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Know Before
You Sow

Always ask if the seller of your seed is a member of the ASF to ensure you Know Before You Sow 

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 In This Month's Issue...                          

ASF Seed Business 2016 - Registration opening soon

ASF Code of Practice logo stickers for sale

New Zealand and Australia host a delegation group of Turkish Seed Industry Representatives - April 2016

Latest News from ABCA

Applications now open - Nuffield Scholarships 2017

Country of Origin Food Labelling reform for business (Import Industry Advice Notice 25/2016)

ACCC announces membership of new Agriculture Consultative Committee

Plant Breeding Matters - new video series now available

Biosecurity Matters: Issue 2, 2016 now available

Agricultural Trade Matters - April 2016 issue now available

Project Harvest February 2016 Report now available

Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update

New Zealand Grain & Seed Trade Association 2016 Annual Conference, October 2016

Seed Announcements
  • New Seednet Appointment - David Clegg
  • New Director joins the Asia & Pacific Seed Association (APSA)

 ASF Seed Business 2016 - Registration opening soon                           

23 August - 25 August 2016 (inclusive)
Rydges Melbourne, VIC

The ASF is pleased to advise Seed Business 2016 is to be held at Rydges Melbourne, VIC.
The dates for the ASF Seed Business 2016 Convention is from Tuesday 23 August – Thursday 25 August 2016.

Draft Agenda
The ASF will be holding a Seed Industry Training Day on Tuesday 23 August followed by Seed Business Convention on Wednesday & Thursday. The Trade Exhibition will be held on all 3 days starting on Tuesday and ending close of Convention on Thursday.

There will be a social Golf Day on Monday 22 August for those that wish to take part and a post Convention tour activity on Friday 26 August. There are also scheduled AFL games in Melbourne on the Saturday (27 August) which the ASF is investigating options in gaining a possible group discount for delegates who are interested in staying on and going to a match.

Registration including accommodation will open in the coming weeks - watch this space!

 ASF Code of Practice logo stickers for sale                                             

The ASF Code of Practice logo is now available in Stickers provided by Rowena Petrie from Royston Petrie Seeds. These can be used on bags and seed packets.

Quantity = 1000 stickers per roll priced at $55 per roll plus GST and postage.


If you are interested in purchasing a roll of the Code of Practice stickers for use on bags or seed packets, please contact Rowena at Royston Petrie Seeds on 02 6372 7800 or via email to

 New Zealand and Australia host a delegation group of Turkish Seed  
 Industry Representatives - April 2016   

Project on the Development of Seed Sector in Marmara Region Foreign Trade Delegation

During the first half of April 2016, New Zealand and Australia hosted a delegation of 30 Turkish seed industry representatives. The Sub Union of Turkish Seed Industrialists and Producers (TSUAB) was established in 2008 and acts as the legal representative of the total Turkish Seed Industry, with more than 700 members.

As part of the project, a study tour was organised with the aim of increasing the foreign trade capacity and networking of the companies...

On behalf of the ASF and TSUAB I would like to thank the following members and institutes for going to a great deal of effort to show their businesses and industry in a very professional manner:
  • Plant Research Centre at the Waite Campus
  • SGI
  • Naracoorte Seeds and Frances Seeds
  • Grains Innovation Park
  • PGG Wrightson
  • Centor Oceania
  • Bejo Seed
Thank you also to those members that availed themselves of the opportunity to meet with the delegation in Melbourne.

To read the full report and see photos of the visit -
Click here

Bill Fuller
ASF Chief Executive Officer

 Latest News from ABCA                                                                          

The ASF is a member of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia (ABCA).

For the latest news on Agricultural Biotechnology including the following articles, please click on the website link below.
  • AUS - Organic Farmer Loses High Court Bid
  • AUS - GM Canola Unlikely to be Invasive
  • AUS - Greens to rethink GM policy
  • Switzerland - Vitamin-enhanced GM Cassava
  • EU - GMO policies turn Europe against science
  • UK - GM tomatoes loaded with anti-oxidants
  • USA - New biotech tools must address fears
Source: Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia (ABCA) - Latest News (2016).

 Applications now open - Nuffield Scholarships 2017                              

Applications for the 2017 round of scholarships are now open.
Link to more information on the 2017 Nuffield scholarships
Nuffield Australia awards scholarships to farmers annually.
The process for being awarded a 2017 Scholarship
includes an application and interview process in 2016.

Applications are required by 30 June 2016.

Interviews are held in July and August 2016. Scholarships will then be awarded in September with the Scholarship travel commencing in 2017.

The following scholarships are supported by the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC):
  • A grain grower in New South Wales or Queensland (GRDC Northern Region)
  • A grain grower in Victoria, South Australia or Tasmania (GRDC Southern Region),
  • A grain grower in Western Australia (GRDC Western Region),
To download the application form or the 2017 Nuffield Scholarship brochure visit

For further information on the 2017 Nuffield scholarships visit
Source: Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC). 'Nuffield Scholarships 2017'. 19/04/2016.

