trainer, Erica “Air” McFarlane. The classes take place every Monday from 4:30-5:30 pm at the Bonsor Recreational Centre.

The program is now expanding to another location in Vancouver and in Surrey starting the week of July 7th, with classes at the Trout Lake Community Centre and North Surrey Rec Centre.

Trout Lake Community Centre
Location: 3360 Victoria Dr, Vancouver
Date: Monday, starting July 7th
Time: 5 - 6 pm

North Surrey Recreation Centre - Multipurpose Room 3 in Arena
Location: 10275 City Parkway, Surrey
Date: Thursday, starting July 9th
Time: 4:30 - 5:30 pm

All classes are free, call (604) 408-9484 to register.
Yoga for Youth with Disabilities

Our yoga program provides youth with cerebral palsy and other disabilities the opportunity to explore yoga and assist with healing the body and mind. The instructor, Maggie Reagh, offers a supportive environment and adapts poses to individual needs.

Christ Church Cathedral - Park Room
Location: 690 Burrard Street, Vancouver - Across from the Burrard Skytrain station with accessible side entrance on Burrard
Date: Tuesday, resuming July 8th
Time: 5 - 6 pm

All classes are free, call (604) 408-9484 to register.
Thank You Jeanne!

We would like to say a big thank you to Jeanne Morton. Jeanne started volunteering with the CPABC since 2012. Her extensive experience working with the disabled population has given her a deep understanding of our association. Her service as a community leader, communications officer, an advocate, and a grant writer has helped us grow stronger as an association. Jeanne’s intense passion and talents inspired us to continue to create a life without limits for people with disabilities. We thank you and wish you the best in your future endeavors and look forward to working with you again, Jeanne!

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