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ASF Member 
Certificates 2015/16

The ASF has sent out Membership Certificates for 2015/16 to all financial members via post. 

If you have not received your membership certificate please contact Alysha Lockley, Business Services Manager, on 02 6282 6822 or via email to

 In This Month's Issue...                          

ASF New Members Announcement
  • Blue Ribbon Seeds Pty Ltd
  • GO Resources
  • Highsun Express Seed
ASA Schedule of fees operating 1 October 2015

Latest News from ABCA

Grains Industry Market Access Forum (GIMAF) Update - September 2015

AW Howard Memorial Trust Pasture Research Fellowship and Tim Healey Memorial Scholarship

FSANZ calls for submissions on GM corn line

Funding Grants for Women in the Agriculture Sector

National pest and disease hot spot

New research hub to improve our wheat industry

Agricultural commodities: September quarter 2015

Australian crop report: September 2015

Project Harvest Monthly Report - July 2015

Department of Agriculture Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update

Syrian war spurs first withdrawal from 'doomsday' Arctic seed vault

40th Agricultural Industries Golf Day - 27 October 2015, Cattai NSW

New Alliance Aims to Further Understanding of IP Protection

ISTA Workshop on Seed Sampling and Quality Assurance in Seed Sampling

ASTA Farm & Lawn Seed Conference 2015

UC-Davis Seed Biotechnology Centre Offers Course in Seed Production

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) , Abu Dhabi 2016

Seed Business Classifieds
  • Seed cleaning plant and equipment for sale, Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland

 ASF New Members Announcement                                                           

Since the last edition, the ASF would like to announce and welcome the following new members to the membership for the 2015/16 period:

Industry Involvement: Exporter. Blue Ribbon Seeds is an Australian Exporter of seeds for sowing based in Brisbane. They are a sister company of Australian Premium Seeds (APS). APS handle the domestic market and Blue Ribbon Seeds handles the Export market. Refer to website link for information about the company.
  • GO Resources

Industry Involvement: Plant Breeder. Go Resources is a new Australian clean technology company which has entered into an exclusive worldwide licence with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, to commercialise its technology to produce super high oleic safflower oil  (SHOSO) for the high value industrial oil market.

Industry Involvement: Distributor (Wholesale/Broker). Highsun Express is a family owned wholesale nursery located in South East Queensland, Australia. The Company produces a range of quality young starter plants that are distributed throughout the Australian market daily.

A full list of members can be found on the ASF website - dropdown menu from the membership tab at

 ASA Schedule of fees operating 1 October 2015                                     

The Australian Seeds Authority (ASA) have provided the following schedule of fees which will operate from 1 October 2015, for your information:

ASA Schedule of fees operating 1 October 2015 - Click here

 Latest new from ABCA                                                                               

The ASF is a member of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia (ABCA).

For the latest news on Agricultural Biotechnology including the following, please click on the website link below.
  • AUS - SA Grain Group launches GM crop petition
  • AUS - GM wheat needed
  • AUS - Marsh loses GM appeal
  • AUS - GM ban lowers canola production: Growers
  • AUS - Ag Minister calls on SA to drop moratorium
  • INT - GM Cattle could reshape Africa
  • USA - New Biotech tools most address fears
  • USA - Uniting GM and Organic
  • USA - GM crop approval delays cost billions
  • USA - New Non-GM soybean variety via Biotech

Source: Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia (ABCA) - Latest News (2015)

 Grains Industry Market Access Forum (GIMAF) Update - September   

The Grains Industry Market Access Forum (GIMAF) have provided the following update for your information and consideration. Source: Grains Industry Market Access Forum (GIMAF), September 2015

 AW Howard Memorial Trust Pasture Research and Fellowship and     
 Tim Healey Memorial Scholarship 

The AW Howard Memorial Trust is now calling for applications for the AW Howard Pasture Research Fellowship and the Tim Healey Memorial Scholarship. The awards provide a PhD top-up of $10,000 per year.  We would welcome your help in bringing these awards to the attention of prospective applicants.  They need not be your own students, and we hope you will forward this message to any colleague whom you think may be interested.