 Country of Origin Food Labelling reform for business                           

Import Industry Advice Notice 25/2016

Please see below information from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources for your information:

Who does this notice affect?
This notice applies to Australian businesses that sell food in retail stores in Australia and may include manufacturers, producers and importers.

What has changed?
The Australian Government is changing the rules around labelling of food sold in retail stores, to make it easier for consumers to see where our food comes from.

If you sell food in retail stores in Australia, the new country of origin food labelling laws will apply to your products from 1 July 2016. These laws apply to both local and imported food.

Businesses will have a two-year transition period to implement the new requirements. This means stock in trade can see out its shelf life.

At the end of June 2016, an online tool will be available to help Australian businesses identify and download the new labels, free of charge. Support materials are available for businesses now, including a style guide and instructions on how to source and set labels from the label library as well as information on the upcoming online tool.

Businesses may start seeing television, radio, print, newspaper and online advertisements encouraging consumers to find out more about the changes to labelling laws ahead of the commencement date. Food businesses, manufacturers, producers and importers are encouraged to find out more, but please note businesses have time to adjust over a two-year transition period.

Further Information?
For more information, visit or call 132 846.

Source: Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. 'Import Industry Advice Notice 25/2016'. Email Alert. 20/04/2016.

 ACCC announces membership of new Agriculture Consultative          

In October last year, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) called for expressions of interest from people and organisations willing to serve on the ACCC’s newly formed Agriculture Consultative Committee.

The ACCC established the Committee to:
  • provide advice and information to the ACCC on issues affecting the agriculture sector that fall within the scope of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act), and
  • provide a forum for the discussion of competition and fair trading concerns related to the agriculture sector.
The ACCC Commissioner Mick Keogh will chair the Committee meetings that will take place twice a year.

The ACCC has now appointed the following members to the Committee for 2016 and 2017:
  • Australian Chicken Meat Federation – Vivien Kite
  • Australian Food and Grocery Council – Michael Rogers
  • Australian Lot Feeder's Association – Jim Cudmore
  • Australian Meat Industry Council – Stephen Martyn
  • Australian Pork Limited – Deb Kerr
  • Ausveg – Richard Mulcahy
  • Canegrowers – Warren Males
  • Cattle Council of Australia – Jed Matz
  • Cotton Australia – Adam Kay
  • Freshmark – Bill Chalk
  • Grain Growers – David McKeon
  • Grain Producers Australia – Daniel Coopers
  • Grain Trade Australia – Geoff Honey
  • Growcom – Pat Hannan
  • National Farmers’ Federation – Tony Mahar
  • NSW Farmers – Fiona Simson
  • Primary Producers South Australia – Trevor Ranford
  • Sheep Meat Council – Mark Harvey-Sutton
  • Tasmanian Farmers’ and Graziers’ Association – Peter Skillern
  • Voice of Horticulture and Citrus Australia – Tania Chapman
  • WA Farmers – Dale Park
  • Wine Grape Growers Association – Ben Rose
  • Individual - Adam Jenkins (President of United Dairyfarmers of Victoria)
  • Individual - Jan Davis (CEO of Agribusiness Australia)
More information on the committee is available at

Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. 'ACCC announcement of membership of new Agriculture Consultative Committee'. Email alert. 27/04/2016.

 Plant Breeding Matters - new video series now available                       

The British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) has released a new video series called Plant Breeding Matters, for your information.

The videos seek to engage as wide a target audience as possible by making the benefits of plant breeding real and immediate to ordinary people – from innovation in our food, fuel and fibre products to better sports facilities and enhanced protection of our countryside, biodiversity and natural environment.

The 3-4 minute videos feature a combination of talking heads, action shots and animation as individual breeders, farmers and scientists set modern plant breeding into context.

You can view the videos on the BSPB You Tube channel at the following link or via the BSPB web site home page

Source: British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB). 18/04/2016.

 Biosecurity Matters: Issue 2, 2016 now available                                    

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 'Biosecurity Matters: Issue 2, 2016' is now available for your information and consideration.

Articles within this issue which may of interest are:
  • Biosecurity awards are the bee's knees
  • Preparing our new Biosecurity Act
To read the Biosecurity Matters: Issue 2, 2016 - Click here

Source: Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. 'Biosecurity Matters: Issue 2, 2016'. 05/04/2016.

 Agricultural Trade Matters - April 2016 issue now available                  

'Agricultural trade matters' provides an overview of what the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and the Australian Government are doing to support international agricultural trade.

Articles within this issue which may be of interest are:
  • Australian exports to Japan enjoy third round of tariff cuts
  • Enhance Australia's market access through overseas cooperation
  • Fruitful funding for flexible arrangements for horticulture exporters
Trade Tools which can be accessed from this issue are:
  • MICOR - Manual of Importing Country Requirements
  • BICON - Biosecurity Import Conditions database
  • ePing - Electronic Export Alert
To read and access the trade tools available in the Agriculture Trade Matters: April 2016 issue - Click here

Source: Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. 'Agricultural Trade Matters, April 2016'. 04/04/2016.

 Project Harvest February 2016 Report now available                             

There is an increasing need in Australia's horticulture industry to monitor and gauge consumer perception and behaviour in relation to fresh vegetables.

Colmar Brunton conducts monthly on-line tracking following specified vegetables, monthly trends analysis, and additional ad-hoc projects to assist in this understanding of consumers.

Project Harvest is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited (HIA) using the National Vegetable Levy and funds from the Australian Government.

Contents in this report
- Beans
- Carrot
- Cauliflower
- Pumpkin
- Baby Broccoli
- Silverbeet
- Parsley
To download the full report for February 2016 -
 Click here

Source: AUSVEG Limited. 'Project Harvest consumer research - February 2016'. Email Alert. 20/04/2016. 

 Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update                   
The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has issued a 'Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update' for your information and consideration. 

This report contains information previously published in the Australian Climate and Agricultural Monthly Update. By combining the weekly and monthly updates it has allowed for improved access to up-to-date climate, water and commodity information in a single report. 

Report Information (21/04/16) - Click here

Source: Australian Government, Department of Agriculture. ''Weekly ABARES report'. 21/04/2016.

 New Zealand Grain & Seed Trade Association 2016 Annual                  
 Conference, October 2016 

The New Zealand Grain & Seed Trade Association (NZGSTA) is holding its 2016 Annual Conference from 19 - 21 October at the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane.

*ASF Members have been given a special discounted rate to attend and/or exhibit at this Conference.

A list of speakers that have agreed to be part of the NZGSTA Conference include:
  • Prof Robert Henry, University of Queensland: “QLD tropical agriculture, market overview and trends”
  • Stephen Blair, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise - Trade Commissioner: “CER & possible SEM, what it means for the Seed Industry businesses”
  • Peter Langridge, University of Adelaide: “The role of biotech in the seed industry. Is GM an option & what are the benefits and risks?”
  • Michelle Broom, Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council: “Diet fads and impact on grains sector”
  • Bill Fuller, Australian Seed Federation: “Australian Seed Industry Update”
  • Greg Fraser, Plant Health Australia: “Keeping unwanted organisms, pests & disease out. PHA management of biosecurity and response”
  • John Randall & Kath Hurr, NZ Ministry for Primary Industries: “Seed Import & Export issues”
Popular field trips include a visit to a prawn farm and a rum distillery near the Coast.

For registration information, payment details and a full list of speakers click on 
NZGSTA Registration 2016 Australia or email Tricia Radford at for more details.

*Early-bird registration closes 1 June 2016

 Seed Announcements                                                                                

  • New Seednet Appointment - David Clegg
Seednet is pleased to have recently appointed David Clegg as our new Territory Manager for Western Australia and northern and western regions of South Australia (EP, YP and Mid North).

David will be known to many in the seed industry after previous roles with BASF, Becker Underwood and Bayer and has plenty of experience to support and develop our Seednet and Dyna-Gro varieties in WA and SA.

David is based in Perth and can be contacted on 0408 630 641 or via email to
  • New Director joins the Asia & Pacific Seed Association (APSA)

The Asia & Pacific Seed Association (APSA) is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Director, Ms Heidi Gallant who will take up her position on 1st June 2016. Ms Gallant was most recently the Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei; she is also CEO of Hai Ying Creative Inc. 

Ms Gallant is a Canadian national, who grew up in a small farming community in Ontario. She moved to Taiwan after having worked in the insurance industry for ten years, for which she was designated as a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada (University of Toronto); while in Canada, she also worked in business management.

She moved with her family to Asia in 2009 and has been based in Taiwan since then. After working in the insurance industry she switched to working with trade associations and chambers of commerce, gaining experience in strategies for expanding membership numbers, organising major events, as well as lobbying and advocating public sector agencies and government departments.

Ms Gallant said that as Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, she delivered a five-year organisational strategy plan that was followed through and seamlessly implemented. She added that, “Membership organisations, in my view, are about building relationships. I hope to show you, our members, how valuable you are to APSA by communicating with you frequently and brainstorming exciting new ways for our APSA team to engage with you … in order to better serve your business interests. I enjoy responding to requests from members and will encourage you to contact me directly when you are in need of my help.”

“I am looking forward to working on the Asian Seed Congress 2016 in Incheon and to meeting you all in person.”

Source: The Asia & Pacific Seed Association (APSA). ' APSA Announcement - New Director'. 26/04/2016.

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