Brief descriptions of these two awards are provided below.

The AW Howard Pasture Research Fellowship is awarded each year to an outstanding student who is undertaking (or intend to undertake) postgraduate research (at an Australian tertiary institution) relevant to the development, management and use of pastures in or for Australia. The research field is not restricted to pasture agronomy but may include natural sciences (including molecular biology, plant pathology, pasture plant systematics, ecology, soil science, weed science etc etc), social science (including economics), rangeland research and livestock production from pastures, PROVIDED THAT the focus of the research is in line with the Trust’s objectives to promote the development, management and use of pastures. Recent awardees have included two biotechnologists and a rural sociologist/policy researcher. Occasionally we award more than one Fellowship.

The Tim Healey Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to an outstanding postgraduate student in a field of study that benefits the future of Australian farming. The range of research fields is broader than for the AW Howard Pasture Research Fellowships, and includes pastures, field crops, livestock management, farming systems, soils/agronomy, farm business management, woody crops, on-farm biodiversity, socio-economic aspects of farming and relevant aspects of climate change.

Further information is available on the Trust’s website at
Applications for these prestigious awards close on 30 October 2015.

Source: Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC). Email Alert. 08/10/2015

 FSANZ calls for submissions on GM corn line                                        

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has called for submissions on an application to permit a corn line that is genetically modified to have a higher yield.

FSANZ Chief Executive Officer Steve McCutcheon said the GM corn line had been modified to have larger kernels at an early reproductive stage, which leads to increased yield at harvest.

"The aim of the assessment is to find out if there are any differences between the GM food and its conventional counterpart. No public health or safety issues were identified and the corn was found to be as safe as its conventional counterpart."

Submissions are invited from government agencies, public health professionals, industry and the community.

The period for comment closes on 28 October 2015.

More Information and full text, click on the below link:

Source: Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Media Centre. 16/09/2015

 Funding Grants for Women in the Agriculture Sector                             

The 2015 National Industry Scholarship Grant Initiative will support the development of women leaders in the Agriculture Sector. Scholarships are now open for women in the agriculture sector who wish to apply.
The National Scholarship Committee wishes to acknowledge the Australian Seed Federation Ltd for its important role in disseminating details and asks that you alert your members to submit their expressions of interest and/or applications prior to the deadline to ensure an opportunity to access the limited scholarship funding available.
Please see below attachments and a link to download these documents:
  • Expression of Interest Form - Click here
  • Scholarship Application Forms for the Advanced Leadership Program - Click here
  • Accelerated Leadership Performance Program - Click here
Should you wish to discuss the initiative in more detail please contact Ian Johnson at the office of the National Industry Scholarship Program WLA on 03 9270 9016 or via email to

The scholarship committee has extended the date for ASF members to apply. The closing date for ASF members is 23 October 2015. 

Source: Women & Leadership Australia. 2015

 National pest and disease hot spot                                                           

Department of Agriculture has updated its online information about exotic pest and disease incursions.

Finding information about exotic pest and disease incursions across Australia and what is being done to eradicate them has just become quicker and easier.

This is thanks to the launch of the Australian Government's new-look Outbreak website (

The website has long been a portal for information about exotic pests and diseases that are being eradicated in Australia. Full text -
Click here

Source: AgriFood Skills Australia. 'Daily Parliamentary Bulletin'. Email Alert. 14/09/2015.

 New research hub to improve our wheat industry                                   

On the 11 September 2015, the Australian Research Council (ARC) launched a new Research Hub focusing on developing advanced technologies for heat and drought-tolerant wheat.

Professor Aidan Byrne, CEO of the ARC, said "The $4.3 million in ARC funding for this hub, through the ARC's Industrial Transformation Research Programme, will support important research delivering advanced technologies, breeding material and information to produce new varieties of wheat that are tolerant to stressful environments".

Researchers at the hub, based at The University of Adelaide, will work closely with a range of partners including: Australian Grain Technologies; InterGrain Pty Ltd; Longreach Plant Breeders Management; and the Grains Research and Development Corporation, working with participating organisations: University of South Australia; and the University of Sydney. Full text - Click here

Source: AgriFood Skills Australia. 'Daily Parliamentary Bulletin'. Email Alert. 14/09/2015

 Agricultural commodities: September quarter 2015                                

The Department of Agriculture has released the 'Agricultural commodities: September quarter 2015' report for your information and consideration.

The September edition of Agricultural commodities contacts ABARES' latest outlook for Australia's key agricultural commodities in 2015-16, and updates the outlook ABARES released in June 2015.

For key findings and a copy of the full report - Click here

Source: AgriFood Skills Australia. 'Daily Parliamentary Bulletin'. Email Alert. 15/09/2015

 Australian crop report: September 2015                                                   

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources have issued 'Australian crop report: September 2015' report for your information and consideration.

This is a quarterly report with a consistent and regular assessment of crop prospects for major field crops, forecasts of area, yield and production and a summary of seasonal conditions on a state by state basis.

For a summary of key findings and a copy of the full report - Click here

Source: AgriFood Skills Australia. 'Daily Parliamentary Bulletin'. Email Alert. 08/09/2015

 Project Harvest Monthly Report - July 2015                                             

There is an increasing need in Australia's horticulture industry to monitor and gauge consumer perception and behaviour in relation to fresh vegetables.

Colmar Brunton conducts monthly on-line tracking following specified vegetables, monthly trends analysis, and additional ad-hoc projects to assist in this understanding of consumers.

This project has been funded by HIA using vegetable industry levy and matched funds from the Australian Government.

Content in this report is:
- Lettuce
- Broccoli
- Chillies
- Peas
- Corn
- Leeks
- Kale

To download the full report for July 2015 - Click here

Source: AUSVEG. 'Project Harvest July 2015 - vegetable consumer and market report'. 21/09/2015

 Syrian war spurs first withdrawal from             
 'doomsday' Arctic seed vault 

 Syria's civil war has prompted the first withdrawal of crop seeds  from a "doomsday" vault built in an Arctic mountainside to  safeguard global food supplies.

 The seeds, including samples of wheat, barley and grasses suited to dry regions, have been requested by researchers in the Middle East to replace a collection in the Syrian city of Aleppo that has been damaged by the war.

"Protecting the world's biodiversity in this manner is precisely the purpose of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault," said Brian Lainoff, spokesman for the Crop Trust which runs the underground store on a Norwegian island 1300 kilometres from the North Pole.

The vault, which opened on the Svalbard archipelago in 2008, is designed to protect crop seeds - such as beans, rice and wheat - against the worst cataclysms of nuclear war or disease. It has more than 860,000 samples, from almost all nations, including Australia. Even if the power were to fail, the vault would stay frozen and sealed for at least 200 years...Full text -
Click here

Source: Doyle, Alister. 'Syrian war spurs first withdrawal from 'doomsday' Arctic seed vault'. The Canberra Times. 22/09/2015

 40th Agricultural Industries Golf Day - 27 October 2015, Cattai NSW   

ASF members and industry colleagues are invited to play in the 40th Agricultural Industries Golf Day. Please see below information for your consideration regarding this event.

In 2015, it's 40th consecutive year, the Agricultural Industries Golf Day is to be held at Riverside Oaks Golf Resort at Cattai, NSW Sydney on Tuesday 27 October 2015. 


The day typically attracts people from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and regional rural areas. Players represent a wide range of industries servicing the agricultural and its related sectors. 

In a friendly rural atmosphere the day provides the perfect opportunity to socialise with industry colleagues and network new ones.


The ambrose (4 ball best ball) event allows players of all abilities to participate in teams of 4. You can enter as a single or a whole team. There will be several spot competitions on select holes throughout the day with great prizes on offer, including the chance to win big on a Hole In One!


The after golf happy hour, evening dinner and presentation also provides an ideal opportunity for the non-golfers to not miss out and join in the evening.

For more information or if you would like to register to play please visit the website link below and/ or contact Martin Dargam or Al Kellaway (Al attended the ASF Seed Business 2015 Convention as an Exhibitor for Agricultural Appointments).


Al Kellaway       0400 004707

Martin Dargan  0409 252847

 Department of Agriculture Weekly Australian Climate, Water and        
 Agricultural Update 

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture has issued a 'Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update' for your information and consideration.

This report contains information previously published in the Australian Climate and Agricultural Monthly Update however by combining the two updates it has allowed for improved access to up-to-date climate, water and commodity information in a single report.

Report Information (01/10/15) - Click here

Source: Australian Government, Department of Agriculture. 'Weekly ABARES report'. 01/10/2015.

 New Alliance Aims to Further Understanding of IP Protection              

On 28 September 2015, seed companies, laboratories, law firms and industry associations officially launched the formation of the Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance (SIPA) - designed to create a unified and consistent voice for education and best practices around intellectual property (IP) protection and its value to society.

"SIPA was created to provide a harmonious and united voice from the seed industry on the benefits of innovation, why we as an industry need to continue to invest and drive innovation as well as respect intellectual property protection," says "SIPA's Executive Director, James Weatherly, noting that the alliance also serves as a resource for questions or concerns around IP compliance...Full text -
Click here


Source: Seed World Daily. Email Alert. 28/09/2015

 ISTA Workshop on Seed Sampling and Quality Assurance in Seed     

The South African National Seed Organisation and Pannar Seed are hosting two ISTA workshops on seed sampling and quality assurance in seed sampling. The first will be held from 9-12 November 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The second workshop will be held at the same venue from 23-26 November 2015.

The aim of the workshop is to provide an overview of seed sampling and aspects of quality assurance in relation to seed sampling for a range of species. It will provide a forum to discuss seed sampling in general as well as the opportunity to have specific questions relating to seed sampling methodologies discussed.

For more information -
Click here

Source: European Seed. 'Story of the week'. 15/09/2015

 ASTA Farm and Lawn Seed Conference 2015                                          

Registration is open for the American Seed Trade Association's annual Farm and Lawn Seed Conference to be held from 8-9 November in Kansas City, Missouri.

This event usually brings together seed industry professionals from across the United States and is an intense networking event offering you an opportunity to connect with the key players in grass, turf, reclamation, conversation seed and much more.

For more information -
Click here

Source: Seed World Daily. Email Alert. 17/09/2015

 UC-Davis Seed Biotechnology Centre Offers Course in Seed               

The University of California, Davis Seed Biotechnology Centre is offering a new course on seed production, to be held from 2-5 February 2016.

This course focuses on the biological, genetic, agronomic and technological processes and practices involved in the production and processing of agricultural seeds and how they influence seed quality.

For more information about the course and to register -
Click here

Source: Seed World Daily. Email Alert. 22/09/2015

 Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), Abu Dhabi 2016  

The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) 2016 will be held from 16 - 17 February in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The theme for 2016 is about Rethinking Global Food Security and the Collaborative approaches to sustainable agriculture innovation.

The GFIA brings together public decision-makers, private sector champions and civil society leaders who develop and catalyse innovations for sustainable agriculture.

For more information including the Conference program please visit the below website

Source: Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture. 'GFIA 2016'.

 Seed Business Classifieds                                                                         

  • Seed cleaning plant and equipment for sale, Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland
Cleaner is a Clipper 29D screen air machine, in working order. It may need new brushes.
There is also a gravity table - it is a Kipp Kelly S.S. & S.S.P GR Separator Model SY Size 300 S/no 887
The Uniflow is Simon Day Pty Ltd Order C-3855 Style CH1-A Serial S-748. There is another plate (sticker) on it which says HART Uni-Flow Separator HC Hart.Carter.
Also for sale are some scales and a sewing machine.

To view photos of the equipment for sale - screens and a distance view of the cylinders for the uniflow -
Click here

Price for all of the equipment = $35,000
The equipment is located on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.
Please contact Sharon Barbagallo on 0419 715 906 if you are interested or would like further information.

Click on ads to visit company website

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